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Volume 2, Issue 2 SeptemberOctober Volume 2, Issue 2 MarchApril 2011 2010 Envision Faith Formation Newsletter Diocese of Grand Rapids Highlight in this Issue Catechetical Conference Keynote Announ

Envision Envision Page Page 2 2 Catechetical Ministry Carole Eipers, Featured Speaker for Catechetical Conference September 24, 2011 Calendar of Events March 2011 3 PrepareEnrich Facilitator Trainin

Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 3 Catechetical Ministry Pastoral Ministers Winter Gathering Pay Attention Calendar of Events On February 18, 2011 the Office of Faith Formation hosted a Winter Gathering for Pa

Envision Page 4 Family and Marriage Ministry Faith in Action Defending Marriage The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is encouraging Catholics across the country to contact their member of

Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 5 Youth and Young Adult Ministry DYC2011 iSeek Highlights DYC2011 iSeek This years Diocesan Youth Conference was a celebration of our Catholic faith and for many a moment of c

Envision Page 6 Youth and Young Adult Ministry continued Integrating Youth into the Parish The Challenge and the Promise An OnCourse Webinar Thursday, April 7, 2011 ,,Token or responsible participat

Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 7 Welcoming the New Roman Missal Helping Youth Understand the New Roman Missal An OnCourse Webinar Thursday, March 10, 2011 This webinar hopes to assist in the national dialog

Envision Page 8 The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd The Role of the Adult in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd In the book The Religious Potential of the Child, Sofia Cavelletti writes that the wor

Volume 2, Issue 2 Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 9 Online Learning Opportunities in Faith Formation Catholic Distance University For just 30, you can experience a CDU seminar or online individual course. To

Envision Page 10 Catholic Information Center A Ministry of the Paulist Fathers During Lent, the CIC will offer courses on subjects ranging from Psalms to Cinema Public Transportation to The Passion

Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 11 News From Parishes Extreme Makeover Lent Edition Any makeover means change and that can cause resistance and stress or opportunity and surprise. But there is the maxim that

Envision Page 12 News From Parishes The New American Bible, Revised Edition To be released on March 9, 2011, the New American Bible, Revised Edition NABRE is the culmination of nearly 20 years of wor

Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 13 News from Parishes Ionia Lay Deanery Afternoon of Lenten Reflection at St. Anthony Parish in Saranac on Tuesday, March 29, 100400 p.m. Sr. Diane Zerfas, OP from Dominican Ce

Envision Page 14 News From Parishes St. Robert of Newminster, Ada Adult Lenten opportunities for spiritual growth and learning Father Tom Tavella from the Catholic Information Center is presenting Tr

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