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MAY 2017 NO. VOLUME 55 05 STOP P S M A G A Z I N E T H E G R O W T H S T R AT E G I E S I S S U E PS ur ears Special Section Vertical Market Showcase After p. 32 Quit Thinking About Yourself and O

14 Leading by Listening Their growth strategies are diverse, but all effective managers understand their companys strengths, effectively communicate goals and inspire action. For many distributors an

LISTEN STOP COLLABORATE COLUMNS MAY 2017 NO. 06 VOLUME 55 05 Making a Point to Listen By Darin Painter ents DEPARTMENTS 08 Lets Book a Win for IdeaSharing By Barbara OConnor 10 The Industry

PS PS MAGAZINE NOVEMBERDECEMBER 2015 PS MAGAZINE MAY 2017 PUBLISHER Barbara OConnor EDITORINCHIEF Darin Painter had a great idea that turned into the tool shown

Need Document Security Think Wise. Protecting your customers assets from the growing problem of document fraud. BIllIon A YEAR Is the estimated cost of check fraud alone to American businesses and ba

HELLOREADER Darin Painter, EditorInChief Making a Point to Listen ack in January, my New Years resolution was to stop cutting people off midsentence. It doesnt happen as much as it used to, but its s

Traditional paper tax filing is being surpassed by W2 and 1099 cloud processing Why First, cloud processing is popular because everything is done online eliminating the need for paper forms. Second,

MESSAGE FROMTHE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Barbara OConnor Lets Book a Win for IdeaSharing W D hen was the last time you were so enveloped in a book, you couldnt stop reading A book that kept you up

MESSAGE FROMTHE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Barbara OConnor or the goal achieved. We all need easy ways to share our stories. That truth made me realize this I enjoy physical books, but on a higher level

MESSAGE FROMTHE PRESIDENT Stuart Boyar The Industry Has Changed ... Have You started my career in 1976 working with NCR Systemedia out of Atlanta. Back then, our industry was completely different Our

MESSAGE FROMTHE PRESIDENT Stuart Boyar Your PSDA membership provides so much value in a number of ways, but none more important than the direction and ideas generated from the Strategic Partnerships

PSDA NEWS STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP SPOTLIGHT Beth Marston, Director of Sales, Navitor You Can Quickly Grab a Tool In early April, a Navitor team member was prepping for a customer business review one

PSDA NEWS Our plan is to highlight a section of the toolkit, take a couple weeks to apply a tip or tool, and then come back together and discuss what we learned. Beth Marston, Director of Sales, Navi

LEADING BY LISTENING Their growth strategies are diverse, but all effective managers understand their companys strengths, effectively communicate goals and inspire action. For many distributors and m

I 16 leading by listening ts 9 a.m. on a Monday morning, and the conference line is beeping like crazy as new people join the Sales Success Stories call. Salespeople from WebbMason Marketings 22 loc

continued head en agem Man Coach Culture Starts at the Top From an entrepreneurial standpoint, no matter if a company is losing money or making billions in revenue, the management style of the leader

continued head a ettym Bill Pr n free at PSDA.orgPartnerships. Among other content, the tool kit presents sequential steps the AG PrintPromo Solutions team can use as guideposts for moving down the

leading by listening image that appears on a printed sheet where it was not intended contributes to 55 percent of BSIs press scrap, and could be virtually eliminated by better washing and drying of t

continued head s ing Tip n 5 Trai If you plan to implement or enhance your training program, here is some advice to follow 1. Mix formal learning tools, such as classroom workshops and study guides,

leading by listening Listen to This Quick Tip... Inspire your teams with what the future could look like for them and the company. Virtually everyone has the desire to contribute to something bigger


SEEMINGLY INSANE TIPS FOR BETTER CASE STUDIES BY DARIN PAINTER Lets face it, many case studies are boring, slapped together or simply miss the mark. These tips might seem crazy, but theyll help you

L case study tips 24 ets start with a truth and its true even if youre already shaking your head no and whispering to your rescue dog, Rufus, I dont know, buddy, this stuff probably wont apply to us

case study tips 2. Go to hell. Sustaining attention in a case study means creating dramatic tension. Conflict is important and is essential to the first part of the typical CHALLENGE SOLUTION RES

case study tips conventionally printed materials to printondemand. Even in this section, shine the spotlight on how the customer benefitted rather than on what you provided. The results. What happe

case study tips company. Obviously the reader will expect the story to positively reflect your team. No one writes a case study about a weakness or project disaster. Credible, clear content is your c

SOCIAL MEDIA IS CRIT CAL T THE MARKETING MIX Your social presence is an essential avenue to build awareness, establish you as a thought leader and act as a mechanism for creating an ongoing dialogue w

T social media 30 he majority of print service providers serve the businesstobusiness B2B market. There is a misconception that B2B firms have no need for a strong social media presence, but firms of

social media Effectiveness Ratings for B2B Social Media Platforms 66 55 51 30 22 20 13 Source 2016 Content Marketing Trends North America, Content Marketing InstituteMarketingProfs this section p

June 12, 2017 Grand Hyatt Denver Denver, CO psda.orginnovation TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION THE NEXT GENERATION

Showcase PSDAS Vertical Market

Showcase This special section is for distributors who want to increase sales in specific vertical markets. Over the next 30plus pages, eight vendor partners present great products and ideas to help yo

Health Care Navitor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A1 Flesh Co . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A5 Fi

Feel Better PRINT QUALITY By Emily Roycraft The right print products have the power to show off the best of your customers medical business, but how do you ensure that the perfect print is in their o

The competitive healthcare market also requires that all costs are managed effectively. Customers in this industry are likely to seek out print that makes them stand out but doesnt heavily impact thei

Choosing the right print partner can be the key to opening up new business opportunities and bringing more profit to your business. Whether you have inhouse printing for some products or use vendors t

More than just a free tool, Navitors sales kits have created noticeable results for our customers. When one of our resellers was working with a health services provider to help them create a consisten

HEALTHCARE 3 PRESCRIPTIONS TO SUCCEED Print abounds in the medical market, and Flesh Co is leading the industry with products that help distributors thrive. Walk into a typical hospital, doctors offic

THE FOR LES SAMP IAL ANC T FIN E ARK M FINANCIAL VERTICAL MARKET KIT The financial market is a high stakes, high gain sector, and with a potential for a 12 increase in some sectors of the market by

Leverage the next generation of 1099 W2 solutions for your customers ... and your future UP A MARKET SHIFT Traditional Paper Tax Form Filing CloudBased W2 and 1099 Processing DOWN We have a compl

The Future of 1099 W2 Filing in the Financial Marketplace The need to file taxes will never die, but the methods are changing drastically. As the 1099 and W2 market shifts from traditional paper form

THE REALITY OF BRAND PROTECTION IN TODAYS GLOBAL ECONOMY DLSsecurityTM offers a multilevel approach to brand protection that impacts every industry that manufactures and trades goods. TRACK TRACE YO

FinancialSecurity A10

A11 FinancialSecurity

FinancialSecurity A12

A13 FinancialSecurity

FinancialSecurity A14

NEW SECURITY OPTION FOR DISTRIBUTORS Flesh Co recently added Panto4000 to its industryleading document security offering. Highend laser printers, scanners and digital technologies have paved the way f


QUICK GUIDE TO NAVIGATING NONPROFITS Heres a primer on how nonprofits are organized and what to sell to different targets. Flesh Co experts are ready to provide guidance and a wide range of products.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Key prospects Director of Government Affairs Director of Government Relations What to offer PAC request forms, binders, folders HUMAN RESOURCES Key prospects VP of Human Resources

E R TH S FO LE SAMP TION A EDUC KET MAR EDUCATION VERTICAL MARKET KIT With tight budgets and high expectations, the print products your customers in the nonprofit sector order need to be exactly th

Your Trade Only Business Forms Manufacturer Specializing in the Automotive Dealership Industry Custom Snapout Laser Forms Stock Imprinting QUANTITY ALL PARTS ARE PART NO. OR NEW UNLESS DESCRI

A21 Automotive

FLESH CO LEADING THE INDUSTRY IN WAREHOUSING DISTRIBUTION Warehousing and distribution often go hand in hand, as both are connected in the supply chain process. The documents used within these market

BEHIND EVERY BARCODE IS A STORY When variable imaging goes wrong, the results are personal. With Flesh Co, you can rest assured that your application is in good hands. End users tend to view variable

LABEL SOLUTIONS FOR WAREHOUSE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Trends in big data will push operational efficiency, improve the customer experience and influence new business models within the warehouse industry.

DLSWAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE LABELING INSTALLATION EXPERTS TM NATIONWIDE PRODUCTION AND INSTALLATION DLSwarehouse knows how important it is for your customers to streamline their businesses. Our barcodes

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT VERTICAL MARKET KIT When professionalism and presentation are essential, the print pieces your customers in the property management market need to reflect those goals. Thats why Na

EDDM FULL SERVICE A WHOLE NEW REVENUE CHANNEL FOR YOUR BUSINESS Simple and effective Easy to setup We handle paperwork and delivery to the USPS Visit and get started today A27 Property Man

QA SELLING TO SERVICE FIRMS An interview with Mark Gerling, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Flesh Co What types of companies does Flesh Co group into the service category There are

QA SELLING TO SERVICE FIRMS CONTINUED You also mentioned hospitality and recreation organizations. What seems most interesting to you about those end users The possibilities are essentially endless fo

When executed properly, marketing automation benefits both the using company and end consumer. The technology allows you to builds relationships that turn more prospects into buyers. BY JOHN EDMUNDSON

I 66 marketing automation f you know about marketing automation, youve heard about its benefits. Marketing automation helps marketing teams identify prospects and market and engage with leads across

marketing automation automation benefits customers, as well as sales and marketing. The automation allows you to deliver personalized messages with relevant, behavioralbased content thats both useful

LINKINGVERVE Sarah Scudder A monthly column from an industry insider about issues important to salespeople. My Fantastic Four GoTo Sources m no superhero, but I read. A lot. I block out an hour every

5,800 NFL football fields per day many wood for making paper and t U.S. forests, which provide Did you know tha 12 r day between 2007 and 20 by 5,800 NFL football fields pe other products, grew Love m

LINKINGVERVE Having a social presence is a must, no matter what your role or industry It helps build a personal brand and will increase the number of potential customers without having to sell. listi

PSDAs Supplier Referral Service Your Association Connects Distributors with Qualified Manufacturers and Suppliers Every Day PSDAs Supplier Referral Forum This online resource, often referred to as th

THATSUMS IT UP By John Delavan This new magazine department, That Sums It Up, is meant to be quickly read and easily shared. Its presented as a series of short lists that focus on a different number e

THATSUMS IT UP Highervalue products. Sometimes spending a little more can deliver exponentially higher ROI. What has a bigger wow factor A simple pen, or a set of Sharpielike writing instruments in v

CL ASSIFIEDS FINANCIAL PRODUCTS INTERESTED IN PSDAS PRINT AND DIGITAL ADVERTISING OPTIONS View PSDAs 2017 Media Planner online for more information, including the PS Magazine 2017 editorial calendar

CL ASSIFIEDS CUSTOM PRODUCTS ADVERTISE WITH THE INDUSTRY LEADER Reach the premier audience of print distribution professionals. Contact your PS Magazine sales representative JUMBO ROLLS Emily Marxe


ADINDEX Companies that advertise in PS Magazine provide vital financial support for the Print Services Distribution Association PSDA and deliver products and services of tremendous value to print in

PS O D Claudia St. John Managing Mobile Use at Work ver the past two decades, cellphones have morphed from being primarily luxury items and accessories for business executives to musthave items for

As a member of PSDA, you receive 20 o most SAGE products and services. Web TM Online Mobile Say hello to more ways to research promotional products and manage your business SAGE Total Access subscr

P.S. Claudia St. John Creating a fair and effective BYOD policy that is updated and reviewed periodically can help your employees and employer work effectively into the future. Employees should not