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AUGUST 2017 NO. VOLUME 55 07 PS PS D GHTS THIS GHLI I YE AH CHAMPS P TR S AR ADE PR TE IN Why 3 Manufacturers Invested Big Bucks p. 60 How Will This Graphic Change Your Business p. 82 RS TO


24 The Champs 26 Introduction 28 Top 50 PSDA Member Trade Printers 34 Top 20 FastestGrowing PSDA Member Trade Printers 36 Top 20 Highest Sales per Employee 38 Top 10 Sellers of Commercial Printing Of

AUGUST 2017 NO. COLUMNS COLUMNS VOLUME 55 07 06 Manufacturers, Heres to You By Darin Painter ents DEPARTMENTS 08 Get Active and Get to New Orleans By Barbara OConnor 10 Trade Printers A Cruci


REACH YOUR POTENTIAL BUsINEss FORms BY WIsE. mORE sAvINgs. mORE PROFITs. Since its inception, Wise has stood for excellence in short to mediumrun printed products. Wise provides a complete line of st

HELLOREADER Darin Painter, EditorInChief Manufacturers, Heres to You y design, this magazine is aimed at growing distributors. We try to talk to as many of them as possible listening to their insigh

Digital Color Printers Phone 8002325535 1 Education Way, Dover, NH 03820

MESSAGE FROMTHE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Barbara OConnor Get Active and Get to New Orleans few years ago, an association member used the following to describe the value of open sharing that occurs re

One Source for Even the Most Complex Printed Forms For more than 40 years, King Printing Solutions has specialized in business forms of all types, and is one of the few remaining fullspectrum busine

MESSAGE FROMTHE PRESIDENT Stuart Boyar Trade Printers A Crucial Part of the Team often remember conversations I had many years ago with a respected peer of mine, Andy Klineman. He was a tremendous pr

PSDA NEWS New Member Spotlight SinaLite is uncommon in the wholesale print industry. Our aim is to offer distributors of print a quick and easy service so they have more time running their business.

PSDA NEWS P2P Has EyeOpening Education Sessions The P2P Technology Innovation Summit, to be held Oct. 46 at the Sheraton New Orleans, is packed with sessions that will deliver new ideas, strategies

PSDA NEWS QA With Microsofts Greg Fuller P2Ps closing keynote speaker has an important message companies of any size can make a digital transformation to find, win and keep customers. The idea of ev

PSDA NEWS STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP SPOTLIGHT Bill Jourdan, President and CEO Reign Print Solutions, Arlington Heights, Illinois Question 4 on the Checklist Helped Us Immensely Just as the best client r

PSDA NEWS Part 1 Assess, Align Prepare Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Tools Resources Voices of Insight Tools Resources SWOT Analysis 7 Possible Metrics to Monitor Strategic

PSDA NEWS Save Money on Credit Card Processing 7 Things to Know According to PSDAs New Affinity Partner, Client Payments PSDA is pleased to announce a new affinity partnership with Roswell, Georgiaba

WaterPHOENIX Data Inc. rollers More Than Traditional Print Custom Printed Forms UV Commercial Printing Specialty Offline features Ink rollers CONTINUOUS LASER CUT SHEETS Water UNIT SETS Plate cyl

PSDA NEWS P2P Session Boost Your Culture Brand The Hotcards team is neurotic about creating a unique, emotional, lasting experience for anyone who touches its products or technology. Today, people w

CHAMPS P TR PS D HLIGHTS THIS Y HIG E A S AR ADE PR TE IN PSDAs largest trade printers are fighting to help distributors grow sales, capitalize on opportunities and solve problems. Heres a look

Top Trade Printers Whats Inside Data and Analysis by PSDA Staff 26 28 34 Introduction Top 50 PSDA Member Trade Printers Top 20 FastestGrowing PSDA Member Trade Printers 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54

Todays top trade printers seek true partnerships with distributors relationships that require communication, planning and mutual trust. The battle to help end users is a joint fight. The companies ap

Growth Breakdown Top Trade Printers in FY 2016 How We Compiled the Data In April 2017, PSDA emailed representatives of print trade printers both PSDA members and nonmembers to solicit replies to th

Top 50 PSDA Member Trade Printers The following list showcases the companies with the highest fiscal year 2016 sales reported to PSDAs Top Trade Printers Survey and are current duespaying members of t

PRINT ON DEMAND DUPLI DOES IT DIFFERENT DupliOnlineTM, branded webtoprint websites for distributors No monthly software fees Backend integration with industry eprocurement platforms Digital, offset

Top 50 PSDA Member Trade Printers DupliNotes Inc. USA What main goal does your company plan to accomplish in the next year Our goal is to better educate PSDA members on all that DupliNotes has to offe

You could Waste your day coordinating multiple suppliers... Drain your budget with freight inefficiencies... Settle for limited stock selection... OR BUNDLE ALL YOUR UNCOATED NEEDS WITH ONE CALL TO

Top 50 PSDA Member Trade Printers 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 32 UMC Print Central States Business Forms AllenBailey Tag Label Inc. The company acquired the assets of Wise Tag Label

Shipman Print Solutions Describe a project or moment in 2016 that exemplifies the capabilities or culture of your company. So many of our distributors tell us how easy we are to work with, how great o

TOP 20 FASTESTGROWING PSDA MEMBER TRADE PRINTERS The following list showcases the fastestgrowing PSDA member trade printers. PSDA identified companies with the highest growth rates from fiscal year 20

3 8 13 18 National Printing Converters Brazil, IN FY 2016 Sales 4,100,000 FY 2015 Sales 3,500,000 17.14 Growth 4 9 14 19 CFC Print Solutions Grand Prairie, TX FY 2016 Sales 7,553,539 FY 2015 Sales

TOP 20 HIGHEST SALES PER EMPLOYEE The following list showcases the PSDA member trade printers with the highest sales per employee in fiscal year 2016. 1 5 9 17 36 TSTImpreso Inc. Coppell, TX Number

4 8 12 20 Kirkwood Direct Wilmington, MA Number of Employees 215 Sales Per Employee 302,326 One Size Doesnt Fit All Datatel Resources Corporation Monaca, PA Number of Employees 42 Sales Per Employe

TOP 10 SELLERS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING OFFSET This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume in the commercial printing offset category. For the purpos

We believe . . . in passion. in people. in paper. in possibility. At Appvion, we do more than just produce highquality paper. We inspire creativity, innovation, and success. Our decades of experience

TOP 10 SELLERS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING DIGITAL This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume in the commercial printing digital category. For the purp

Tags and Labels, Just a Phone Call Away Contact us via your smart phone, tablet, or any technology you choose and youll be treated to personal customer attention. Whether you need custom tags or labe

TOP 10 SELLERS OF LETTERHEAD, ENVELOPES AND BUSINESS CARDS This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume in the letterhead, envelopes and business ca

TOP 10 SELLERS OF PAPERBASED FORMS This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume in the paperbased forms category. For the purposes of this research,

TOP 10 SELLERS OF LABELS AND TAGS This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume in the paperbased forms category. For the purposes of this research,

Top 10 Sellers to Health Care Market This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume for projects sold by distributors to the health care industry, inc

TOP 10 SELLERS TO RETAIL MARKET This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume for projects sold by distributors to the retail industry. Repacorp Inc

FREE FedEx Ground Shipping Simply use promo code PS817. Offer is valid through 8312017. on your next new catalog order. Need unique, think Boutique Label Art is excited to announce our line of bouti

TOP 10 SELLERS TO MANUFACTURING MARKET This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume for projects sold by distributors to the manufacturing industry.

TOP 10 SELLERS TO HOSPITALITY MARKET This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume for projects sold by distributors to the hospitality industry. Fl


TOP 10 SELLERS TO GOVERNMENT MARKET This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume for projects sold by distributors to government entities. 1 Team C

TOP 10 SELLERS TO NONPROFITASSOCIATION MARKET This list features the top 10 PSDA member trade printers that reported the highest dollar volume for projects sold by distributors to nonprofit groups and

TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY Three print industry manufacturers share why they invested big money to meet customer needs and stay relevant in the marketplace. BY LAURIE HILEMAN

S Go Big Tony Rouse was tired of missed opportunities. Until now. 62 making wise investments taying competitive in todays print industry isnt for the faint of heart. As turn times get tighter, custo

EXPAND YOUR POSSIBILITIES With RRDs Distributor Services Group Expand your possibilities with unmatched premedia, print, logistics and business service solutions. The RRD Distributor Services Group is

making wise investments He also invested in two rollfed largeformat devices to further production capabilities. The HP Latex 365 Printer used to make large banners has eightcolor capabilities up to

Stock Labels Tags Repacorp offers one of the largest selections of stock labels and tags in the Industry. We have an assortment of configurations, sizes, materials and colors. Core sizes of , 1 and 3

making wise investments To better serve distributors who target the consumer packaged goods market, ITW Labels recently invested in this Mark Andy Digital Series hybrid press. airport signage, displ

making wise investments The Mark Andy 13inch Digital Series hybrid press boasts fourcolor process UV inkjet plus white, along with three UV Flexo print stations that can print anything from primers t

making wise investments Random Lake, Wisconsin, found itself in after years of trying to expand and renovate its existing facilities to keep up with customer demand. Roadblocks and costprohibitive re

THE 6 BIGGEST CHALLENGES PACKAGING DISTRIBUTORS FACE Six things to consider so you can protect and grow your businesses during these challenging times BY BRIAN GALE

T 72 packaging challenges he last several years have seen many changes in the U.S. packaging industry. Consolidation on every level suppliers, distributors, customers has led to an increasingly co

packaging challenges might be time to revisit the value you bring to the customer. If you are not selling a bundle of products, now is the time to propose a solution that offers you more share of the

We get better every day. After 37 years, think what that means to you and your customers Beginning with our first shipment back in 1979, Highland Computer Forms has become an industry leader by c

Laser Cut Sheets Short, Medium Long Run Available in 11 and 14 cutoffs Up to 6 color printing Extra vertical and horizontal perfs available File holes if desired Various paper grades, weights colo

Print supply chain optimization is a critical marketing priority. Service providers need to seize the opportunity. BY BARB PELLOW

M supply chain optimization arketers are spending billions of dollars producing, warehousing and shipping marketing literature, packaging, documentation, pointofsale displays, premiums, giveaways, sig

BIGGER WEVE MADE BIG ADDITIONS TO OUR EQUIPMENT LINEUP TEAM Concept Printing is the leader in highend print, multitouch packaging and signage. Our fleet includes a Komori Lithrone SX UV ink press with

supply chain optimization Figure 1 How iswill your companys total spending be distributed by the following communication types ANNUAL GROWTH RATE 5.3 5.2 0.9 2.8 0.5 7 .8 PRINT ONLINE WEB VIDEO E

supply chain optimization Figure 2 How important is rationalizing the supply chain for printed materials to your current strategic planning process VERY IMPORT ANT IMPORT ANT Highest percentage sele

supply chain optimization print on demand by printing only what is needed when it is needed while still receiving bulk savings by sourcing it from the same printer. This eliminates the need to pu

Traditional paper tax filing is being surpassed by W2 and 1099 cloud processing Leverage the next generation of 1099 W2 solutions for your customers ... and your future The need to file taxes will n

TRANSACTION DOCUMENTS Consumers Still Like Print providers need to help clients cater to the needs of the individual, whether it is paper, paperless or a combination of both. BY BARB PELLOW

T The Age Factor 88 transaction documents ransactional printing is the original variable data printing application. Each bill, statement, invoice, check or explanation of benefits has content that i

PSDAs Supplier Referral Service Your Association Connects Distributors with Qualified Manufacturers and Suppliers Every Day PSDAs Supplier Referral Forum This online resource, often referred to as th

transaction documents Figure 1 Which of the following incentives would convince you to switch your financial documents from paper to estatements 52 46 33 27 A 50 credit to your account Being re

transaction documents aside time to visit the correct webpage, recall their password and download the document. According to the report, these steps take more effort than simply opening an envelope.

LINKINGVERVE Sarah Scudder A monthly column from an industry insider about issues important to salespeople. Cant Stop. Wont Stop. Whos Next We can get so bogged down with emails, texts, social media

LINKINGVERVE Each night before I go to bed, I write down two things Im grateful for. It helps me to take my mind off the day and I like going to bed thinking about something positive. impossible. My

GOODIDEA Unlock the Real Issue Then Innovate BY DARIN PAINTER The expensereduction company wanted to secure more appointments with Clevel executives and other decision makers who sensed an opportun

When team members at Regency360 met with the company, they expected to discuss its needs for printed products, promotional items and perhaps webtoprint technology. They didnt expect to hear about a pu

continued head THATSUMS IT UP By John Delavan That Sums It Up is meant to be quickly read and easily shared. Its presented as a series of short lists that focus on a different number each time. 6 BUS

continued UP THATSUMS IThead CTICES ... Environmental responsibility. Organizations that understand their responsibilities to local economies, business partners and the environment and act on all th

CL ASSIFIEDS FINANCIAL PRODUCTS INTERESTED IN PSDAS PRINT AND DIGITAL ADVERTISING OPTIONS View PSDAs 2017 Media Planner online for more information, including the PS Magazine 2017 editorial calendar


CL ASSIFIEDS PRINTED PRODUCTS FOLDERS Clear Document Folders Easy to Make it Your Own Safe Secure Clear plastic folders that allow you to easily customize the covers. See the difference Feel the

ADINDEX Companies that advertise in PS Magazine provide vital financial support for the Print Services Distribution Association PSDA and deliver products and services of tremendous value to print in

PS Claudia St. John Introducing Generation Z am bewildered by the multitasking capabilities of my two teenage sons. It is not uncommon for them to be watching television while simultaneously playing

Ordering print from our catalog or online, we have the right path for you. Questions Give us a call We have people for that. Get to know our new regional customer service teams We want to help you b

P.S. Claudia St. John media, Generation Z individuals cant remember a time before smartphones and tend to rely on them to collaborate, research, edit and post content in real time. This digital profi