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APRIL 2017 NO. VOLUME 55 04 PS Forgers and counterfeiters dont want you to read this cover story page 16

We believe . . . in passion. in people. in paper. in possibility. At Appvion, we do more than just produce highquality paper. We inspire creativity, innovation, and success. Our decades of experience

fu Custom Card Manufacturer Cards that grow you.TM

16 Fighting Against Fraud Distributors arm clients with more than security features. They empower them with education and consultation. By Andrew Brown and Darin Painter conte 32 Business Developme

APRIL 2017 NO. COLUMNS VOLUME 55 04 06 I Was Almost a Crook By Alexa Schlosser ents DEPARTMENTS 08 Lessons from a Baseball Coach By Barbara OConnor 10 A Sommelier for PSDA By Stuart Boyar 54


Need Document Security Think Wise. Protecting your customers assets from the growing problem of document fraud. BIllIon A YEAR Is the estimated cost of check fraud alone to American businesses and ba

HELLOREADER Alexa Schlosser, Managing Editor I Was Almost a Crook have a confession I once considered altering a document. I wasnt going to forge my moms signature on a check to buy concert tickets.

MESSAGE FROMTHE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Barbara OConnor Lessons from a Baseball Coach D L How did it happen ast fall was a special time to be a Chicago resident and a lifelong Cubs fan. You probab

The Check Fraud Prevention Specialists 800 7552265 Check fraud Litigation began in 1762 Price v. Neal and has continued unabated for over 250 years.... Isnt it time your clients so

MESSAGE FROMTHE PRESIDENT Stuart Boyar A Sommelier for PSDA love wine and the entire wine industry from our friends in Napa Valley to the Walla Walla region of Washington to the Willamette Valley in

PSDA NEWS Young Innovators Event to Focus on Ideas, Interaction This years Young Innovators Conference is packed with networking events, Ted Talkstyle presentations, and various panels and activities

PSDA NEWS Emerging Distributor Summit Receives Glowing Reviews PSDAs emerging distributors met in St. Louis from March 24, 2017, for an event dedicated to networking, learning, sharing and building r

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Distributors arm clients with more than security features. They empower them with education and consultation. BY ANDREW BROWN AND DARIN PAINTER

A fighting against fraud 18 A PR I L 2017P SDA .ORG few years ago, criminals forged a check for 92,358 with a PSDA distributors name, logo and account information as well as its presidents signature.

fighting against fraud The distributors new checks are loaded with layered security features, including a graduated color pattern, invisible and visible fibers, void pantographs, chemical reactive pa

fighting against fraud business owners can greatly minimize their exposure and risk to check fraud 1. Examine bank statements properly. If the bank establishes that the company failed to exercise rea

continued head Joel Wynne, Director of Marketing Strategic Sales, Wilmer Consulting with Distributors to Ensure Security Several PSDA manufacturers and suppliers make security document education ava

continued head make sure the overall system is working as it should be. In the hit 2002 film Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio brought to the big screen the notorious real life story of Frank A

fighting against fraud and warning borders, then move to things like chemically reactive papers. Its important to stay ahead of the criminal mind. McFarland supplies a credit union with 10,000 corpor

fighting against fraud they want to show that their documents could not have been the documents responsible, and to show they did what they could to protect the document security. Appvion works with

fighting against fraud are out there concerning document security, McFarland says. You seem to read or hear about them every day. 2. Remind clients that every business is a possible target. Small bus

fighting against fraud so often in the past, bankers are interested in reducing document fraud and may be eager to give referrals. 5. Teach customers about selfprotection. Disgruntled employees can r

fighting against fraud Steve Singer, president of Micro Format Inc., a distributor based in Wheeling, Illinois, has sold security documents for years. He says international security document sales ha

fighting against fraud test color copiers abilities. Buy several inexpensive gift certificates from local retailers and examine the features used. 8. Learn the terminology, and keep explanations simp

fighting against fraud theyre interested. Its hard for the distributor to know every plants capabilities, he says. A lot of people are interested in void pantographs, but they dont show up on every d


Each year, the analysts at InfoTrends come together to discuss and highlight emerging trends. In the road map that follows, the business development team walks through 11 trends you can expect to see

I 1. 2. 3. 34 business development road map n 2017, innovations in digital technology will continue to transform and reinvent the printing industry. Digital media, datadriven marketing and new print

business development road map 2. Large Format Investments Open Up a Big Opportunity An increased number of commercial, quick and inplant printers are eyeing wide format as a means to increase their p

continued head Figure 1 Digital Color Print Volume Continues to Grow Electrophotography Inkjet 15 CAGR 20152020 600 Total Impresions Inket Impressions 60 895 Billion part of the customer exper

business development road map priority for corporate inplants and commercial printers was becoming a lowcost, yet efficient, provider. In 2017, service providers of all sizes need to invest in softwa

continued head Figure 3 Strategic Business Direction Which of the following initiatives best describe your strategic business direction in the next five years Commerical CorporateInplant applicati

business development road map InfoTrends recently completed a study titled Beyond CMYK The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing, which surveyed more than 300 U.S. and European print service pro

continued head Figure 5 FastestGrowing Production Digital Print Applications by Percentage of Print Volume Growth U.S. 108.9 CAGR 42.4 CAGR 27.8 CAGR 24.0 CAGR billion in revenue and confirmed

business development road map and search engines, tracking direct mail campaigns, aggregating data from multiple sources, keeping data clean, and creating a personalized and relevant customer experie

business development road map revealed that four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. In addition, four out of five consumers believe that a video sh

business development road map create new markets and threaten others just as quickly. The most successful printing firms will embrace a digital mindset that begins with an understanding that the wor

THE WEBTOWORKFLOW Webtoworkflow takes webtoprint a step further, adding the processes needed to produce and fulfill a customers online order and research shows that revenue from print orders submitt

P webtoworkf low 46 A PR I L 2017P SDA .ORG rint providers have been steadily investing in technologies and processes that enable customers to order and track jobs online. One key technology is webto

continued head Hosted services also referred to as softwareasaservice are based on a subscription model, where a vendor or vendors partner hosts and delivers the software via the web for an ongoing f

Figure 3 Volume of Work Submitted Online Now and in Two Years What percent of your total digital print volume produced by your business is submitted through a web portalwebsite 50 40 30 20 10 0 Las

webtoworkf low Webtoworkflow is a key enabler to a lights out manufacturing workflow. webtoworkflow solutions, coupled with vendors providing advisory business development and professional services,

CRAFTING A LEAD NURTURING STRATEGY IN 6 STEPS Its crucial to have a wellplanned and constructed strategy, one that answers questions as your audience develops a need or crafts a purchasing decision. B

T 1 he buyers journey is nearly twothirds complete before a buyer reaches out to sales. It takes an average of 10 attempts before you get a response from a buyer you dont know. This is why you need a

lead nurturing strategy A LEAD NURTURING STRATEGY ALLOWS YOU TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR SALES AND MARKETING INVESTMENT. 6 3 Develop campaigns. If you build it, they will come may have worked in Field

lead nurturing startegy increases the odds they will become a paying customer. 5 Team up with sales. When executing lead nurturing strategies, marketing does the heavy lifting. And youll become t

LINKINGVERVE Sarah Scudder A monthly column from an industry insider about issues important to salespeople. RFPs Dont Waste Your Time that require indepth answers and other gobbledygook. Theyre typic

LINKINGVERVE I get a sympathy knot in my stomach, thinking about the hundreds of hours my poor competitors will spend responding. Ask why questions that help you to understand the real desired result

THATSUMS IT UP By John Delavan This new magazine department, That Sums It Up, is meant to be quickly read and easily shared. Its presented as a series of short lists that focus on a different number e

THATSUMS IT UP 3 Its selective while still offering control. Targeting is perhaps the most important tactic for any marketing channel, and its a big strength of direct mail. You can send different m

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June 12, 2017 Grand Hyatt Denver Denver, CO psda.orginnovation TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION THE NEXT GENERATION

ADINDEX Companies that advertise in PS Magazine provide vital financial support for the Print Services Distribution Association PSDA and deliver products and services of tremendous value to print in

PS S D Claudia St. John 5 Tips for New Employee Onboarding o youve made a great hire and youre looking forward to onboarding your newest employee. Expectations are high and optimism abounds. But bef

EXPAND YOUR POSSIBILITIES With RR Donnelleys Distributor Services Group Expand your possibilities with unmatched premedia, print, logistics and business service solutions. The RR Donnelley Distributor

P.S. Claudia St. John 3. Plan your new employees first few weeks. When it comes to onboarding your new hire, it is likely that there are many people responsible for the learning that will ensure tha