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Your future. On display. Experience how advanced visual displays can help your business thrive now and in the future. See firsthand our interactive, innovative and visuallystunning products that inspi

InfoComm 2018 is more than thousands of innovative audiovisual products and solutions. Its also the largest collection of inperson training and education available in the proAV industry. This brochure

THREEDAY PRESHOW COURSES SATURDAY, JUNE 2 MONDAY, JUNE 4 800 A.M.500 P.M. Join AVIXATM staff instructors for a deepdive into the technical aspects of AV, from an overview of the science of AV to des

TD09 TD11 Networked AV Systems 24 AV professionals increasingly need to incorporate AV gear on networks. In this advanced course, you will intercept, filter, and read network conversations between A

HANDSON LABS TUESDAY, JUNE 5 L01 L04 How to Build an App 800 a.m.1200 p.m. 4 Frank Gonzales, Developer, 1 Touch Interactive LLC Learn to create your own apps in this handson lab You will have all t

SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP PACKAGE Attend as many sessions as you need for one low price The following 150 classes, Manufacturers Training sessions, and workshops our popular Emerging Trends Day and NEW I

EMERGING TRENDS DAY INCLUDED IN THE SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP PACKAGE. Presented by IUX01IUX02 TUESDAY, JUNE 5 800 a.m.400 p.m. 7 Dr. S. Ann Earon, President, Telemanagement Resources International Pete

INTEGRATED LIFE DAY INCLUDED IN THE SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP PACKAGE. Presented by IUX09IUX10 TUESDAY, JUNE 5 800 a.m.500 p.m. 8 Integrated Life Day is a NEW oneday conference focused on the crossover

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS AUDIO TUESDAY, JUNE 5 IUX04 IS017 Future of Horns 800 a.m.1200 p.m. 4 Tom Danley, Director of RD CoFounder, Danley Sound Labs David Gunness, CTO, Fulcrum Acoustic Bruce Ho

AUDIO WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 IS057 IS034 Significant, Real World Loudspeaker Specifications 830 a.m.1000 a.m. 1.5 Mark Beach, President, Beach Dynamics, Inc. Learn to select and get the most from a loud

AUDIO THURSDAY, JUNE 7 Manufacturers Training IS087 MT53 Audio Signal Processing Basics 100 p.m.300 p.m. 2 Scott Woolley, Consultant Liaison, Symetrix Inc. The digital audio mixerprocessor is the h

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS CONTROL TUESDAY, JUNE 5 Manufacturers Training WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 MT15 IS031 Control Systems The New ITAV Revolution 830 a.m.1000 a.m. 1.5 Jim Huber, Business Development Ma

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS DESIGN TUESDAY, JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 IS011 IS028 2017 National Electric Code Requirements for Low Voltage Cabling System 1100 a.m.1200 p.m. 1 Rick Foster, Director, Inno

DESIGN IS048 Audio for Modern Day Meeting Spaces 1030 a.m.1200 p.m. 1.5 Ryan Baumann, Technology Manager, Crestron Explore multiple design considerations to ensure your conference rooms can support

DESIGN WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS061 IUX05 Medical Simulation System Design 230 p.m.330 p.m. 1 Essam Refai, CTSD, Consultant, Parity Technology Consulting Using a detailed case study,

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS EMERGING TRENDS TUESDAY, JUNE 5 Manufacturers Training MT03 Manufacturers Training MT05 New Technology Showcase 100 p.m.230 p.m. 0.75 Jonathan Garcia, Technical Director, C

EMERGING TRENDS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS044 Manufacturers Training MT52 The Evolution of Service to Support 1030 a.m.1200 p.m. 1.5 Steve Riley, Sr. Consultant, Navigate Management C

EMERGING TRENDS THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS113 Manufacturers Training MT10 Hospitalitys Thirst for Intelligent Infrastructure 1000 a.m.1100 a.m. 1 David G. Wells, RCDD, Technology Manager, Global Busines

EMERGING TRENDS THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS082 Brigham Young Universitys Open Source AV Control System Technology Deep Dive 100 p.m.300 p.m. 2 Joseph Blodgett, Computer Programmer, Brigham Young University

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS LIVE EVENT PRODUCTION TUESDAY, JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 IS013 IS042 Creating Customized Event Experiences 1100 a.m.1200 p.m. 1 Emile Van De Coevering, Creative Director, S

LIVE EVENT PRODUCTION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 IS080 IS054 Introduction to Live Audio 1030 a.m.1200 p.m. 1.5 William Magod, Vice President, Bestek Integrating audio components from multiple manufacturers

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS NETWORKED AV TUESDAY, JUNE 5 Manufacturers Training MT19 IS016 IPBaseT Aurora AV Over IP Solutions 1030 a.m.1200 p.m. 0.75 George Tucker, Director, Product Education, Aurora

NETWORKED AV WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 IS030 Manufacturers Training MT38 AES67 Overview 800 a.m.1000 a.m. 1 Rich Zwiebel, VP, Systems Strategy, QSC Audio Products AES67 is a new interoperability standard

NETWORKED AV Manufacturers Training MT44 IS078 Verifying 18G HDMIHDBaseT Networks With the Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 280 Test Set 100 p.m.230 p.m. 0.75 Neal Kendall, Marketing Manager, quantumda

NETWORKED AV THURSDAY, JUNE 7 FRIDAY, JUNE 8 IS101 IUX06 Dante Certification Level 1Introduction to Dante 100 p.m.230 p.m. Bernie Farkus, Senior Technical Sales Engineer, Audinate This is an intr

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS PROJECT MANAGEMENT WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 FRIDAY, JUNE 8 IS046 IUX08 Project Management for Sales Managers 1030 a.m.1200 p.m. 1.5 Brad Malone, Partner, Navigate Management Consul

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT TUESDAY, JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 IS014 IS026 Active Learning Space Design and Implementation 1100 a.m.1200 p.m. 1 Joe Bonchi, Director, MTSS, New Jers

TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT IS032 IS051 The Science and Art of Troubleshooting 830 a.m.1000 a.m. 2 Patrick Santucci, CTSD, Design Engineer II, AVI Systems In this interactive session, technologists will

TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS066 Success in Standardized Room Solutions 800 a.m.1000 a.m. 2 L. William Nattress III, CTSD, CTSI, Director of Channel StrategyPaging, Biamp Systems Find t

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND COLLABORATION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 Manufacturers Training MT06 IS102 AV and IT in the Age of PC Collaboration 800 a.m.930 a.m. 1.5 Dr. S. Ann Earon,

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND COLLABORATION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 Manufacturers Training Manufacturers Training MT09 MT43 InDepth Technical Training on Polycom Group Codecs 100 p.m.230 p.m. 0.5 Tony Har

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND COLLABORATION IS110 IS111 Finding the Right Technology Solutions for Huddle Rooms 100 p.m.230 p.m. 1.5 Presented in partnership with IMCCA In this panel session, explore

SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS VIDEO AND DISPLAY TUESDAY, JUNE 5 Manufacturers Training Manufacturers Training MT42 MT17 Factors to Consider LED Wall vs. Projector Solution 830 a.m.1000 a.m. 1.5 Troy Cobb

VIDEO AND DISPLAY THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS076 IS070 Advanced Display Technologies 800 a.m.930 a.m. 1.5 Jonathan Brawn, CTS, Principal, Brawn Consulting To predict where the rapidly evolving field of dis

VIDEO AND DISPLAY THURSDAY, JUNE 7 IS086 IS091 From Projection to LED Screens in Race and Sportsbook 100 p.m.230 p.m. 1.5 Randy Pagnan, CTS, PresidentOwner, rp Visual Solutions Guy Russell, VP, Ma

TOURS TUESDAY, JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 T03T04 T02 AV Technology Tour University of Nevada Las Vegas 800 a.m.1100 a.m. OR 100 p.m.400 p.m. 2 UNLVs new Hospitality Hall is purpose built for their wo

SPECIAL EVENTS TUESDAY, JUNE 5 UCCL1 ML Loudspeaker Maker Lab 100 p.m.300 p.m. 2 Tom Danley, Director of RD CoFounder, Danley Sound Labs Douglas Jones, Director of Danley University, Danley Sound L

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