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PHOTO COURTESY OF BOWIE STATE UNIVERSITY, BOWIE, MD PHOTO BY JOHN DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY FEATURING Baltimore National College Fair Baltimore to Host National College Fair Representatives from over 300 t

2 School Guides COLLEGE FAIR GUIDE October 20, 2017

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Experience the Power of Niagara University Founded in 1856, Niagara University NU is a comprehensive institution, blending the best of a liberal arts and professional education, grounded in a valuesba

Endicott Graduate with a Degree and a Rsum Discover Endicott. Located at the oceans scenic edge, just 20 miles north of Boston, Endicott is a vibrant part of Massachusetts historic North Shore. This s

Get to Know The College of New Jersey The College of New Jersey TCNJ is one of public higher educations great success stories. Boasting a 95 percent firstyear retention rate and the fifthhighest foury

BE YOU HOFSTRA Seek, shape, and discover your own educational and career journey at Hofstra University. Small classes, tailored programs, and dedicated faculty help you pursue your passion in a dynami

Bryant UniversityCreating Innovators By Michelle Cloutier At Bryant, continuous innovation in how we teachand what you learnis woven throughout your student experience. Were creating innovative leader

Find Success at California University of Pennsylvania Youre ready to explore. To question. To discover your path to the future. Your journey starts at Cali fornia University of Pennsylvania. Cal U con

New Home for School of Business at Saint Francis U. From business to brewing, Saint Francis University SFU continues to offer innovative programs for aspiring students. A New Home for the School of Bu

Quinnipiac Transforms Passion into Impact Quinnipiac University is a private, coeducational university in Southern New England where students receive an educational experience thats both personal and

Discover Your Pride and Purpose at Hofstra University Hofstra University is one of the largest private colleges on Long Island, New York, and one of only three universities in the New York metropolita

Baccalaureate Programs of Study Accounting Applied Mathematics Actuarial Science Athletic Training Bioengineering Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Discover the Experience... Business Managemen

6 Things You Need to Do Before Leaving for College When your last high school prom is over and youre counting down the days till graduation, thoughts of freedom and plans for a funfilled summer are ju

The Financial Aid Process When it comes to financial aid, the first question most students and parents ask is Where do I begin The best place to begin your search is the high school guidance office. M

More Money for College Finding money for college is an ongoing, handson process. Consider the following sources and activities when looking for ways to lower you tuition bill. College Scholarships Som

Easing the Cost of a College Education Individuals and families who pay college tuition, fees, and other related expenses may be eligible for a tax break on their federal income tax. This section desc

Maryland Financial Aid For information on the programs outlined below and all types of financial aid available to students in Maryland, including scholarships, grants, work study, loans, and loan forg

College Search Step by Step Theres no magic formula for choosing a college, but there are steps you can take to find a good fit. Kinds of Schools Most students start by thinking about the kind of coll

Students Receive WorldClass Training at AMDA AMDAs mission is to teach deep craft in acting, singing, and dancing... To give our graduates the tools to function on a very high level within the art and

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Search for the answers. Browse through over 3,000 COLLEGE PROFILES and discover the schools that are perfect for you. FIND COLLEGE FAIRS EVENTS NEAR YOU GATHER TE