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2 School Guides COLLEGE CONFERENCE MANUAL February 24, 2017

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DYouville Expands Healthcare Programs to Meet Demand DYouville College continues to expand its impressive lineup of nationally known health care education programs with the recent addition of three ne

Future Nurses Have an Edge at Pace University Every day nurses make countless decisions that impact patient care and ultimately save lives. How do they know they are making the right decision They hav

Picture Yourself at Alfred State At Alfred State, your career is its most important mission. With an emphasis on handson, projectbased learning, youll truly know how to solve problems youll face on th

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Canisius A College of Excellence Handson learning and highlypersonal approach define the Canisius College experience. Canisius College is a masterslevel university located in Buffalo, N.Y., consistent

Experience Castleton, Explore Vermont With 2,100 students, Castleton University in Vermont is just the right size large enough to provide many opportunities in and outside the classroom, yet small en

Endicott Graduate with a Degree and a Rsum Discover Endicott. Located at the oceans scenic edge, just 20 miles north of Boston, Endicott is a vibrant part of Massachusetts historic North Shore. This s

Experience the Power of Niagara University Founded in 1856, Niagara University NU is a comprehensive institution, blending the best of a liberal arts and professional education, grounded in a valuesba

Cooper Union A New York City Gem The cost of earning a college degree continues to skyrocket with students and families increasingly concerned over how they might be priced out of obtaining a higher e School Guides COLLEGE CONFERENCE MANUAL February 24, 2017 15

The Financial Aid Process When it comes to financial aid, the first question most students and parents ask is Where do I begin The best place to begin your search is the high school guidance office. M

More Money for College Finding money for college is an ongoing, handson process. Consider the following sources and activities when looking for ways to lower you tuition bill. College Scholarships Som

Easing the Cost of a College Education Individuals and families who pay college tuition, fees, and other related expenses may be eligible for a tax break on their federal income tax. This section desc

New York Financial Aid For information on grants, scholarships, workstudy opportunities, loans, and loan forgiveness programs contact New York State Higher Education Services Corporation HESC 99 Washi

Students Receive WorldClass Training at AMDA AMDAs mission is to teach deep craft in acting, singing, and dancing... To give our graduates the tools to function on a very high level within the art and

Le Moyne Students Equipped to Make a Difference As one of only 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, Le Moyne provides a valuesbased education that helps students explore their pot

QU Team Performs Free Diagnostic Imaging for Indigent By John Pettit Priscilla Farlow of Hamden suffered a serious fall that led to a facial injury. With no health insurance, she thought she had nowhe

Discover a dynamic college experience at Hofstra University Small classes, largeuniversity resources, a beautiful, energized campus, and easy access to cultural and educational opportunities both on

CitizenSoldiers The New York Army National Guard The National Guard is the oldest United States military branch, dating back to 1636 when colonial militias, made up of ordinary citizens, would put do

Discover Your Pride and Purpose at Hofstra University Hofstra University is one of the largest private colleges on Long Island, New York, and one of only three universities in the New York metropolita

Achieve Academic Strength at Lycoming College Founded in 1812, Lycoming College is a fouryear, private liberal arts and sciences college dedicated to the undergraduate education of 1,300. Its rigorous

Pace prepares you for the greatest test of all your first day on the job Only Pace University provides you with stimulating and challenging academics more than 100 majors plus support from one of the

L l fu g n i n a e M S S E C C U S Youre going places. Start with a visit to Le Moyne. lemoyne.eduvisit 8003334733 3154454300 8003334733 3154454300 80