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Diocese of Grand Rapids Office of Priestly Vocations VOCATION AWARENESS WEEK November 511, 2017 COME FOLLOW ME 360 Division Avenue S., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Dear Parents or Guardians, Throughout the diocese, during the week of November 511 we will be celebrating National Vocation Awareness Week. This years theme focuses on Di

School Announcements Theme Come Follow Me This week is National Vocation Awareness Week for the Catholic Church. God has a vocation for each one of us, which means God has a plan for our lives that He

Thursday Respond The fourth and final step in discernment is our response. We can pray, listen and learn all about the vocation that God has called us to, but until we respond openly to that calling,

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Preschool Kindergarten Lesson Plan Theme Come, Follow Me Purpose 1. The students will be able to understand that God wants us all to make good choices. 2. The students w

Assessment 1. Have each child draw a picture of a good choice a good snack, good hygiene, good listening, taking care of a kitten, etc. and a picture of a bad choice an unhealthy snack, bad hygiene, b

Skit 1 A mother and her son are walking through the grocery store and the son is begging his mom to get some candy. BOY Mom, can I please get some candy Please, please, please, please. Mom, I promise

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Primary Grades 13 Lesson Plan Theme Come, Follow Me Purpose 1. Students will begin to understand the concepts of discernment and Gods will. 2. Students will begin to iden

Activity 2 The Story of Jonah An example of Gods will 1. Tell the story of Jonah Jonah 113 10 2. Discuss the story a. Make sure to discuss the way in which Jonah denied the Lords call and tried to run

Student Name Date Vocation Awareness Curriculum Discernment PlanningIntermediate Theme Come, Follow Me Directions As with any journey, discerning your vocation requires planning and preparation. So

Tuesday 1. Pray 2. Ask 3. Learn 4. Respond End of the Day Reflection On a separate piece of paper, write down the thoughts you have had today about vocation and Gods will for your li

Thursday 1. Pray 2. Ask 3. Learn 4. Respond End of the Day Reflection On a separate piece of paper, write down the thoughts you have had today about your vocation and Gods will for y

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Junior High Lesson Plan Theme Come, Follow Me Purpose Students will 1. 2. 3. 4. Understand that every person is called to holiness. Understand that by doing Gods will, we

Activity 3 Finding the Way Road Signs and Road Blocks to Vocation Combine with Activity 2 1. Gods words Read the Bible If you want to know what God is saying to you, open the Bible, and read it. It is

3. Your family a. How often does your family discuss Church or faith b. What is the opinion of faith in your family c. Does your family support the priesthood and religious life i. What if you were to

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Brief Biographies of Saints Theme Come, Follow Me St. Alban St. Alban was the first martyr of England, his own country homeland. During a persecution of Christians, Alban

Proclaimed a great Doctor of the Latin Church by Poe Boniface VIII in 1298. Blessed ngel Daro Acosta Zurita Fr. ngel Daro Acosta Zurita was born

After founding several other monasteries, he was ordained and, in 370, made bishop of Caesarea. In this post until his death in 379, he continued to be a man of vast learning and constant activity, ge

St. Columban Contd They made their way to King Clothaire at Soissons, Neustria and then the court of King Theodebert of Austrasia in 611. He traveled to Metz, then Mainz, Suevi, Alamanni, and finally

was taking food to the poor and sick, Prince Louis stopped her and looked under her mantle to see what she was carrying the food had been miraculously changed to roses. Upon Louis death, Elizabeth sol

enemies, both at home and abroad, but he used these with great moderation and clemency. In 014, he went to Rome and received the imperial crown at the hands of Pope Benedict VII. On that occasion, he

away, but instead his illness seemed to take the last links of the chain from his soul. Once again, he interpreted his suffering to be a sign of how little the ambitions of the world mattered. He comm

St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer One of six children born to Jose and Dolores Escriva three of his siblings died in infancy. His father was a small businessman, and when his business failed in 1915,

and papers, and most of his books. Fortunately, they preserved all these documents, thus preserving data for a history of this young mans heroic life. As the end of his theological education drew near

family. Her mother was a court attendant and ladyinwaiting to Empress Marie Thereses court in Vienna, Austria. When Magdalen was only five, her father died suddenly. While her mother followed all appr

order was formally approved on June 24, 1698. She endured great tragedies including fires, the deaths of her sisters and extreme poverty. Despite these tragedies, Marguerite maintained her order and s

Peter was always listed as the first of the Apostles in all the New Testament accounts and was a member of the inner circle of Jesus, with James and John. He is recorded more than any other disciple,

One of his chief challenges came from the pagans of the region, but by the end of his life he had extirpated virtually all the remnants of the old religion. He erected a church on the site of the most

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Know Your Saints and Blessed Quiz 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I was a fisherman, but dropped my nets when Jesus called me to follow Him. I later became the first pope. I

Know Your Saints and Blessed Choices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. St. Columban St. Alban St. Hedwig St. Magdalen of Canossa St. Fabian Blessed Karl Leisner St. Thomas More 8. St. Augustine of Hippo 9. St. Pio

Saints and Blessed Answer Key 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. St. Peter the Apostle St. Augustine of Hippo St. Daniel the Stylite St. Erasmus St. John of Avila St. Rita of Cascia St. Alban St. Juan Diego S

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Jeopardy Questions Theme Come, Follow Me Below is a list of possible questions for a Jeopardy Review game at the end of National Vocation Awareness Week. The object of th

Bible Stories At the age of 75, I took my wife, Sarah, to a land specified by God to create a new nation. Abraham or Abram In the book of Exodus, I led the chosen people of God out of

This prayer, asks for someone to come watch over you and guide you throughout your life. Guardian Angel Prayer or Angel of God This prayer is the most frequently used sacramental, reminding us of ou

This is the most fundamental passion, it is brought about, by the attraction of this. Twopart answer. Love the Good Our Lord called this the source from which the passions spring. mans hea

Vocation Awareness Curriculum High School Lesson Plan Theme Come, Follow Me Purpose 1. To help students realize that God has called them to undertake a specific and unique mission in their lives. 2. F

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Youth Ministry Program Theme Come, Follow Me Purpose 1. Educate teens about the different lifestyles of all vocations. 2. Challenge teens to picture themselves in all pos

Activity 2 Picture me Get used to the look 1. Teens take turns putting the appropriate vestmentshabit of a priestreligious and the youth minister takes pictures of each of them with the vestmentshabit

Vocation Awareness Curriculum Vocation Catechesis Sheet What is a Priest Priests make a public commitment to use their whole lives for the sake of the Gospel. They respond to Gods call, in a public w

What is a Deacon Most deacons are married men with a family who are either employed at a fulltime job or retired. They respond to Gods call to be bold and radical witness of the Gospel in the marketp

Vocation Awareness Curriculum University and Young Adult Ministries Theme Come, Follow me Best Practices for Vocations to the Priesthood and religious Life for Campus Ministries Eucharistic Adoration

Appendix A Vocation Awareness Curriculum Prayers for Discernment Please choose one of more of these prayers to pray daily with your students throughout Vocation Awareness Week and the rest of the yea

Appendix A That they may show Your holiness in the midst, of the world. Send holy Laborers into Your vineyard, That they may labor with the fervor of charity And, moved by Your Holy Spirit, may bring

Appendix A A Rosary for Vocations 1st Joyful Mystery The Annunciation Mary answers Yes to Gods call. Even though it was unexpected and the Archangel gives her only the details she needs to know and a

Appendix A 3rd Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning of Thorns Jesus endured the terrible ridicule and mockery of the soldiers even to the point of accepting the painful crown of thorns. Let us offer this de

Appendix B 20 Ways to Promote Vocations in Your Parish or School 1. Have public recitation of the diocesan vocation prayer at masses on Sunday and the daily masses. 2. Provide Eucharistic adoration o

Appendix C Vocation Awareness Curriculum Vocation Glossary Consecrated Religious Brother A member of a mens religious order who is not in Holy Orders but engages in the work of the order. Members typ

Appendix C Profession The taking of vows upon joining a religious order. Seminary A school which offers theological studies, especially for training priests. Sister A member of a religious order of wo

Appendix D Vocation Awareness Curriculum Scriptures Related to Gods Call, Discernment, and Sacraments Melchizedek A Priest Forever Moses Here am I Genesis 14 1820, Psalm 109 14, Hebrews 6 20717 Exodu