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See Pages 35 See Page 123 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island See Page 67 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 17 NO. 11 23 KISLEV 5777 DECEMBER 23, 2016 FROM THE

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So he sent him out of the vale of Hebron, and he came to Shechem Bereishis 3714 A place predestined for evil in Shechem Dinah was violated in Shechem Yosef was sold by his brothers and in Shechem the

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FEATURES Book Review Yochanan Gordon 118 52 66 Business Halacha R Meir Orlian Chaims Career Corner Chaim Shapiro Classified Ads 104 A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter 42 Common Language

KISS THE KOSHER COOK Continued from Page 6 rise, shape the doughnuts, let them rise, fry the doughnuts, and then start with the whole frostingfilling meshugas. Ill tell you one thing you all might thi

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover foremost among a sea of appointments, this appointment needs to be vigorously challenged. There is little room for doubt that the leftists in the New Israel


FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 10 We are still almost a month away from the Trump inauguration and the impact of a future new day is already being felt around the world. David Friedman as U.S. am

been a battleground, the latest front in a multipronged conflict playing out across New York and New Jersey, as ultraOrthodox communities seek room to grow. Upstate in Kiryat Joel, in the suburbs arou

David Friedman Patriot Extraordinaire BY JOSEPH FRAGER, MD On November 8, 2016, the world changed in a major way. America was falling into the proverbial abyss and the rest of humanity was going down

Support Abounds For David Friedman As a prominent Five Towns resident, an accomplished attorney, and a wellknown supporter of Jewish causes, David Friedman is a popular choice for ambassador to Israel

David Friedman Continued from Page 15 mere, served as president of the New York Board of Rabbis. Rabbi Friedman had welcomed President Ronald Reagan to his Hempstead Town synagogue in Supervisor Sant

cott, Divestment, and Sanctions BDS movement which seeks to demonize and cripple the State of Israel with economic sanctions and boycotts. In fighting back against antiSemitism and bigotry, municipal

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 17 Perhaps it is indigenous to the community where this particular hospital is found, but the aid and comfort came in our direction, for the most part, in the form of f

Food For Thought On The Eiruv There is no question that Klal Yisrael does remarkable chesed. The bikur cholim in hospitals throughout the tristate area is truly remarkableespecially in Boro Park. Ther

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Page 19 proponents of the eiruv claim exist, are not valid mechitzos at all. It is not halachically possible to build an eiruv in a public domain. Any attempt to do so

error, their labor is considered bshogeg to you. Definition of Ltzorech. The Mishnah Berurah does not define for us what the exact parameters of ltzorech are. Elsewhere, the Mishnah Berurah 32560 tell

WHITE HOUSE Continued from Front Cover over a week to accommodate the presidents schedule. As the president joked, It so happens were a little early this year. But Michelle and I are going to be in Ha

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WHITE HOUSE Continued from Page 22 torical aspirations of our people, said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group. When the president speaks, the world listens, and this years remarks addressi

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WHITE HOUSE Continued from Page 25 they hid their Jewishness, including their magnificent menorah, entrusting it to a courageous neighbor. But one Hanuk treasures, only this menorah survived. A few y

WHITE HOUSE Continued from Page 27 of the United States to the State of Israel. We could not be more honored to have Shimons son Chemi, his grandson Guy, and his granddaughter Mika here with us tonigh

Religious pressure can be overwhelming to many young people, due to the fact that our relationship with Hashem is the most important relationship in the world, and failure to appreciate it leaves no a

FORTIFYING OUR FUTURE Continued from Page 29 ing institute. Just think, he said. How many qualifications do we demand from a shochet before he will be accepted to do the ritual slaughtering in even th

Amona A Mix Of Emotions After Agreement BY SHANNON NUSZEN There is no one word that I can use to explain the emotions in Amona, as the announcement was made that the residents had accepted the proposa

Amona Continued from Page 31 accepted, they understood that as a community, the residents of Amona did what they felt was best for their families. As is the case in any mass crowd of passionate youth

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thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Gifts For Myself This is the holiday season. Most people are busy with their Xmas lists and purchases, and Jews are thinking about their Chanukah presents.

Before Obamas final day as president which is a gift to me, there is one thing that he could use. For several years, his advisers were telling him that ISIS was a major danger that had to be dealt wit

Question Im dating a guy who I think is, deep down, actually very sweet. But my parents dont like it that he uses swear words when he gets angry. They want me to break up with him. I discussed it with

how you are describing this guy If you were to have said that he just uses swear words and left it that, I would assume that he uses such speech in a joking way. Not that I condone such behavior, but

Greasy Inventions BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER As a nation, were great at coming up with products that should exist and then selling them, especially when it comes to the yomim tovim. For example, last year

ant part under the less buoyant part Who are we trying to look presentable to, on our oilcovered table To Start Maybe some kind of weight on the bottom. Or a heavier wood. They all float, you know. O

Idealism And Realism The Lesson Of Yehudis BY ZAHAVA DEITSCH The Chanukah epic leaves us with many lessons, but possibly one of its most enlightening messages delineates the balance between idealism a

Greek withdrawal could only materialize if the head of the army was removed, compelling the Greek forces to flee in panic. After the communal tefillah and taanis had been completed, Yehudis now turned

Dear Esther, My husband and I moved into an apartment building several years ago. After years of living in our own home, it was quite an adjustment, but we felt it was time to downsize and so we made

ple see themselves as victims and therefore entitled to take from others whatever they can get away with, they become bad neighborsfriendsguests. And it wouldnt surprise me to learn that you are just

Advice From YidParenting Money, Part 2 BY RABBI YITZIE ROSS Last week, we discussed a question regarding children and money. Our two main topics were teaching children the value of money, as well as h

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YidParenting Continued from Page 48 This will help them understand that money is earnedits not just given to them. 4. Once they start making a little money, be sure you teach them about maaser and tze

BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian Jelly Jars Mrs. Friedman was in the supermarket. In tow were her fiveyearold son, Boruch, and twoyearold daughter, Malka

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BUSINESS HALACHA Continued from Page 52 2. The intent of such a stipulation is understood to mean that in the event the renter will have to pay the cost of the bicycle, he will not have to make any re

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Dirshu Revolution Continued from Page 54 many learning programs, shiurim, and ways to access Torah . . . It is clear that as we get closer to Mashiach, Hashem wants to ensure that no Jew will be lef

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5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword Start Of The Show BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Fairytale brother 6. Detective Charlie 10. Mars, to the Greeks 14. Kind of ticket 15. Why or a monk 16. Apartment, to

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Dirshu Revolution Continued from Page 56 cha has always been part and parcel of our learning, as the years go by we nevertheless have been finding much greater receptiveness to practicing halacha with

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Our Common Language BY GAVRIEL ARYEH SANDERS When You BUMP Into A Vav In this weeks column, I want to clarify a point of Hebrew grammar, and since Ive uttered the word grammar, Id like to reframe t

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen In The Footsteps Of The Maccabim I kept thinking, What can I write about this week that goes along with the spirit of Chanukah but would be a little

Open Candidates The Career Corner BY CHAIM SHAPIRO Q. I have been working for the same company for more than 15 years. I am relatively happy here, but I often wonder if I could make more money at anot

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Career Corner Continued from Page 66 locations and industries. It also allows you to include a 300character introduction to recruiters, which can serve as a powerful coverletterstyle narrative that ma

shore corporate profits at a 10 rate, eliminating most corporate tax credits excluding research and development and granting capital investment deduction and expensing options for domestic manufacture

SPORTS CENTER Continued from Page 69 tions, and Cedar Market, has been sponsoring the JV basketball tournament for nine seasons now, spearheaded by Avi and Ronnie. The tournament has grown to include

Yeshiva of Flatbush v. Shaare Torah Shore as Ari Tuerak, David Kahen, Ethan Zuckerman, and Ethan Simchayof all had 6 points. NSHA 8th grade defeated Solomon Schechter 5923. Stevan Levian had 12 point

430 am Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Mishnah Berurah Rabbi Shmuel Grossman 500 am Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Magid Shiur Rabbi Shmuel Grossman 515 am Y.I. of Woodmere Magid Shiur Rabbi Rafael Fink 530 am Chofet

Learning about oil at Bais Yaakov of Queens YESS 25thAnniversary Chanukah Brunch. Featuring Dr. David Pelcovitz, Straus Chair in Jewish Education and professor of psychology and education at the YU A

NEWS FROM THE HILLS Continued from Page 73 that help inspire and strengthen Jewish observance. Chazaq has gotten so popular, it has spread to other boroughs, and even other states. Chazaqs founder and

Pereg Because Variety Is The Spice Of Life While most people think of spices, seasonings, and herbs as the substances that make our food taste good, these colorful ingredients also pack a nutritional

Frankly Chanukah Flamin Franks Abeles Heymann and have gotten together to bring you some fun and delicious ideas for Chanukah this year. You can also replace regular Abeles Heymann ho

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El Al Flies Record Number Of Birthright Israel Passengers For December El Al Israel Airlines is flying more than 4,200 Birthright Israel participants this month, the most as compared to any other Dece

Ezras mother articulating so eloquently her thoughts and emotions about a group of people who had never met Ezra, yet who wanted to learn in his memory and to memorialize and remember him. She describ

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 83 Lior never gave up. After months of therapy and his army career now over, he decided to find another way to contribute to Klal Yisrael. He now learns Torah

in Israel helped coordinate the logistics with the YUConnects team, and Rabbi Chaim Eisenstein of the Gruss Kollel, a dynamic speaker, began the evening with an interactive discussion on Device and Co

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 85 Mostly everyone is enthused to use their handcrafted emoji menorahs. Chabads youth groups such as YouthZone, CTeens, and CTeens Jr., as well as Friendship

and exceptional choreography. Mrs. Joyce Yarmak, principal of the lower division, addressed the audience, speaking about the importance of transmitting our mesorah to the next generation. As each talm

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 87 their favorite by far was creating craft kits for the children of Chai Lifeline. The outside of each box was designed with care and creativity, and when th

his clothing and equipment, talking and joking with them to show that he was the same person as before, and the children need not be afraid. The children could not get close enough as they touched the

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 89 once more, at HALBs Long Beach campus. HALB alumni, parents of alumni, past and present HALB teachers, administrators, members of the board of trustees, an

SKA Production 2016 BKD Photography Yam HaTorah carnival In LincolnDouglas, Nik Likos Half Hollow Hills was the sole debater with a 30 record, while the following students were recognized for a 21

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 91 guidance of their class adviser, Rabbi Meir Parry, worked tirelessly weeks before the event to create game booths and activities that would create an eveni

Warren Levi karate students HANC students at the school retreat Lior attended Yeshivat Gush Etzion and joined Zehut. Ohad Roisblat, an officer during the Tzuk Eitan Gaza War of 2014, led a special mi

Sunshine State No Longer A Zika Hotspot MiamiDade County is clear of its final Zika virus transmission zone, after health officials determined the nations first active transmission area for the virus

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Letting The Light Of Chanukah iShine AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 93 Florida, Washington, Indiana, and Chicago, to decide who would represent the United States of America this summer in

Education And Emotion At Drug Awareness Event In Woodmere More than 150 people gathered at the Woodmere Fire House last week for an informative evening providing awareness and practical guidance on dr

Drug Awareness Continued from Page 97 made the information far more real for many, noted Far Rockaway resident Leah Solomon, who said that she was encouraged by the brisk turnout. This was very good f

from every corner. A Shabbos in Boneinu is Amachai . . . We asked Tov VCheseds founder, Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Shisha, how he was able to bring together all these boys from so many different backgrounds

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For An Everlasting Nation, Wines With A Long Finish BY GABRIEL GELLER The Jewish people are celebrating a special holiday next week. While each Jewish holiday celebrates or commemorates different mira

Everlasting Continued from Page 101 architecture of a beauty that has never been surpassed. Yet they corrupted their people and lost all morality. In the end, their entire civilization disappeared. Th

YOUR AD COULD BE HERE 5165690502 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES December 23, 2016 103

SERVICES PROVIDED Small beginners Siddurim, and Shabbos guidebooks, both in Russian, are available for you to distribute. Please call Tashbar Publications at 7184389025 leave message with address, IYH

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence Spacious 4BR, 2.5Bth, Splanch, With Large Eat In Kitchen, Large Den WBeautiful Built Ins, Finished Basement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 105 FOR RENT Cedarhurst Apt in BldgSpacious Coop, 2 Large BRs, 2 Full Baths, Bright Sunny, Screened In Terrace Overlooking Courtyard, Close to All . . . . . . . .

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Bohemia 2,000SF Up to 4,050SF Stores on Retail Strip in Great Location, High Visibility, High Traffic area, For Lease Call Lori or Randy for More Details infopugatch.

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 107 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT East Rockaway 6200Sf Building with Retail Spaces, Basement, Some Parking, Near Municipal Lot Major Highways, Great Location, F

Contestants Rise To Chopped Challenge It may have been cold outside on Monday, December 19, but inside Gourmet Glatt Cedarhurst things were quite literally sizzling, as three contestants armed with sk

Island commuters is already too high. Another fare hike will only maintain the status quo and put economic strain on the hardworking people of New York. Thank you for your consideration. Kaminsky Vis

Our students are very knowledgeable and interested in politics and our political system, commented generalstudies principal Rabbi Sam Rudansky. This audience provided for them a venue to ask some hard

POLITICAL ROUNDUP Continued from Page 111 idents, and over 550 million for all Long Islanders, said Mr. DiNapoli. This money has been turned over to my office for temporary safekeeping, and we want to

A New Beginning On Monday, December 19, Melissa Miller was sworn in as a New York State assemblywoman, representing District 20. Elected officials, religious leaders, friends, and family filled the a

Israeli Consul Responds To Attack On Breslov Shul Oleg Vyshniakov, Israels honorary consul in West Ukraine, responded to the attack on Reb Nachman of Breslovs tomb this week I am startled by the barba

Chanukah is a time of joy and light. The children who will benefit from this years program suffer from many different handicapsranging from those who were born with severe retardation to others who we

Community News Continued from Page 115 Institute has released a new thoughtprovoking video series to bust ageold myths about the Temple and its relevance in our time. The first video in the animated H

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow An AgeOld Question Rav Yosef Weissmandl took his son Rav Chaim Michoel Dov Michoel Ber Weissmandl 19031957 to receive a berachah from Rav Yosef Tzvi Dushinsk

Where Has Zaidy Gone BOOK REVIEW BY YOCHANAN GORDON Loss of a loved one, no matter the circumstances, is a lifealtering experience. No matter the age of the mourners, it marks a new era in life. Howev

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