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See Pages 35 See Pages 7 26 See Page 103 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 16 NO. 2 12 TISHREI 5776 SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 FROM

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 1 expletivedeleted term she used was juxtaposed to the word Jews as she expressed her chagrin at the Republican candidates for president, who articulated their avid

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FEATURES Aliyah Chronicle Shmuel Katz 53 57 104 70 81 96 115 40 43 75 34 51 47 114 11 35 48 62 55 92 Business Halacha R Meir Orlian Classified Ads A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter Comm

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover Mr. Obama is not naive. He knows that when you use the terms politics and money in the same sentence, you mean Jews. Additionally, what does it take in this

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover case, then the existence of canon law should eliminate Catholics from being president and the existence of halachah should discount a Jewish candidate from t

LUACH September 25October 6 July 1July 9 ZIP Code 11516 12 Tishrei Friday, September 25 Daf yomi Nazir 34 Zmanim Earliest tallistefillin Sunrise Latest Shema M. Av. Gra Plag haminchah Candle Lighting


HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover whether the blessing is recited on all the days of Sukkos, or only the first days of yom tov. The Gemara answers that since the great rabbis recite a new bl

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover Yiddish writer. As a result, he used to receive a regular barrage of books in the mail from publishers and authors to read, review, and I suppose write about at

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 14 you can also feel like youve just traveled a few decades back in time. A book I am currently relishing is titled The Secret of Chabad by David Eliezrie. Rabbi Eliezr

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 16 place while I was growing up in Crown Heights. I observed many of these events but did not realize the impact or deep significance many of these occurrences had unti

Defense Secretary, James McCloy, after consulting with the military, shelved ideas about bombing. Air attacks on the rail lines were impracticable, and of doubtful efficacy, he wrote on July 4, 1944 a

PRENUPTIALS Continued from Front Cover When I meet with clients and ask why they did not sign a prenuptial agreement, the response is almost always the sameI never thought this could happen to me. Oth

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PRENUPTIALS Continued from Page 20 provisions of the agreement. The problem is that many people are either ignorant of the problem or of the importance of signing a prenuptial agreement, or it was rec

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FAITELEWICZ Continued from Page 22 As years passed, Beths mother became ill and Beth took on the role of being a great caregiver to her mom. On Shabbos and yom tov, she would walk over the Williamsbur

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Critics Choice Kitchn Synch BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER With his background in business analysis of restaurant operations, its not surprising that Douglas Soclofs brainchild is one of the most exciting

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insights on THE TORAH From Honey To Dew BY FIVE TOWNS MARRIAGE INITIATIVE In the song of Haazinu, it says, My lesson will drip like rain my word will flow like dew. Rav Moshe Feinstein, ztl, explains

Living Jewish History In The Munkacser Sukkah Machberes Inside The Chassidish And Yeshivish World BY RABBI GERSHON TANNENBAUM Several sukkahs around the world have earned worldwide recognition for the

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Machberes Continued from Page 35 of Gibraltars next synagogue. The new place of worship was built in a garden and closely resembled the Amsterdam Sephardic synagogue, known as the Portuguese Synagogue

Machberes Continued from Page 37 also listed as a Glasgow City Councillisted heritage building, described as the Mother Synagogue of Glasgow. In 1995, Garnethill Synagogue was granted a Heritage Grant

Kaunas Synagogue, 1872, Lithuania. Lithuanian Kauno Choraline Sinagoga is one of two operating choral synagogues in Lithuania. It is located in Centras eldership, Kaunas. The NeoBaroque synagogue was

Machberes Continued from Page 39 and congregational compositions. Last year, he was a lead chazzan in the October 13 concert in Bnei Israel of Linden Heights in Boro Park which celebrated the 80th yah

that we may not add to the exceptions the Shulchan Aruch listed. There is something unique about those circumstances that doesnt necessarily apply to other situations see Shaar HaTziyon 7. However, th

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Question I am 21 years old and have been in shidduchim for almost two years. I am lucky not to have the same problems that many other girls are going through. I get redt to good boys, and so far they

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 43 their children get married. There are plenty of cases where poor families have made the lives of their married children miserable. You and your parents need to know

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Planning Your Exit Thinking LongTerm Keeps Your Business On Track PROVIDED BY AVI ASHKENAZY Youve navigated a competitive market, steered your company to profitability, and put it on track for healthy

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, Ive never had to worry about my weight. In my family, we were all naturally slim and never had to think about dieting and exercise. I know I should be gratefu

erful feelings on both sides. But to pretend that it doesnt matter is being in denial. It will matter. I dont make the rules, but I have to be honest about how the rules stand. So if you dont want you

5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword Simchat Torah Traditions BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Most successful band ever from Australia 5. Isaac, to Sarah 10. Food that might have a dolphin on its label 14

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real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Buyers Say The Darndest Things After a crazy summer of limited inventory and buyers fighting to get the house that they want, I found myself thinkin

OUR ALIYAH CHRONICLE By Shmuel Katz Its Still Year Seven A couple of days ago, I got an email from a friend who noted that with the end of the year, it must be a relief to finally be finished with Sh

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Decisions, Decisions Unacquainted as I am with the customs of other religions, I sometimes wonder if nonJewish women have the same challenges as Jewish wome

size of an eggin a rounded shape and others like it better when the kneidlach are large, like the size of an orange. Light and fluffy are usually preferred by people who like large matzah balls, while

My Journey Continued from Page 55 hugest smile on my face. Thank you, P.B. and others, for your kind words. I appreciated them and they have stuck with me. My lesson here for Facebook usersFacebook ca

BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian Esrog Escapade At Hakhel Lev stood patiently at Hakhel on Sukkos morning, watching everyone fulfill the mitzvah of lulav

BUSINESS HALACHA Continued from Page 57 From The BHI Hotline Stolen Schach Q. I hired someone to build my sukkah, and I noticed that he used branches in addition to the mats that I provided. When I i

MVP Girls Recap MVP, the premier Jewish Orthodox girls basketball camp at Camp Seneca Lake, under my direction along with Irv Bader, celebrated its seventh consecutive successful season. MVP players w

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Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin Saying Goodbye Its 9 a.m. on Thursday morning and Ive received the first text of the day from the Lubin clan. Texting as a famsome members are busy but ca

Dirshu The Chofetz Chaim Connection BY RABBI NACHMAN SELTZER On the 82nd yahrzeit of the Chofetz Chaim, a mission of prominent rabbanim and community leaders, led by Rav Dovid Hofstedter, shlita, nasi

CHOFETZ CHAIM CONNECTION Continued from Page 63 zchus of davening at the kever of the Kohen Gadol. Little did I know that Id be joining Dirshu for the third pilgrimage to the little giant town of Radi

conversation to make him feel better after having been left outside. My father remained with the Chofetz Chaim that entire day. If he had originally imagined that the author of Shemiras HaLashon would

CHOFETZ CHAIM CONNECTION Continued from Page 65 physical needs of Klal Yisrael as opposed to their spiritual ones. The Chofetz Chaim also devoted tremendous attention to the physical needs of his nati

WORLDWIDE ACHDUS Continued from Page 63 Well, she replied, I only met him twice. The first time I was just a little girl and I dont recall that visit. What about the second time My second visit happen

WORLDWIDE ACHDUS Continued from Page 67 the kever of the Chofetz Chaim in Radin, led by a delegation of prominent chassidish, Litvish, and Sephardic gedolim and Rav Dovid Hofstedter, nasi of Dirshu. T

How Confident Are You Serenity Now Healing The Natural Way BY DEBORAH ROTHMAN, L.AC. My favorite question on my newpatient forms is How confident are you that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine w

SERENITY NOW Continued from Page 69 Most often, people come to me with numerous complaints, and I have to really think hard to connect the dots to determine the proper course of treatment. In this cas

aliyos arent even. No one looked at the parashah and divided it equally seven ways so that every aliyah is exactly the same size, and some aliyos just stop in strange places. It says, Vayedaber Hashem

MOTHERS MUSINGS Continued from Page 62 asked me which trees to trim in the frontI told them I was not sure. Me Check it out please. The three front trees and all the trees on the side of the house. El

our new sukkah, I would like to wish all those in my family with Tishrei birthdays much health and happiness always Our grandson turned one year old on the first day of Rosh Hashanah Lea is entering t

Refuah Is Now In Boro Park BY RABBI JOSHUA RITCHIE, MD, DEAN It used to be that the only way to join the Refuah Institute coach diploma and certification program was by distance learning, whether onli

THE DISH By Elke Probkevitz Get Out And Stuff It In Any excuse to stay outdoors is a good one for me. So while the summer may be leaving us, at least we have Sukkot to keep us outside seated around th

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Memory Clubs An Alternative Approach For Managing Dementia B Y A N I TA K A M I E L , M P S , R N A diagnosis of dementia mostly associated with cognitive impairment and memory loss can be such a terr

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Evening Of Inspiration Supporting Cahal Cahal held an evening of inspiration in North Woodmere on Sunday of Aseres Yemei Teshuvah, September 20, at the home of Rina and Jeffrey G

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 81 SKA NinthGraders Go On Retreat One day of school, and then off they went Wednesday, September 9Thursday, September 10, the ninthgrade class of the Stella

ing chaburah a Thursdaynight shiur on timely topics, showcasing Rav Willigs unique combination of erudition and engaging style and nightly chavrusahlearning before the 950 Maariv minyan. Dont have a c

1 A C D C W I A C R E I D 21 24 29 33 2 3 4 5 C H 6 7 I 8 L D 9 10 16 19 22 25 T U N A I P A D T S P S 26 27 11 12 13 14 17 20 23 28 15 18 H A D A R A R A V A R E V E R S E H A G

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 83 ness, we have long recognized that the Long Island market has lacked a true national brokerage company with a local presence, said Stephen York, vice presi

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 85 Time passed quickly, and the boat made its way back to the dock silhouetted by a magnificent sunset. Prior to disembarking, everyone gathered in the main c

ElderCare Plus Answering Your Real Questions Whats the secret to creating a successful conference Providing people with the information they really want. The Achiezer Community Resource Centers highly

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 87 class to follow. December 16 Meat Market for the Carnivore Dont know your Deckle from your Delmonico Confused about which cut to choose for your meat dishe

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 88 tary intelligence officer, federal prosecutor, and military magistrate. In the summer of 2006, while assigned to the armys elite 82nd Airborne Division, Le

YFRs Annual Kinnus Teshuvah PHOTO BY IVAN H. NORMAN HANC seniors on a scavenger hunt had to push the seniors to scale the ropes. Freshmen Sarah Spielman and Maayan Sandowski both remarked how enjoya

Exposure To The Elements From The Other Side Of The Bench BY DAVID J. SEIDEMANN, ESQ . Over the years, I have written articles in a variety of places and under a variety of circumstances. While most o

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Sheefa Is Back, Inspiring Women For 11th Year You can feel the excitement as the participants of Sheefa walk down the steps of Aish Kodesh on a Sunday cious refreshments sponsored by Seasons greatly e

Community News From Around The World Chazaqs Chol HaMoed Extravaganza Spend a fun day with the entire family Chazaq invites everyone to join on the second day of chol hamoed, Thursday, October 1, at F

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Community News Continued from Page 96 families, and our community. Dyslexic readers and learners are some of the brightest people in the world. Yet many suffer in the classroom and later on in life, n

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Community News Continued from Page 98 community are down, and more teens are off the streets, since Chazaq began its soulsaving work. sense of discipline in local Jewish youth, and a healthy respect

handicaps. The Arad Care Complex, an allinclusive early childhood campus, will serve 1,000 children a year, providing topquality remedial support, paramedical services such as occupational therapy, ph

Big Holiday, Bigger Esrogim PHOTOS BY JDN In preparation for the upcoming holiday of Sukkos, gedolei Yisrael inspected esrogim. Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Ponevezh ltzeirim Rabbi Bere

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SERVICES PROVIDED Experienced Rebbe available to learn any limudei kodesh subject with you or your son. References available. 9178422587, Gemach special for simcha. We provide fo

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Shana Tovah Umetukah Lawrence The Regency Magnificent Brand 3BRs, 2.5Bths Apartment, With Wood Granite Kitchen WIsland And SS Appliances, And Beautiful Terrace, In Luxurious, N

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 105 FOR RENT Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year from 5 Towns Homes Cedarhurst Colonial in heart of town. 4BR, 2Bths, basement. Call for details Cal

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Heart of Cedarhurst Corner Central Ave. Spacious 3 room office suite with kitchen area in firstclass building. Movein condition. Near LIRR. Available September 1st. Cal

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 107 Call Prism Before Your Cleaning Lady Trips Over The Welcome Mat BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER The housekeeper slipped on a mat and fell forward, hitting her head on

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Prism Continued from Page 108 It is important to understand that the domesticworker designation applies to individuals employed and paid by a single person or couple in a domestic partnership within t

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Slice Of Life BY EILEEN GOLTZ In the world of berries, its really hard to pick a winner for best flavor, best taste, or allaround best berry. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries a

Slice of Life Continued from Page 113 together the eggs, cup honey, and lemon zest. Add the salt, flour, and cup milk. Whisk to combine until the mixture is smooth no lumps. Whisk in the remaining m

Political Roundup Agudath Israel Advocacy Continues To Ease Way for Arbaah Minim As in past years, Agudath Israel of Americas Washington office has worked closely with agencies of the U.S. Department

Political Roundup Continued from Page 115 Women International, Mercaz USA, Zionist Organization of the Conservative Movement, NAAMAT USA, NCSEJNational Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry, National Co

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