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See Pages 35 See Page 42 See Page 31 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 16 NO. 41 2 TAMMUZ 5776 JULY 8, 2016 FROM THE EDITOR El

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover place in hot spots around the world other than Israel and their reactions to attacks on Israelis. So lets get directly to the sorrowful point. Whereas last T

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FEATURES Business Halacha R Meir Orlian 38 72 42 64 57 69 30 45 54 78 12 32 41 44 35 56 36 31 Classified Ads A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter Community News Around The Five Towns Datin

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 6 Its an audacious demonstration that flies in the face of civility. Was Rabbi Mark less of a father to his ten children because he lived in Judea and Samaria Was 1

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OTHER SIDE OF THE BENCH Continued from Page 12 tory, learn some basic tenets of international law, learn some Israeli politics, world politics, and perhaps a bit of Torah, so that when the inevitable

18 July 8, 2016 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

THE REBBE Continued from Front Cover The righteous are greater in death than during their lifetime, say our Sages Chulin 7b. Over the last 22 years, many volumes of Torah and correspondence of the Reb

20 July 8, 2016 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

THE REBBE Continued from Page 19 yet we see young yeshiva boys and highschool girls born after the Rebbes passing still committed with an energy and passion to spreading the Rebbes message to the worl

Wiesel The Rebbe Continued from Page 21 But the Rebbe leaves him unsatisfied. Wiesel is utterly unprepared for the Rebbes counterproposal. Instead of playing the part of Gds defense attorney, the Reb

Gary Caparelli Serving Long Islanders Well For 45 Years BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER There is an abundant supply of irrigationquality water 30 feet below your property. You can save over 1,000, with free

Wiesel The Rebbe Continued from Page 22 authentic questioners and men. On the contrary, this only served to strengthen their faith, something to be found explicitly in the case of Job likewise in the

a childs dream No, crying is no use. You must sing.9 In 1973, Wiesel composed a cantata titled Ani Maamin a Song Lost and Found Again. The song concludes with the following verses I believe in you, Ev

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 25 There are a few curious and confusing things about these two observances in particular. First, what continues to amaze me to this very day, just as it did back then

ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Front Cover lives here. The next two will pass that point within two years. Weve had three kids graduate from high school here. Two of them have completed college and a

Nachlat Breakfast ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Page 27 Despite the fact that the pundits constantly predict our doom, we are still here. The world continues to hate the Jews and Israel, blaming us

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insights on THE TORAH Korach Sportsmen Or Spectators From Where I Stand BY RABBI YOSSY GOLDMAN Are you a spectator or a participant Do you only watch sporting events or do you sometimes kick a ball yo

Obamas Denial Empowers Terror Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER Denial is a psychological defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud by which a person faced with an uncomfortable fact rejects it, in

Dear Esther, I was raised in a very Orthodox home. I was sent to strict schools and camps, and my family guided everything we did or thought. When I look back on how I grew up, its clear to me that I

Dear Good Mother, Thank you for sharing your story. I too read about that horrendous suicide that took place because of a mothers painful feelings of rejection by some of her children after she felt c

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real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Celebrating Our Freedoms As I write my article for this week, it is July Fourth, the sun is shining brilliantly, there is not a cloud in the sky, an

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Showered With Joy My mother often told me that one is never too old to learn a new lesson. Mom was right We learn new things all the time. My most recent le

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BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian A Little Extra The Weisers had moved across town some years back but remained friendly with their former neighbors, the

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BUSINESS HALACHA Continued from Page 38 lender received the extra gift without realizing it, some say that he is not obligated to return it Y.D. and Pischei Teshuvah 1604. Why not asked Mr. Lander. Th

the customer gave you postdated checks, he did not violate the prohibition of delaying payment of an employees wages. You are not an employee of the customer you are an agent for the providers and pai

Camp Newsletter Volume 18, Number 72 BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER This week, were running a newsletter for your kids day camp, because yes, the camp gives out newsletters on Friday, but your kids not going

the Bus for the Longest. This is much better than the professional leagues, who only ever play the same one sport every single day. Thats not fun. Though the money probably makes up for it. Lets take

5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword Remembering Elie Wiesel BY YONI GLATT Across 1. 1960 nonfiction work by Elie Wiesel 6. 1961 novel by Wiesel 10. 1973 novel by Wiesel with The 14. Jethro to Mos

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Camp Newsletter Continued from Page 43 consisting of the kids competitively singing Color War songs for several hours while the adults try to have conversations. The dinner is called for the Sunday af

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LongTerm Care Continued from Page 46 state and federal regulations. The value of the Greens irrevocable trust has increased to 275,000 and they are concerned that it will be consid visitors are. Its

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Hebrew U Continued from Page 48 Americans not only what is going on in Israel but between Israel and America. Food blogger and TV personality Tori Avey, known for her Shiksa in the Kitchen recipes, sa

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Gurwin Center Marks 28th AdultEducation Graduation Thirtyfive seniors at the Gurwin Jewish Nursing Rehabilitation Center in Commack recently graduated from the centers adulteducation program, capping

are the inspiration to all of us Others attending included New York State Assemblyman Andrew Raia and Suffolk County Legislator Steve Stern. New York State Senator Chad Lupinacci and Nassau County Exe

insights on THE TORAH From The Chassidic Masters Aharons Almond Blossoms BY RABBI LAIBL WOLF Whats in a name Take the name Aharon, for example. Its a warm, biblical name. It has the connotation of tr

worldly compassionate love. In other words, every one of us has the power to reconcile people with differences, to resolve disputants in conflict, to foster love where its lack is apparent. This capac


Question What is your opinion of a man marrying an older woman I am 44 years old and have gone out with a woman who is eight years older than me. We had such great dates. She was everything I wantedex


DATING FORUM Continued from Page 57 have let this person go in the first place, that would be amazing. But if the reason for revisiting the relationship a second time around is based on fulfilling a s

Undergrads Go To Israel For Spiritual Supercharge As their classmates headed home after a long academic year, 300 undergraduate studentsincluding 13 from Long Islandboarded flights for the Jewish home

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Misameach Sets Sail Sunday, June 26, dawned with brilliant sunshine and a gentle breeze, the perfect backdrop for the exuberant men, women, and children boarding the majestic ship that would set sail

The Search Is Over But The Chesed Continues For RNSP On Monday, June 27, many of the searchandrescue volunteers who assisted in the search for Gary Turkel, zl, were treated to a buffet dinner at the

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Five Towns Halachah Learning Under the leadership of Rabbi Eisen of the Five Towns Vaad Harabanim and Rabbi Yossi Weberman, a halachah kollel has begun in the Five Towns. They me

60. Advance signup and payment is required, as there are limited spaces. Visit httpchaverim5t.orgdefensivedrivingclasssignup2016. Traumatic brain injury support group. This program provides ongoing so

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Mourns The Passing Of Elie Wiesel Elie Wiesel was the voice of the Holocaust for tens of millions of people around the world. His stories about his horrific experiences as

Gaza Rocket Hits Sderot Kindergarten Red Alert sirens sounded just after 11 p.m. on Friday night, and a few minutes later the rocket exploded inside the city, blasting a hole in the roof of the partia

Elie Wiesel Continued from Page 66 lical blessing. I stood up. May the Lrd protect you and keep you. May the Lrd shine his light to you and be gracious. May the Lrd lift his countenance to you her qu

An Honor Guard Dying Wishes And Halachah Kees Veldboer is an ambulance driver who founded an organization called the Ambulance Wish Foundation. Veldboer founded the organization in November 2006 after

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Page 69 divrei hameis which literally means, It is a mitzvah to fulfill the words of the deceased. The concept is codified in Shulchan Aruch CM 2522 as well. Yet the Ge

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SERVICES PROVIDED Gemach for Bilirubin Lights Availableif needed for your newborn. Call or text 5162348865 Experienced Rebbe available to learn any limudei kodesh subject with you or your son. Referen

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REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Updated Tudor 274 West Englewood Ave Teaneck, NJ 3BRs, 3 Full Baths, 1 Half Bath, New roof, HW floors, renovated bathrooms and kitchen, SS appliances, fireplace, finished attic an

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letters to THE EDITOR ThankYou, Elie Wiesel Elie, I know we have never met and I am not sure why this is bothering me so much. But for some reason, I feel compelled to share these words about you. You

Courting Justice Dear Editor, I write regarding Rabbi Yair Hoffmans Halachic Musings article of July 1, How to Take a Tycoon to Court. Kshoit atzmecha vachar kach kshoit lacherimFix yourself and then

United Hatzalah Continued from Page 79 Many of the calls that Im called out on have to do with some sort of conflict, whether its due to terrorism or some sort of skirmish in the local population. The

Yes, Being Jewish Means Being A Zionist BY RABBI ELCHANAN POUPKO Does being Jewish mean that you are a Zionist Realizing that Judaism is around for more than 3,300 years while Zionism is around for no

Calvary Hosts Event On Halachic EndOfLife Care On June 30, Calvary Hospital, in collaboration with National Association of Chevra Kadisha NASCK, hosted its second Halachic EndofLife Care Practical Inf

Seeing The Rose Amidst The Thorns Reflections On 3 Tammuz BY YOCHANAN GORDON It has become somewhat of a tradition for me to express my thoughts about the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the world after his pas

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3 Tammuz Continued from Page 83 mandment of vehigadeta lvincha. The objective of observing 3 Tammuz yearly is a fulfillment of the verse, Ask your father and he will tell you, or in the original verbi

3 Tammuz Continued from Page 85 faith, in a sense it is the leader who receives more from the people. Chazal teach us that Mordechai in his generation was equal to Moshe in his generation. Chazal also

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