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See Page 6 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 15 NO. 1 2 TISHREI 5775 SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 FROM THE EDITOR Yonatan SindelFl

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover yamim tovim, specifically during these upcoming two days of Rosh Hashanah followed immediately by Shabbos. Thats three days of shul and an increased presence

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FEATURES Aliyah Chronicle Shmuel Katz 84 63 96 34 78 106B 106 57 33 45 52 56 105 12 40 48 68 36, 46 32 58 82 30 60 Business Halacha R Meir Orlian Classified Ads A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai S

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 6 ing one person in this case, in this day and age, the matter to be considered entails scores of people potentially in danger. Surprisingly, the one thing not sugg

LUACH September 24September 28 July 1July 9 ZIP Code 11516 29 Elul Erev Yom Tov Wednesday, September 24 Erev Rosh Hashanah Candle Lighting 630 pm CALENDAR 1 Tishrei Yom Tov Thursday, September 25

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HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover to pay for student scholarships, to keep down expenses, and to nudge parents for tuition. Theirs is a thankless task. It is hard work, both in terms of the

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HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Page 14 tion, paid whatever they could with dearly earned money. They gave up their hardearned funds with mesirus nefesh, immense dedication, in order that their childr

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover the time, I wrote an editorial introducing the concept of a newspaper emanating from the sovereign Five Towns and, from time to time, when I had a chance, I woul

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 20 even more dramatic in the near future is what I like to consider the ten plagues being visited upon Barack Obama. The story, as you well know, begins with an extreme

it comes to Israel, Mr. Obama, if one can trace these things in any logical manner, seems to be dealing with failure and disappointment wherever he turns. There was the shabby Obamacare rollout, the t

SALAMI Continued from Front Cover encounter entrecote in this cumulative state, and Hess knows that he has cracked it. He takes his sharpened pencil waiting beside the bed especially for these moments

It has a taste of childhood. It is the cleanest and purest meat experience that a person can imagine. Frankfurt, Basel, Jerusalem Nathaniel Hess was a cattle trader from the village of Bad Zwesten in

SALAMI Continued from Page 25 pitals. Swiss politics allows you to deal with things that are really close to your heart, he says. When everyone has another job, people dont come to Parliament to look

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thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Its All About The Spot There is no mystery about gym membership. Everyone knows that people join gyms to get healthy and to feel good. Health care providers

when the train grinds to a stop. Commuters race inside the train and hunt for the spots they want. It might be a twoseater, a fourseater, or even a five seater, as it is called by the regulars Saving

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Rosh Hashanah Back When Each year I look forward to returning to Jerusalem for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Those of you who have been reading my c

The Modern Marriage BY DONI JOSZEF Remember the good old days When families were functional. When children were respectful. When marriages were blissful. Sorry to burst this bubble, but the good old d

The Ark Is Opened BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER For the past 15 years or so, Ive been davening on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur at a vasikin minyan, which is my teshuvah for what time I wake up for Shacharis

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Solution To Previous 5TJT Puzzle Torah Greats 1 The Ark Is Opened Continued from Page 34 And then he doesnt show up. So maybe I should give out those pesichos before Mussaf, right No dice. When I giv

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Preparing For Rosh Hashanah Machberes Inside The Chassidish And Yeshivish World BY RABBI GERSHON TANNENBAUM The Mateh Ephraim 69 and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 12863 direct that we should inspect our tefil

Young Israel Goes To Washington, DC BY N. AARON TROODLER The National Council of Young Israels NCYI executive board traveled to the nations capital on September 10, 2014 for its leadership mission to

Young Israel Continued from Page 41 to keep the Iranian government honest and curtail its illicit enrichment program. Under no circumstances can Iran be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, said Senat

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insights on THE TORAH Proper Respect BY FIVE TOWNS MARRIAGE INITIATIVE As we begin Rosh Hashanah, followed by Shabbos Shuvah, and then head into Yom Kippur, there is a thought from the Chofetz Chaim o

5TJT Puzzle A LoveItOrHateIt New Year BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Zebras 5. Upcoming MLB competition 9. Caribbean cruise stop 14. Juice berry 15. Dashed 16. Went white 17. Itll probably be crowded this we

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MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW This weeks letter is being answered by Jennifer Mann, LMSW. Dear Jennifer, My 16yearold daughter Shira has always been a creative, outofthebox girl. She is the artsy type

choice and you can continue choosing it, as you have done this past year. In making that choice, you are missing out on getting to know Shira for who she is, not her fashion choices. There is more to

Kollel Dirshu Of Baltimore Makes Historic Siyum On Seder Moed BY CHAIM GOLD In todays world, everyone is running around helterskelter. You lomdei Dirshu have it right You are running every morning to

ing Torah Setting aside time to learn was not understood back then, and now look at what we have. Seventyfive people coming every day before Shacharis to learn with accountability and culminating in t

Dirshu Continued from Page 51 Nesanel Kostelitz, Rav Jonathan Seideman, and Rav Tzvi Weiss. The last speaker was Rav Zvi Dov Slanger, shlita, rosh yeshiva of the Mesivta of Baltimore. Rav Slanger, who

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CHASSIDIC MASTERS Continued from Page 52 he repent, and so much so that there must be some imperfection in his soul if he is not moved to penitential tears We could understand the Ari s remark if it r

the shofar whose physical shape indicates confinement at one end and enlargement at the other, we evoke the kingship of Gd. And as the Talmud Rosh Hashanah 16a, 34b reports, Gd says, Recite before Me

insights on THE TORAH Teshuvah Fallacies From Where I Stand BY RABBI YOSSY GOLDMAN Parashas Haazinu is usually read between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, on Shabbos Teshuvah, also called Shabbos Shuv

Question I am a single, nevermarried gentleman in my early fifties. I am baruch Hashem very successful and handsome. Some people even take me for being in my thirties. Up until recently, I tried to be

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 57 With all that you find fault in with the shidduch system, nevertheless it sounds like you are not having much difficulty finding women as young as in their twenties

water chestnuts on top of the greens. Sprinkle the eggs on top of the water chestnuts, then the crumbled meat on top. Spoon the tomatoes over the top of the meat. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper ove

DAFYOMISHIURIM In the 5 Towns Far Rockaway Area 430 am 500 am 515 am 530 am 545 am 600 am Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Mishnah Berurah Rabbi Shmuel Grossman Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Magid Shiur Rabbi Shmuel Gro

they are generating so much buzz. Little wonder that they are highly recommended by their clients for creating the ultimate kosher vacationeasy and devoid of stress. We have personally chosen beautifu

Annual Rambam Shabbaton Unprecedented Ruach Over the Shabbos of Parashas Ki Savo, the talmidim at Rambam Mesivta attended the schools annual Shabbaton at Camp Seneca Lake for a weekend that featured c

a special dvar Torah from rosh mesivta Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, who elucidated the parashahs key themes. A hot Kiddush was then served, and Happy Birthday was sung to freshman Elly Honig. Rabbi Yotav


ALONG FOR THE RIDE Continued from Page 63 This question relates to a concept known as kofin al middas Sdom, explained Rabbi Dayan. In Sdom, people refused to let others benefit from their property eve

Good Fun, Good For You ALONG FOR THE RIDE Continued from Page 65 est before payments are applied to the principal so too when using a heter iska, the borrower pays the interest before paying the prin

The Kol Torah Throughout The Five Towns PHOTOS BY IVAN H NORMAN 1 2 Summer, winter, day, and nightthe learning never stops in our community. 1. Yoel Kramer, Elchonon Messner, Chaim Feller, Nechemya

News From The Hills BY CHANITA TEITZ I read a lovely post this morning about American tourists who were eating in a restaurant in Israel when some chayalim came in. When the chayalim were ready to pay

The Day The Earth Stood Still Reflections Of A Teacher Before Rosh Hashanah BY TOBY KLEIN GREENWALD On the morning of June 12, my heart was ripped out of my chest. It was the Friday that, as a teacher

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Reflections Continued from Page 69 ter that an announcement had been made on TV that they found the bodies, I was in the audience of our local community center, watching an amateur production of Princ

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Enhancing The New Year With HaTov vHaMeitiv BY ANNA HARWOOD The Rosh Hashanah meal is a festive affair. Traditions abound as to how the evening meal can bring good tidings for the year ahead. While so

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS JCCs Play Golf, September 28 The Woodmere Club proudly hosts Play Golfgolf lessons for children and young adults with disabilities. The goal is working together to increase parti

lormade to the clients individual needs. His designers in New York can be found on daily conference calls with the Israel office, discussing details of every international project. The goal is to ensu

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 79 ity school supplies, it is hoped they will be helpful to many families in our community. These knapsacks have made a sizable impact on what can typically b

Rabbi Lew works together with Michal DavisSavitsky, the Israel guidance coordinator, to steer students in the right direction. After consulting with faculty advisers, meeting representatives from the

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 81 school experience relates to the beginning of a new year as Rosh Hashanah approaches. DRS prides itself on the strong sense of achdus felt throughout the s

HAFTR champions with the trophy 4635. It was an intense defensive battle as North Shore took a commanding lead in the first half, but Magen David came roaring back to get within 1 point in the fourth

OUR ALIYAH CHRONICLE By Shmuel Katz VShavu Avot Ligvulam One of the challenges of being an immigrant is the loss of your family. Maybe loss is the wrong word. With modern technology, we are in almost

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ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Page 84 Sure, they have been coming here for all our family smachot anyway. And theyll also be wintering at least a part of the time in Florida. So they could have not

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SALAMI Continued from Page 26 Abdullah of Jordan, with his wife, for dinner. He is a model democrat with European opinions and education who knows how to appreciate culinary culture. I would be happy

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THE BACHELOR Continued from Page 89 ing glass of water, to which the minyan answered Amen. He then lay down on his wooden bed, straightened out his body, and attempted to smooth out his straggly beard

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SERVICES PROVIDED Kosher Yoga Licensed Massage Therapy The Peaceful Presence Studio 436 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst Separate men women Martial Arts, Prenatal Yoga, 5163713715

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE LShanah Tova Umetukah Warmest Wishes for a Happy, Healthy, and Sweet New Year Lawrence New Exclusive The Regency Open House Sunday Sept 28th 1130 4 PM. Please Call Irene. Magn

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 97 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Cedarhurst New to market. Coop Ours alone First floor, spacious, 2BR, 1bt, updated kitchen and bath, terrace, wd, low maintenance, great lo

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Woodmere New Construction 4,300SF Office Building With Parking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Call For Details, 5162953000 Inwood WarehouseOffice 12,00

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Sign Of The Times Like Fathers, Like Sons PHOTO BY MECHUTAN PRODUCTIONS On Monday, September 22, more than 400 Rambam and Shalhevet students joined over 1,000 demonstrators opposite the Metropolitan

THE BACHELOR Continued from Page 94 expensive jewelry, so they could properly fit in with the recently established enclave of the upandcoming religious elite. That turned out to be the first step that

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THE BACHELOR Continued from Page 102 heartfelt and emotional twohour Maariv. That was the beginning of his long and difficult road of return to Yiddishkeit. Yechezkel Radiner became a true baal teshuv

letters to THE EDITOR Insult To InLaws Dear Editor, I write in response to Doni Joszefs article Adding Insult to InLaws September 12. In describing inlaw issues that can put stress on a young couple,

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Every Bit Counts Then you shall again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves Gd and one who does not serve Him Malachi 318. The

Should You Give Your Child An Allowance PROVIDED BY AVI ASHKENAZY experience with money, an allowance should be mainly for discretionary spending items like toys and treats. An eightyearold cant be ex

Community News From Around The World ElAl Reunites Parents With Lone Soldiers For Rosh Hashanah By Anav Silverman In a special initiative to enable families to spend the Jewish New Year together, 21 f

discussion among our friends and neighbors revolved around when people would be moving away and where they would go. At the November 1 A Taste of Jewish Memphis weekend, visitors will enjoy full South

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