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2 April 25, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

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4 April 25, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

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Peace Talks Suspended BY HEZKI EZRA ARI YASHAR During a sixhour security cabinet meeting on Thursday, ministers decided to respond to the Palestinian Authoritys unity deal with Hamas, reached on Wedn

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 6 derers, they can always be rearrested or otherwise picked up or picked off at a later date if need be. So now that the PA has demonstrated new obduracy, Israel wa

FEATURES Classified Ads A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter 64 32 53 62 24 38 42 46 76 30 56 10 39 44 48 31 35 34 Community News Around The Five Towns Around The World Daf Yomi Insights R

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 7 talks is to get the two parties to talk to one another. That would effectively be significant progress between the two sides. I think we are able to comprehend th

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover community embarks on yet another Passover celebration, marking the creation of the people and nation of Israel that we are an integral part of today, all these y

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 11 water used by the Jews remained miraculously clear. And when the later plague of darkness hit the Egyptians, the Jews were able to experience usual clear light. This

able to make a definitive identification. The lone bottle punctuated the emptiness of the aisle, which would ordinarily be cause for some alarm. The staff, however, was very cool about the setup, whic

FAMILY FEUD Continued from Front Cover every family dynamic. By the end of a two or three day holiday stretch, with no iPhones, iPads, or TVs to defuse the tension, many of us feel emotionally drained

are clean on paper, but dirty in context. He gets a strange enjoyment from pressing peoples buttons. It gives him a sense of control, but it leaves people feeling defensive without being able to artic

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover ume of 432 chicken eggs. So the Korban Omer is the volume of 43.2 eggs. 3. It is a sad period during which the 24,000 students of the great sage Rabbi Akiva

preferred response is, therefore, to say, for example, Last night was the eighth night of the Omer. Wording. The Vilna Gaons version of the counting has the term BaOmer. The AriZal and most of the Ris

Only In Israel P H O TO B Y DAV I D H A I V R I ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Front Cover He grabbed Moshe and they ran to get me. For the next couple of hours, I ended up watching over the snake,

lical zoo on Sunday, erev shevii shel Pesach. We always enjoy a day at the zoo. Although only the museum was new for us, we had a terrific time over chol hamoed. It was a chance for us to be together

Sustaining The Survivors BY DANIELA BERKOWITZ Recent statistics find that poverty and loneliness plague Israels 192,000 Holocaust survivors, a population that is dwindling and in dire need of support.

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Sustaining Continued from Page 20 with social workers across Israel to handdeliver prepaid cards filled with 250 shekels to needy individuals and families who can use them at major Israeli supermarket

PAL Honors 5T Attorney Lawrence resident Ben Brafman received the Robert Morgenthau Award at the New York Police Athletic Leagues Legal Profession Luncheon, held on March 19 at the Pierre. LR John B.

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow ROTFLOL An Inwood resident was paid 15 Canadian a number of years ago to be a waiter at a melaveh malkah in Montreal. The appetizer was gefiltefish balls wit

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Recreating A Lost History BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER Menachem Kaiser is the creator of the recently launched reVilna app, a digital interactive map of the Vilna Ghetto. The talented 28yearold Brooklyn

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reVilna Continued from Page 26 such a tiny space, how do you make sure the user isnt overwhelmed Another major problem I didnt foresee was the maps limitation in terms of showing the user persons of i

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If I Were A Rich Man . . . The Job Hunter BY RABBI MORDECHAI KRUGER Im sure everyone recognizes the lyric in the title. Many will imagine themselves in Anatevka, singing, maybe even dancing, along wit

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Time To Open The Pool Now that Pesach is over, depending on what you did over yom tov either you are getting your house back in order, putting away

Big Fat News BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER Today, I have great news for people who are a little overweight. Actually, most of us overweight people, if you ask us, are a little overweight. But get this Accord

car and shake it. Or stick a vacuum hose in there. But how did he even know it was in there Did he drop it in himself He cant stop eating for two seconds to pump gas Then there was a case of a guy who

The Celebrate Israel Parade A Changing Of The Guard Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER The Celebrate Israel Parade, known in the past as the Israel Day Parade, will be marching on June 1 for its 50th c

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman If that was the case, she wasnt entirely wrongby the time I finished, more than ten minutes had passed and, although my wait time to see the doctor was esse

THATS THE WAY IT IS Continued from Page 35 going to pick myself up, walk over to the front desk to ask for my records, and then leave. I also told myself that he isnt the only doctor in America and th

with the image of a Star of David alongside images of oppression, such as the hammer and sickle. The obvious inference Israel is an oppressive state. Waters recently fully adopted the antiIsrael posit

Roger Waters Continued from Page 37 he recorded with Wings, is a close runnerup. Sir Paul made clear that he was not about to permit politics to get in the way of musics universal appeal. Interestingl

and a sprinkle of crunchy toppings, and you are at about 375 calories per roll. When ordering sushi, try choosing rolls with more fish andor vegetables, and ask that the rolls be prepared with less ri

Machberes Continued from Page 39 man trial took place in Brooklyn in late November and early December of 2013. Weberman was found guilty of all 59 counts of child molestation on December 10, and he wa

Contrast these jury convictions with the conviction rate in the Bronx of only 43 percent. In the Bronx, an accused has better than a twoinfive chance of being acquitted. On the other hand, being a cha

insights on THE TORAH From The Chassidic Masters Beyond Holiness In the famous 19th chapter of Vayikra, which is a summary of many essential principles of the Torah, the laws about fruit trees are sta

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MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, My parents divorced when I was young. From that moment on, my life became a nightmare. I never felt like I was standing on solid ground. My siblings and I wer

You need the help of a professional. Also, if you have one or more true friends whom you can trust and feel safe with, bring them into your life and your story now. I suspect that you are feeling a do

insights on THE TORAH Kedoshim Spiritual versus Holy From Where I Stand BY RABBI YOSSY GOLDMAN You shall be holy. Vayikra 192 In a parashah in which we read the golden rule of Love thy neighbor as thy

From Hebron To TelAviv BY TOBY KLEIN GREENWALD In 2010, I wrote a column for the Five Towns Jewish Times called A Day of Covenants, about an Israeli Independence Day that included, among other things,

5TJT Puzzle Skyfall BY YONI GLATT Across 1. It all started with him 5. Abandon 10. Part of an Engine quote 14. Possible Pesach Pharaoh 15. Son of Jacob 16. Dermatologists concern 17. Wallach and Roth

Orthodox Delegation To White House Advocates Job Training April 4Chaim Shapiro, assistant director of career services for the Lander Colleges, and three other career serve the academic needs of the Ch

Orthodox Job Training Continued from Page 49 also told Nosanchuk about the different ways Touros careerservices department prepares religious students to join the workforce, beyond revising rsums and

Solution To Previous 5TJT Puzzle A Literal Holiday 1 14 17 20 23 27 32 M A C E I P A D I I M 18 2 3 4 5 15 U B O A T 6 7 8 9 10 16 19 22 H A S P 11 12 13 M A N L Y 21 O R C A I 31 N

24Hour Medical Halachah Hotline Now Open After much planning and consultation, Chayim Aruchims Machon Refuah VHalacha has created a 24hour hotline 7183019800, which became fully operational earlier th

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Upcoming Events At Five Towns JCC Music for Autism Concert. Music for Autism and the JCC of the Greater Five Towns proudly present Music for Autism, an interactive concert for in

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 53 grade Michael Tsor, Brandeis JV David Lowinger, Kushner Varsity Justin Hod, Frisch. The game MVPs were 6th grade Matthew Jedwab, HAFTR and Shmuli Coates, Y

the extra point and the Tide answered with another touchdown to tie the ballgame at 18. Tides receiver Schwartzbaum caught the ball on the extrapoint attempt and barreled his way into the end zone, wh

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 55 must travel to the city for work. Most use the LIRR. So if there is a shiur available that enables you to start your day with a seder or an extra limud, wh

vations that we suspect many share with us regarding the position of the Beis Yoseph Many of the great ones of Israel were accustomed not to eat two kezeisim, at once, but rather continuously without

58 April 25, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Continued from Page 57 days of Pesach and, like many other Jewish families, we ran into the fiasco that is known as Rockaway Turnpike. An electric pole falls down, a car catches

ily members have gone through. When I think of FIDV and the 5 Towns 5K RunWalk, I dont only want to participate because I am Jewish, or because my parents were born in Israel. I do it for Moshe, and a

Community News From Around The World Ohel Bais Ezra Siblings Run Side By Side It was a cold Sunday morning in early April, but that didnt stop over 30 Ohel Bais Ezra participants in the Team Ohel Char

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SERVICES PROVIDED Ontime Appliance Repair We specialize in repairing all major highend brands. Same day service, servicing all 5 boroughs, Call 7185357874 Rainbow Contracting Kitchen, bathrooms, fin

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Far Rockaway Open House By appt 156 B9th Apt 3E. 2BR, 2bth coop, elevator, doorman, steps to beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 395K 12pm 1247 B

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 65 FOR RENT Lawrence Lux Drman Bldg, Huge 1 BR, 1.5 Bth, DR, LR, Den, Ter, WD, Hvac, Gar, Elev. No Fee 2200.00 Call 5164283990 Lawrence Far Rockaway Coop. New to

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Woodmere 4500SF Building On Broadway, For Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .995K 5162953000, Valley Strea

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 67 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Valley Stream Former dental office all plumbed great location Central Ave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3700 per mo. 5162953000,

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Community News Continued from Page 62 Great Neck Graduate Named Israel Government Fellow By Adam Ross Natalie Birnbaum, 22, of Great Neck is one of twentyfive Jewish graduates worldwide accepted to t

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Community News Continued from Page 70 would get the most growth in my personality at Reut. It is sometimes challenging working in a Hebrewspeaking office, Natalie added, but myco workers are very gene

rics, internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology. TouroCOM graduates continue to distinguish themselves by placing into many of the most prestigious residency programs in New York and across the

Community News Continued from Page 73 College and University System. For further information on Touro College, please visit httpwww.touro.edunews. Zuromine Survivors Meeting In Brooklyn, May 18 A mee

One of his patients commented, I wish our other doctors were like Dr. Hasson, so kind to kids with a realistic conservative approach about what they need. He listens and weighs what parents tell him,

Community News Continued from Page 75 the oldest and holiest cemetery and mountain, said Avrohom Lubinsky, Chairman of the ICPHH. He added Were miraculously very close to recapturing Har HaZeitim the

is it stated in the Shulchan Aruch that this is forbidden The answer is that it violates the Torahordained mitzvah of You shall be holy. We need to analyze situations like this by asking ourselves, Wh

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