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See Page 8 See Page 29 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 12 NO. 2 9 TISHREI 5772 OCTOBER 7, 2011 FROM THE EDITOR See Pages 3, 5, and 12 REDISCOVERING JEWISH LIBYA 22 34 36 50 98 David Gerbi, who fle

WELCOME TO KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE Our commitment to making your sukkah com shopping simple and hasslefree has made shoppin us the sukkah company in the world 1 TIES AN R NOOBLIGATION CON SU N TIO TO

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie traversing the country trying to decide whether he is a viable Republican candidate for president or just a thing for th

FEATURES Classified Ads Business Halacha R Meir Orlian 80 54 40 63 75 42 49 24, 43 30 57 58 10 A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter Community News Around The Five Towns Around The World Da

JEWS FORCED OUT Continued from Front Cover of his in Yitzhar, telling him that police forces had just entered the settlement. HaCohen, 27, was no stranger to such visits and knew that he was either ab

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 8 cent of the American population classified as obese, Christie would have a natural advantage over President Obama. The only unanswered question is whether Christies p

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover dominate the Middle East and for now, at least, the Muslim world. My source for this information does not have to be identified because they are more comfort

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 13 rule Gaza are armed with what experts say may be up to 10,000 rockets that can reach just about any area of Israel. Yet they are being oddly constrained by a com

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T heres nothing sweeter than life. A man who has always been there for anyone in need now turns to others for help. He is in need of a Music of Distinction Elegant Music with a Personal Touch Orc

Delve into virtually every event and commandment in the Torah. Emerge with a fresh perspective and greater understanding than ever before. There are always questions on the weekly parshah that youv

TALMIDAH X Continued from Front Cover timidating to see the shanah bet girls constantly choosing to spend their free time learning in the beit midrash. I am still figuring out how to maintain a good b

MET COUNCIL Continued from Front Cover providing the food for holiday meals for those in need, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty Met Council is working to alleviate the root causes of hunger and

JEWS FORCED OUT Continued from Page 10 his dwelling place and forcibly moving him someplace else causes serious harm to his selfrespect, his freedom, and his possessions, Barak wrote. A persons home i

For the next issue, all ads must be received by Sunday, October 9 at 500 P.M. Call 5169840079 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES October 7, 2011 21

A New Way Of Seeing From The Other Side Of The Bench BY DAVID J. SEIDEMANN, ESQ. There has been a lot of praying these last few weeks, and there is more to come. As a youngster, or at least a young ma

News From The Hills BY CHANITA TEITZ I have Internet I finally got my modem to work. I didnt expect to write another column until after Sukkos, because I knew that I would have limited Internet access

Sukkos An Overview, Part 1 Halachic Musings BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN A Time Of Aliyah LRegel One of the aspects of the yom tov of Sukkos is the mitzvah of aliyah lregel. Three times a year the Jewish nat

a level of Ruach HaKodesh. The Mitzvah Of Sukkah The mitzvah of sukkah is that one must dwell in the sukkah for seven days. This is the meaning of the verse Basukkos teishvu shivas yamim. Dwelling me

Obamas Rosh Hashanah Message No Mention Of Jews The Zionist Organization of America has again raised the issue of President Barack Obamas attitude towards Jews and Israel, following the latest preside

I fill empty plates at Masbia Masbia Soup Kitchens provides comfort and relief for hundreds of men, women, and children suffering from hunger and poverty every day. For the High Holidays, please cons

Munkaczer Rebbe In Lawrence The Munkaczer Rebbe attended a reception for Yeshiva and Kolel Chaim VShalom at the home of Reb Yussie Ostreicher in Lawrence. Rabbi Naftali Jaeger receiving shirayim from

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Time Travel BY RABBI NAFTALI SILBERBERG Imagine you could go back in time . . . What would you do differently, now that you have the benefit of 2020 hindsight and the added maturity and wisdom which

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After 44 Years, Libyan Jew Returns To Tripoli TripoliAn exiled Libyan Jew fulfilled his lifelong dream by starting the ambitious project of restoring Tripolis main synagogue on Sunday, crying as he br

Worthy Of Our Inheritance Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER As we begin the year 5772, Israel is positioned at the nexus of the world. Our tiny nation is not only in the geographical heart of the globe

Traveling Light, Part 1 BY DR. RACHAEL SCHINDLER Jean Kerr once said, I feel about airplanes the way I feel about diets. It seems to me that they are wonderful things for other people to go on With Su

Tidbits From Israel Continued from Page 33 raeli taxi driver who makes sure to offer at least one free ride every day. He seeks out an elderly man or woman in a poor neighborhood and offers them a rid

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman grams. I dont know if that was because the kids were tired of the game or if it was because they lost too many of the lettered tiles. And I didnt find out,

shoe and who gets to be the hatthose being the two favorite pieces among the kids I play with. But Im being somewhat disingenuous here. Let me be more candid by admitting that keeping Monopoly out of

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, People are telling me lately that I seem like an angry person. People meaning my mother, husband, and children, and even a few good friends. I wasnt always an

No one will deny your story and your right to be angry. And no one should try to take that away from you. However, you have the right to decide whether its serving you well and whether your life would

Physically Ill BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER Ive been feeling kind of lousy lately, and Ill tell you why I went to the doctor. Now before you panic, I want to stress that I didnt go for any serious reason. I

me what that means, but he did tell me to come back in two months or ten years, whichever came first, so he could run some more tests. He also told me that I might someday have high blood pressure. So

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Bugging Out The following is a dramatization of a true story that took place around 1675 Chavvos Yair Rav Yair Chaim Bachrach, 16381702 Thank you all members

Yom Kippur An Overview Halachic Musings BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN Erev Yom Kippur Erev Yom Kippur is a yom tov, one where we show happiness and appreciation that Hashem has given us a second chance and fo

Halachic Musings Continued from Page 43 the meal as well and before Yom Kippur. The Mishnah Berurah advises that we be stringent and follow this view. Men say the Tefilas Zakah, while women could reci

before Hashem we wish to be free of any stain in order to fulfill the verse in Vayikra 1630 that discusses Yom Kippur, Lifnei Hashem titharubefore Hashem you shall be pure. Three people stand before t

Halachic Musings Continued from Page 45 knees. During Minchah we read the parashah of the arayos and we read Maftir Yonah for the haftorah. This is because whenever there is separation from arayos, th

A Jewish Guide To Time Travel BY RABBI AVI SHAFRAN Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim Luntschitz, the brilliantly insightful 16thcentury author of the Torah commentary Kli Yakar, comments on the fact that the word

Time Travel Kollel Zichron Ephraim Heschels Continued from Page 47 sage of days for all humanity, but it is to the moon that Jews are commanded to look to identify the Jewish months. The moon is our

THE DISH By Elke Probkevitz Preparing For A Fast The days after Rosh Hashanah are a time to reflect and prepare for the upcoming day of Yom Kippur both mentally and physically. While we would like to

Letting Go And Loving Others BY RABBI EY TAN FEINER It is one of the best known pesukim in the Torah. A verse upon which the saintly Rabbi Akiva declared, Zeh klal gadol baTorah Rashi, Vayikra, 1918,

Acts Of Kindness Week 5 Let It Go 1. Choose one person for whom you bear a grudge and think of ways you can allow yourself to forgive them by focusing on their positive traits. Do something nice for t

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Going Through Time With The Maimarons Part II Continued from last week In 1870, Ben Zion Maimaron purchased an oven. In those days, people in the Ol

Rafael Maimaron and Hefetz to his office only to tell them how much he enjoyed the Jewish demonstration. One of the stories from this book tells the story of life in the 1930s during the British manda

KNOCKOUT ALL YOUR PEST PROBLEMS Service calls in 24 hours or less SENTRICON NYS BEST TERMITE CONTROL SYSTEM KNOCKOUT PEST CONTROL is New Yorks premium pest control company that rids homes and busines

chicken Besides, if the bird was defective, I should get a refund. Speak with Rabbi Tzedek, Leibel suggested. Chaim called Rabbi Tzedek and asked about his kaparos. Rabbi Tzedek answered According to

Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin A New Year On Rosh Hashanah we dipped the apple in the honey to have a good new year. We heard the rabbi blow the shofar in shul. We ate lunch at Grandma E

by afie zion Sh R Ben T r A Diamond With A Flaw You shall place both stones on the shoulder straps of the ephod, remembrance stones for the Children of Israel. Aharon shall carry their names before

insights on THE TORAH From The Chassidic Masters The Ketores And he shall take a censerful of burning coals from the altar, and the fill of his hands of finely ground ketores and he shall bring these

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Chassidic Masters Continued from Page 58 in general, and of our observance of Yom Kippur in particular. We are speaking, of course, of the spiritual ketores, which exists within the human soul as the

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The Gift Of Thanking BY MICHELE HERENSTEIN I believe we sometimes underestimate people. We assume that what they have to give us emotionally perhaps their support, reassurance, attentionis all they ha

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Worldwide Sukkah Directory Online A worldwide registry of sukkahs has been set up, and is listed online at www. The directory has been designed for Jews to locat

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 63 their own way. According to Batsheva Gutwirth, senior manager of the SibShops program, This program is a first of its kind, never has such a program been o

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UPCOMING EVENTS Rock n Roll Marathon Weekend December 11, 2011 www.kidsoc.orgski Thank You PROGRAM DIRECTOR Ari Hudis Dobkin MEDICAL OPERATIONS DIRECTOR HEAD NURSE Sara Miria

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 64 further information please call 5163070800 or email infoislandautolease. com. Eliezer Project Prepares For Chagim By Ellen Aronovitz, Employment Director

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 68 ents at a reduced cost. We can also use the help of electricians, plumbers, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, career counselors, etc. who can off

SKA Parent Learning Institute Returns Now in its second year, the Parent Learning Institute of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has become a much anticipated part of the week for parents an

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 71 sessments before the commencement of SCAR hearings. As such, this procedure will enable the County to conduct meaningful, goodfaith settlement negotiations

Additionally, the audits conducted by Comptroller George Maragos verified the inclusion of public buildings, that are tax exempt, on the tax roll. The Comptrollers office found a system which was inef

74 October 7, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

Community News From Around The World Touro Pharmacy Student Wins Walgreens Diversity Scholarship Touro College of Pharmacy announced that Ludovick Youmbi, who will be a member of the schools first gra

The Gift Of Thanking Continued from Page 62 more often on our cell phones, letting out feelings I had never imagined Id ever share with a friend. And my friend wasnt shocked, or judgmental, or disappr

Community News Continued from Page 75 will look like 25 years from now, Dr. Katz wrote. The challenge grant is one aspect of the OUs response, with the legislative arena, particularly on the state lev

Community News Continued from Page 77 parison to the previous generation. As role models to our children, we need to emulate the behavior of our elders and show more mesiras nefesh in the quality of o

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SERVICES PROVIDED Tree Trimming Sukkah kosher Tree trimming by Sender. 3472002098 Piano vocal lessons Experienced teacher. Music for all ages and levels of advancement, classical, contemporary, and

HELP WANTED REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Cedarhurst New construction. First show. Col. 9 ceilings, 5BR, 2.5bths, full basement, on quiet treelined street. Call for details 799K 5 Towns Homes Realty 51656957

5TJT Puzzle Ten Days BY YONI GLATT Across 1. National gemstones of Australia 6. Bad soldier letters 10. Board or sports 14. Montague of note 15. Peru city 16. Mine outputs 17. Plan out again 18. Airpo

Solution To Last Weeks 5TJT Puzzle Happy New Year 1 L 2 I 3 S A 4 5 R A T S O R A L S I R E 22 25 6 7 8 9 A S P E R S H 23 10 11 12 13 14 17 20 24 A D O S T E L L 21 15 18 16 19

Community News Continued from Page 78 and are now thriving in the yeshiva atmosphere. These student leaders are looking forward to being positive influences on the newest members of the mechinah class

boy will be there tomorrow again. Hell ask his question again. And tomorrow the answer will be . . . To view successful survivors with their donors visit www. flickr.comphotos60145637N06 sets721576270

Community News Continued from Page 85 the pressure builds up, you have to make that judgment call. KASHRUS Magazines October issue features an interview with the Mashgiach of the Year. To receive a fr

mans prize is the pride of Israel and the entire Jewish people. She called for increased investment in education to continue to develop the human capital of Israel. Education Minister and Council of H


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Community News Continued from Page 87 vera, dean of the School of Health Sciences, and Dr. Anthony J. Polemeni, vice president of the Division of Graduate Studies, presided over the conferral of degre

Personal and confidential help is just a phone call away... Our trained staff at Torah Academy has been helping parents, teachers and teenagers deal with their challenges for close to twenty years. T

DOUBLE ON POINTS WHAT A SWEET IDEA Earn Double Points on your holiday shopping Earn Double Points on your holiday shopping and all year round with your HAS Advantage card. Shop at participating NY

I LYNBROOK 55 Atlantic Ave. 516 5962741 I UNION, NJ 2470 Route 22 908 8100060 I MONSEY 414 Route 59 845 4253375 I 5TOWNS 25218 Rockaway Blvd. 718 9490350 ALSO LOCATIONS IN HOWARD BEACH PATCHOGUE

Community News Continued from Page 90 The accomplishments of these faculty members are particularly remarkable in these uncertain times when U.S. science agencies are targeted for budget cuts, said Dr

Schusterman, chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. We are grateful to Professor Schmid for his tireless stewardship of this vision. Under his leadership, Haruv has built a stron

Impact Investing How Proper Investing In Our Brethren Will Reap Great Returns BY JSK It all started after I had the privilege of meeting a great investor and philanthropist, J. Morton Davis. As an ind

a mission to help spread Torah values in the Brooklyn area. Every week they have countless secular students coming together from all walks of life just to learn and connect. The warmth, the love, and

How Much Will Health Care Cost In Retirement PROVIDED BY AVI ASHKENAZY FINANCIAL REPRESENTATIVE WITH LEE, NOLAN KOROGHLIAN, LLC Do You Need Medigap Insurance MedicarePart A, Part B, or both doesnt c


100 October 7, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES