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See Pages 35 See Pages 118119 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island See Page 56 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 17 NO. 24 26 ADAR 5777 MARCH 24, 2017 FROM THE ED

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HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover Chanel patentleather pink flats. They call themselves Double Trouble, and by numerous accounts they are a formidable team. One of them was quoted by the pap

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FEATURES Book Review R Yair Hoffman 66 44 64 100 42 82 109 115 78 38 67 52 12 34 79 70 90 91 40 48 25 36 83 41 Business Halacha R Meir Orlian Chaims Career Corner Chaim Shapiro Classified Ads A Cl

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HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Page 6 that in wearing red, there is a trace of violating avodah zarah. 4. The Teshuvos Geonim Kadmonim 101 writes that Rav Adda perceived that this article of clothing


FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 10 bers who live there, there will obviously be a great divide between those who feel that Israel is a part of who they are and those who see it as a faraway place

MAYIM BIALIK Continued from Front Cover supporter and upandcoming radical feminist star Linda Sarsour. The Jerusalem Post, Fox News, The Blaze, and other outlets lauded Bialik for standing up for Zion

mitted to the idea of a Jewish state is irresponsible. Instead of Mayim Bialik pointing out that the feminist movement, since the 1970s, has targeted Israel for condemnation, Bialik suggests that she

YOSEF Continued from Front Cover Last weekend, I had the delight and pleasure of seeing Yosef, The Musical at the Lawrence Theater in Lawrence High School in Cedarhurst. It was so captivating I just h

And the tribal heads brought the shoham stones Shmos 3527 When Moshe said, Whosoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it, the offering for Gd, and did not say it directly to the princes they were

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YOSEF Continued from Page 16 tor and conductor in this iconic show brings the compositions and lyrics to life through his masterful vocal arrangements and harmonies for both the ensemble and the Atid

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover photos from days gone by and explore that period of time, and the other factor is the upcoming nuptials of our son Nison to Shayna Stern. None of us can stop the

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 21 conceivably opposite emotions are precisely what are required to celebrate an occasion like this. So it is a combination of giddiness and seriousness as opposed to g

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 22 So for now here are some wedding photos from my oldest sons wedding back in the olden days of 2006. The one that appears on the front page is a photo of my inlaws, R

Play4Partners This past Sunday, at the Island Garden facility in West Hempstead, Partners in Torah hosted Play4Partners, a 3on3 basketball tournament that benefited a great organization. Thirtyfour te

SPORTS CENTER Continued from Page 25 basketball tournaments and had been wined and dined at dinners and events. The trick was to combine the two and give them a true ultimate experience. From the mome

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SPORTS CENTER Continued from Page 26 The Bleague championship game featured LWA basketball against Team KLA from Khal Lev Avos in North Woodmere. It was a true battle as each team went back and forth,

At Least 5 Dead, Some 40 Wounded In London Terror Attack Around 40 people were injured and at least 5 were reported dead in London on Wednesday 22 after a car rammed into pedestrians near the British

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Dear Esther, My husband and I have four married children. When they were growing up, it always seemed like we had two separate teams living under our roof. The oldest and the youngest of the children

can come up with that could mend my broken family. But here I am, asking anyway Because this is not what we bargained for this is not what we expected our family to look like after all the years of wo

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Jumping For Joy It is not my finest quality, but apparently I am a superstitious person. For that reason, I very reluctantly share the following information

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Question I am dating a guy and its getting serious. We talk about marriage all the time. We broke up once, but this time it looks like we are going to get married. We broke up because I believe that h

Your letter about your relationship is very disturbing. But I do see a tiny glimmer of hope. The very fact that you wrote in about your feelings is indicative that deep down you know that something is

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen A Taxing Education Discussions about the school districtsspecifically District 15 Lawrence school district as opposed to District 14 HewlettWoodmere

Children And Social Media, Part 2 Advice From YidParenting BY RABBI YITZIE ROSS Last week, we began discussing the dangers of children having access to social media. We left you with some questions we

YidParenting Continued from Page 41 Set restrictions on electronicdevice usage. No electronic devices are allowed at the dinner table. No electronic devices are allowed during homework time. Put up si

drive backwards until it unscrews itself No. 8. Find your tirechanging tools. If youve never bought any tirechanging tools, youre in luck. Most car manufacturers hide tools around the car because they

BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian Drunken Deal Purim was over and minds were now focused on Pesach. The empty bottles were disposed of, and people began m

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BUSINESS HALACHA Continued from Page 44 able to track down his relatives, and we assume that any relatives that do exist despair of inheriting his property and it thus becomes ownerless Nesivos 2561 P

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Kinus Purim At YFR PHOTO BY IVAN H. NORMAN PHOTO BY IVAN H. NORMAN Yeshiva of Far Rockaway held a Kinus Purim. Rabbi Yehoshua Kalish, rav of Beis Medrash of HarborviewBais Pinchus, and Rabbi Eliahu R

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insights on THE TORAH Vayakhel Bar Mitzvahs From Where I Stand BY RABBI YOSSY GOLDMAN See Gd has appointed Betzalel, the son of Uri, the son of Chur of the tribe of Judah. Shmos 3530 Chur, Betzalels g

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FROM WHERE I STAND Continued from Page 52 want from their son and for their son. Do they want a nice performance in shul, a clever speech, and a cool dinner dance Then thats what they will get. If, ho

introducing innovative ideas to make the experience meaningful, positive, and more successful in the long term. With imagination, confidence, and effort it can be done. I end on a positive note with a

Dirshu Continued from Page 55 much poisonous influence on our middos and a toxic worldview from the outside world seeping into our world, at the behest of leading gedolim in both Eretz Yisrael and th

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Dirshu Continued from Page 56 does the Torah only make this point regarding Yaakov We find that Avraham and Yitzchak also left the places where they lived. It is said specifically by Yaakov because Ya

die due to changes in their ability to handle the care. This can throw the entire responsibility onto the siblings. Should a specialneeds trust fund be discussed to make sure that there are financial

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Fitness Shortcuts Why Being Busy Is Not An Excuse BY MALKY ZIMMERMANKUGEL Pop quiz Who do you think has more time to exercise and eat healthy Working women Stayathome moms Singles Maybe even men Chanc

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LinkedIn The Career Corner BY CHAIM SHAPIRO Q. What on earth happened to LinkedIn I signed in to my account the other day and it seems like everything has changed. I am finding LinkedIn less valuable

that area. As a result, an Endorsement of each of your top three skills from a wellknown expert will help you build extra credibility. Articles and Activities. LinkedIn has combined and now features y

Torah Connections SEFER REVIEWED BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN The ability to extrapolate precious life lessons from our meforshim is a skill that needs to be carefully cultivated and taught. This skill is di

YU Presents Pesach And The Future Of Jewish Thought, March 26 Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks will iyH lead a discussion on Pesach and the Future of Jewish Thought on Sunday,

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DESSERT Continued from Page 67 cup melted cocoa butter 5 fl. oz. milk 5 fl. oz. water 2 tsp. instant coffee powder 8 egg yolks cup granulated sugar Pour the crme anglaise over the chocolate and mix

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NEWS FROM THE HILLS Continued from Page 70 gramming language. They are learning loops and logic, combining technology and math concepts. The STEM ClubSET3 students learned about the molecular structur

with their children in tow, and share with me their professional successes and the impact of a Lander education on their religious lives. It makes all our hard work worthwhile. The Lander College for

JCCRP Celebrating 45 Years Of Service On Sunday, March 19, over 500 people showed their staunch support for the Jewish Community Council of Rockaway Peninsula by attending the annual legislative break

The heart and soul of JCCRP Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato applauded at Legislative Breakfast with this years JCCRP Community Service Award. Yoni Dembitzer, JCCRP vicepresident and police liaiso

JCCRP Continued from Page 77 which the local Jewish community has the opportunity to come together and demonstrate our strength as a community to the elected officials, city and This event could not

cumstances, if an invalid sacrifice was already placed upon the Altar, we leave it there to burn and we dont remove it. The Gemara queries whether the same halachah would apply to sacrifices held abov

MOTHERS MUSINGS Continued from Page 79 dren. Each has his or her own special abilities and each contributes to society in a unique way. But having a child with special needs makes you appreciate life

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Rambam Alumni Join YU Semichah Celebration Rambam Mesivta was proud be present and witness seven of its graduates being honored with semichah as part of Yeshiva Universitys lates

We can read sitting. We can read standing. We can read fast. We can read slow. And thats just what the wonderful kindergarten children did as they joined children throughout the United States in a cel

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 83 two DRS students, Aaron Singer and Uri Ash, have placed first and fifth nationwide in the Jerusalem Science of West Hempstead, Congregation Shaarey Shalom

Pi girls Malkie Derdik and Gabriella Herman Shulamith roots Education Redefined Shulamith Teachers Become Students First As Shulamith High School for Girls grows and prepares to add an eleventh grad

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 85 porations would with any leadership training. They have developed an extensive training institutefrom a summer induction program to weekly professional dev

sixthgrade students set up and ran a creative carnival for the rest of the school, replete with booths, inflatable slides, a bouncy castle, a gaga pit, and prizes for everyone. With funds that they ra

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 87 entertainment opportunities. Davening at the Kotel and Kever Rochel, hearing from Rav Gav Friedman, and even riding Segways were among the other activities

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5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword Seeing Stars BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Its an animal 6. Made like Dudu Fisher 10. Its about half a yard 14. Mideast terror group 15. Bones used to shake ones pel

HALB Comes To Woodmere With much gratitude to Hashem, the community witnessed the doors to the Hebrew Academy of Long Beachs stateoftheart Woodmere facilities swing open this week. After extensive pl

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 88 pulpit rabbinate, and his role as a mashgiach of many national brands. Local community members joined the meals which were filled with zemiros, divrei Tora

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 93 mechanics, and testing. The incredible staff walked students through the office, explaining every step of the process, and demonstrating the digital scanni

Yankee and Tammy Hirsch accepting Parents of the Year Award Mrs. Judy Schonfeld receiving a commemorative plaque Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz, mashgiach ruchani, accepting Harbotzas Torah Award Yakov and

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 95 The MAY dinner also focused on the progress of the mesivtas expansion project. As a flourishing and growing community institution, Mesivta Ateres Yaakov ha

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 96 allowing me to go, she has fully encouraged and supported me . . . she has selflessly given of herself to afford me this opportunity and has been a const

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SERVICES PROVIDED Israel Chauffeur up to 8 passengers Premium Transport across Israel Airport Transfers, Simcha Transport, Holiday Travel. Free infant seats. Bookings ISR 00972 58630 2777 USA 92923718

HELP WANTED Direct support professionals needed to work with adults with developmental disabilities or psychiatric disabilities living in group residences in Long Island, Queens, Far Rockaway, Brookly

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 101 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Hewlett New Listing Lovely Spacious 2BR, 1Bth Coop, LRDR, Underground Parking Spot Included Storage, Near All . . . . . . . . . . . . .

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence Open House, Sunday March 26, 130330, 70 Barett Rd, Beautiful pristine CH Colonial, Lg LR With Fireplace, Formal DR, Kosher gourmet granite EIK, 2 Dens, 5BR on 1 level, 3

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 103 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Bohemia 2,000SF Up to 4,050SF Stores on Retail Strip in Great Location, High Visibility, High Traffic area, For Lease Call Lor


YU Chag HaSemikhah Continued from Page 98 will benefit from the unique education they received at RIETS. In addition to intense religious study with renowned Torah scholars, the seminary offers an enh

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Huge Win For Team Amit At Jerusalem Marathon With tremendous enthusiasm, energy, and high spirits, nearly 300 Amit students, teachers, principals, staff, and supporters joined together at Fridays Jeru

Chesed Is Central The Yeshiva University High School for Girls Central Service Initiative CSI brings chesed activities to the forefront of the school experience as students forge and enhance bonds wit

Community News Continued from Page 109 in need, makes them aware of different opportunities, and leaves them feeling motivated that they can make a difference in the world. Yeshiva Of Miami Looks Ba

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Community News Continued from Page 110 In January, in commemoration of Asara bTeves, the students, along with thousands of yeshiva, Bais Yaakov, and dayschool students around the country, participated

schel Schachters 50th year of teaching Torah at YU. Instead of regular shiur, all of the different shiurim in YU, including MTA, joined for a day of unity. Different shiurim of all ages and learning l

Community News Continued from Page 113 in 1980, Limmud has spread to 84 communities in 44 countries on six continents. In 2016, Limmuds 4,000 volunteers produced 64 Jewish learning festivals around th

passionate and caring individuals who are committed to helping our singles, we activate them. If you would like to join us as a matchmaker, please register. RMM What response has

Count Your Blessings POLITICAL ROUNDUP Continued from Page 115 the mayor, established a clear protocol in cases of HSV1 infection of an infant. HSV1 is the common cold sore virus that causes harmless

Students from Rambam Mesivta in Albany at Shulamith School for Girls. It made me feel heard and safe. The historic Mission to Albany was hosted by Teach NYS, a division within the Orthodox Union. Whi

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