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See Page 7 See Page 33 See Page 17 See Page 17 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 11 NO. 42 6 TAMMUZ 5771 JULY 8, 2011 FROM THE EDITOR BY LARRY GORDON INSIDE Science, Blinded Rabbi Avi Shafran CHAI L

2 July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES 3

MY SHABBOS WITH GEVA Continued from Front Cover of dignitaries, children of politicians, and leading rabbis of our generation from both here and Israel grace our dining room table. I say this not to b

July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES 5

Y O U A R E C O R D I A L LY I N V I T E D T O A T T E N D T H E TH IS JU MO LY ND 11 AY , Support Goldfeder for Assembly Campaign Kickoff Campaign MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011 800 PM At the home of RABB

July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES 7

For the next issue, deadline for reserving ad space is Monday, July 11 at 500 P.M. All graphics for ads must be in by Tuesday, July 12 at 500 P.M. Call 5169840079 Music of Distinction weddings din

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A Five Towns Simcha Mazel Tov to Tova and Michael Fruchter on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Esther. The celebration took place on June 22 at Ateres Nechama Liba Hall. Esther is a student at Shul

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover themes articulated by the candidate is how to deal with the reality of the need to cut state spending and simultaneously hold the line on taxes. Im a commonsense

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 11 the largely Orthodox Jewish community, which results in a challenging combination for anyone seeking office. While Goldfeder is a Democrat, he understands the balanc

MY SHABBOS WITH GEVA Continued from Page 4 bread with as many soldiers as possible to give those soldiers strength and support and to let them know how much we appreciate their sacrifice. I want my ch

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover fulness around our globe so people can enjoy this mysterious existence of ours that we call life I know it sounds very Woodstocklike, with a combination of J

rael. But not only didnt it work, it kind of backfired on the old incisive gent. The Torah portion this week tells us that Bilaam intended to curse Israel, but instead words of blessing spilled out of

Marriage Bill Continued from Front Cover the main topic of the bill. This means if a judge throws out one part of the law the entire law must be disregarded. The measure is required to be treated as a

There are 66 groups that fall under section two of the Benevolent Orders Law, including the Jewish War Veterans, Knights of Maccabees of the World, and the Knights of Pythias, which are exempt from be

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover and prone to misjudgments and possibly even terrible mistakes. So wouldnt it be worthwhile and helpful for a group to exist that responds with alacrity when we n

Too Much Energy BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER In the old days, there was no such thing as home energy audits. Instead, we had fathers. Our fathers would say things like, Turn off the lights when you leave th

Foreign Correspondent Defends SoCalled Guide To Killing NonJews BY SAMUEL SOKOL Middle East Correspondent The debate over the limits of religious freedom and restrictions on speech in Israel intensif

News From The Hills BY CHANITA TEITZ When I started writing this weeks column, I was going to write about Queens real estate, this being the peak realestate season and an excellent time to buy. Well,

Been There, Felt That BY DONI JOSZEF In a recent New York Times article, Marsha Linehan, a psychologist and researcher at the University of Washington, put a surprising face on the stigmatized realm o

July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES 23

EARN DOUBLE and see the Difference Earn Double Points on your groceries and at all Double Point merchants with your HAS Advantage card. Earn 2 points for every 1 spent at participating NYNJ location

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Science, Blinded BY RABBI AVI SHAFRAN Just as ordinary, pigheaded, and unreasonable as anybody else, was the eminent 20thcentury psychologist H.J. Eysencks judgment of scientists. And their unusually

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News From The Hills Continued from Page 21 end of the 1976 successful raid in Entebbe by the Israeli army, in which the soldiers killed the terrorist hijackers of an Air France plane and freed the hos

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Stop The Mugging In these days of lost innocence and high crime rates, most people think of a mugger as someone who accosts a person on a street, subway, pa

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, My husband and I live in the Five Towns neighborhood. We have a lovely home that I take tremendous pride in. Since no one knows who is writing in, I can hones

tions during that time. My husband agrees with me that it would be very difficult if not downright painful to have them stay with us for an entire week with their children. The fact is, I am a nervous

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Whadduya Think Homebuyers looking for houses that are in movein condition, comfortably purchase their new home knowing that the only projects they n

MindBiz Continued from Page 31 are visiting. Sure, your home wont be up to its usual standard of perfection, but it doesnt have to become totally out of control, either. We all know that rules are oft

Hot Dog BY RABBI MEIR ORLIAN BUSINESS HALACHA INSTITUTE help set the table, said Mrs. Fleishman. Bring out the plastic plates, cups, and cutlery from the kitchen counter. Finally the table was set. L

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Trimming The Fat Daf yomi learners began Chulin last week. Chulin is required learning for those studying for semichah. It primarily deals with issues relati

Trimming The Fat Continued from Page 35 explain why he requires peeling in this case since the animal is cold. The Gemara explains that a knife is categorically different from regular cold utensils. R

2 MUSTHAVE BOOKS FOR THE 3 Weeks Tisha BAv ...challenges heal their s de s r d relationships to family, friends and p a the large community. arger ommuni rg mmuni unity. nity. Rachel Es

Brothers Stick Together Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER Current strategic assessments predict that the expected unilateral declaration of independence by the Palestinian Arab Authority headed by Abu

A Five Towns Simcha The Garfinkel and Seff families celebrated the wedding of Magic Moishe Garfinkel and Chaya Seff on June 26. Mazel tov to Zeyde and Bubby Rav Avrohom Yitzchak and Florence Garfinke

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholims 46th Annual Luncheon Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim, a group of volunteers with courage, generosity, and heart, recently celebrated its 46th anniversary a

Presentation to Fran Laufer. LR Celia Rapp, Miriam Lubling, Fran Laufer, and Pearl Pinter. Photo by the Jerry Meyer Studio about her achievements. As the founding president of the Rivkah Laufer Biku

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 41 take your hands off of Israel. Speaking from the dais at the Terrace on the Park hall in Flushing, Mr. Danons remarks were enthusiastically received by his

owned house in Jerusalem on Shabbos if it becomes available and should not wait until after Shabbos, because the deal may no longer be available then. This demonstrates the importance of this mitzvah.

In the Narrow Places Addresses Challenge of the Three Weeks BY RABBI SHALOM BERGER Having served in the role of Camp Rabbi for many summers, one of the most frustrating questions that repeated itself

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 43 limade products to express their solidarity with Israel. In March, StandWithUs, a local nonprofit proIsrael education and advocacy group, led the counterbo

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 45 is a community resource that has been serving the Jewish community for 35 years while keeping abreast with the latest developments and techniques in the fi

ing students a muchneeded outlet to channel their energies appropriately. Registration for grades 812 is now in full swing for the upcoming school year. For more information or to schedule an intervie

Rav Soloveitchiks Kinot BY RABBI SHLOMO BRODY The hottest new publication in the Orthodox book world I admit were not exactly talking about a NY Times bestseller, but nonetheless . . . is clearly the

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 47 cochair. I know that there is momentum gathering from these events, said Askowitz, whose company has taken on two YU interns in the past year. In addition

50 July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

Netanyahu Thanks ZAKA Volunteers For Their Holy Work Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with representatives of the ZAKA Search and Rescue Organization in his office on July 4 to express his gratit

Good Clean Dirt B Y Y E H U D I S S A S H I T Z K Y, CPC Frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails, thats what little boys are made of . . . And while girls have their sugar and spice and everything nice

brace your childrens budding creativity and freedom despite your distaste for dirt, you might want to schedule in dirty days once or twice a week. The summertime particularly lends itself to freefromc

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 51 Camp Simcha in Glen Spey, New York, in support of Chai Lifeline. This worthy organizations 25yearold mission is to restore the light of childhood to childr

gist, an MD who had recently married a rabbi, several schoolteachers and graduate students, a trained chef, a food scientist, and an OU Kosher staff member who used vacation time to attend. Participan

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 55 his inspiring words are available to all for free by email. Rabbi Miller transferred ownership of his recordings and manuscripts to Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yi

Stand By Me Ohr Meir And Bracha Supports Terror Victims BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER For Liora Tedgi, its personal. Her story happened on Tu BShvat, when she promised her children that she would return w

by afie zion Sh R Ben T r Through The Eyes Of History Pinchas the son of Elazar the son of Aharon HaKohein appeased My anger against the Bnei Yisrael by taking My revenge amidst them, and so I didn

July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES 59

For Sale Furniture LR, DR, BR sets, French Italian Provincial. Paintings also for sale. 9178360146 SERVICES PROVIDED Handyman General Maintenance Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Appliances, Insu

HELP WANTED Physical therapy office looking for Physical therapy assistant PTFT in Five Towns. If interested please call 5166505756 Preschool teacher assistant position available for Sept. 2011 Far Ro

FOR RENT Cedarhurst All updated charming Col. New granite EIK, FDR, LR with fireplace, 4 BR, CAC, in the heart of Cedarhurst. Walk all. Call 5 Towns Homes 5165695710 MISCELLANEOUS The Ocean Corp. 10

5TJT Puzzle Manhattan BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Trainee 6. Joy competitor 10. Second album by Moshav 14. Pertaining to listening 15. You might hear one in a chasm 16. Black, to the bard 17. With 38Acros


STAND BY ME Continued from Page 57 tal, where he later died in the operating room. Saba David suffered a heart attack and succumbed to another heart attack one year later, leaving his wife widowed and

STAND BY ME Continued from Page 65 Terror attacks do more than destroy buildings and cause physical injury they cause great psychological duress in individuals and interfere with the longtime liveliho

Author Of Torat HaMelech Speaks Out BY JONAH MANDEL The author of the book Torat HaMelech does not regret its harsh messages of violence towards nonJews during warfare, but probably will expound on th

Missing Yeshiva Bachur Found Micha Hausman, the young man from Switzerland missing from the Five Towns since June 15, was found Wednesday in Manhattan thanks to a keeneyed Hatzalah member who recogniz

AUTHOR OF TORAT HAMELECH SPEAKS OUT Continued from Page 67 these matters, and feels like a king, the King of Law. Barak once said The entire land is full of justice, which is a very severe distortion

Solution To Last Weeks 5TJT Puzzle Summer Options 1 P A S T L U C Y 21 2 3 4 5 A C M E C H O P R A C E 22 25 6 7 8 9 A M E B A L O S E R L M 23 10 11 12 13 14 17 20 24 15 18 16 19 A


72 July 8, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES