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See Pages 35 See Page 95 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island See Page 46 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 17 NO. 6 17 CHESHVAN 5777 NOVEMBER 18, 2016 FROM THE

CHAI LIFELINE ANNUAL GALA 2016 Honoring E S TA B L I S H I N G Soaring Beyond BEN AND HINDY BERTRAM SCHLOSSBERG Camp Simcha Appreciation Award Giving families the wings to fly. THE EVAN LEVY ZL F

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Weekly Empire Organic Broths Soups 32 oz Keebler 9 Pie Shells 6 oz Sale Dates November 20th 25th 2016 Princella Cut Yams 40 oz Libbys Pumpkin 29 oz Pam Cooking Spray Original, Olive Oil or Bakin

Specials 1016 lb FROZEN TURKEY Marvid Only Sale Dates November 20th 25th 2016 thanksgiving special 249 lb. WITH PURCHASE OF 125 OF NONSALE ITEMS CORNED BEEF DECKEL 849 lb. Shoulder Beef 49 9

Hebrew In Ten Minutes A Day Our Common Language BY GAVRIEL ARYEH SANDERS Over the last many articles weve posted in this column on the Hebrew language, weve discussed a fair bit of theory behind la


FEATURES Book Review Rabbi Yair Hoffman 42 38 43 78 46 6 56 76 30 33 34 73 51 41 40 11 36 54 50 45 67 53 52 Business Halacha R Meir Orlian Chaims Career Corner Chaim Shapiro Classified Ads A Cleve

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KISS THE KOSHER COOK Continued from Front Cover her now, I had innocently asked if she was baking anything for the bake sale. Her response Oh, Malkie, youll know soon enoughIm a taker, not a baker. I

ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Front Cover with all sorts of insults and insinuations that anyone who identified as rightwing was a racist lunatic with no redeeming qualities. Polls made prior to the

OTHER SIDE OF THE BENCH Continued from Front Cover to go. Joining in her farewell will hopefully be scandal after scandal which dominated the news cycle and pushed important issues into the background

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover same time his conversation is peppered with phrases like, todah rabbah, its bashert, and Shabbat Shalom, when and where appropriate. And now, Tom Suozzi is going

to look into the matter of what committees he will hopefully be able to serve on. I asked him what committee was his top priority and he quickly responded foreign affairs. Mr. Suozzi is interested in

Standing Room Only At The MAY 2016 Open House It was standingroomonly at the Mesivta Ateres Yaakov Open House on Sunday, November 13, as the yeshiva hosted over 100 prospective students, along with th

Veterans Day Commemoration MAY parent discussion panel On November 11, Temple Beth Am of Merrick and Bellmore held a meaningful Veterans Day ceremony. Special thanks to Yoeli Steinberg, Moshe Ratner

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover Forward and the Jewish Weekare conjuring up a nearpanic about the advent of the Trump presidency, and that is just way off base, irresponsible, and terribly

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 19 Aside from the ongoing and increasing failure of his signature healthcare programThe Affordable Care Actmost of Mr. Obamas initiatives have either fallen flat or

A Successful Open House For Yeshiva University High School For Girls On Sunday morning, November 13, Yeshiva University High School for Girls opened its doors to families from all over the New York ar

Central Open House guests to embark on the admissions process. Says Mrs. Gewirtz, It was so exciting to have over 550 guests in attendance on Sunday, and I cant wait to meet the incoming Class of 202

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Connect With Kesher Yehudi On Shabbos parashas Vayeira, the Five Towns will celebrate a Shabbos of Achdus in honor of Kesher Yehudi, recipient of the 2016 Jerusalem Unity Prize created by Jerusalem Ma

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Kesher Yehudi Continued from Page 27 your fellow Jew as yourself. Following the lecture, each participant then learns individually with a Kesher Yehudi volunteer for an hour. Each volunteer not only c

Protesting UNESCO By Cindy Grosz The protest against UNESCO is about wordswords that seek to eradicate any notion that there is a connection between Judaism and Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and the We

Congressional candidate Phil Rosenthal addresses crowds On Thursday, November 10, over a dozen organizations were represented in a march from the Israeli Consulate to United Nations in New York. Word

LaDor VaDor POLITICAL ROUNDUP Continued from Page 31 tiontoisraelandtheholysites. Jewish Sens. Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders Tapped For Democratic Leadership Posts U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer DNY an

Question Im dating this dynamo girl, and our moms hate each others guts. She is what people call the girl next door. She and her family live in the same building as we do. We used to play together as

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 33 On occasion I am asked for advice how parents can break up a relationship their child has with someone they do not approve of. Depending on the situation and assumi

Kaiwa Comes To Kosherfest 2016 Pereg Natural Foods has announced the introduction of the next new superfoodkaiwa, also known as baby quinoaat the Kosherfest trade show, November 1516, at the Meadowlan

Dear Esther, For years now, since my children got older, Ive told myselfand anyone who would listenthat I wanted to find a job in the career for which I got a degree years ago but never had the opport

will be turned upside down. Yes, you do have to consider what you will be giving up. Im sure there are certain things that will have to fall through the cracks. Lunch with the friends Shopping Babysit

KOSHERFEST 2016 Continued from Page 35 healthy choice to serve to friends and familyfrom our familyowned Pereg Natural Foods business. Kaiwa from Pereg Natural Foods is allnatural, glutenfree, nonGMO

the driver is responsible to ensure that the problem was fixed in order to have the ticket dismissed. If he paid for the repair of the car out of his pocket, he would usually be entitled to reimbursem

insights on THE TORAH When Does A Mothers Love Begin Where Does It End BY RABBI MANIS FRIEDMAN The story of how Avraham and Sarah were visited by an angel and delivered the news that they were to have

to the top of Mount Moriah and prepared to slaughter him as a sacrifice, as he had been told to do by Gd. An angel appeared who stayed his hand, the same angel that had promised Sarah that Yitzchaks l

FROM WHERE I STAND Continued from Page 41 the binding of Isaac was just between a father, his son, and Gd. Somewhere on a secluded mountaintop, far removed from public scrutiny, a personal drama was p

as well. His quality of shyness never allowed him to stare anyone down, for example. He asks a few questions about if Avraham Avinu was the paragon of chesed and hachnasas orchim, why then did he not

Career Corner Continued from Page 43 accomplish when they enjoy and find a sense of fulfillment in what they do. There is a prevalent misconception that there are a limited number of career choices fo

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Well Cross That Bridge I definitely do not want to discuss the election or the outcome of the election. There are plenty of people who are more than

Kosher To Go BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER The kosherfood industry keeps getting bigger and bigger, no offense. There are new products coming out every day, and its hard to keep up. How does your store know

my main priority. One big trend last time seemed to be travel foods. Travel food is important, because people dont have time for anything. Thats why we need products like the new EZPrep Gefilte Fish,

Kosher To Go Continued from Page 47 companies with nice Greeksounding names, such as Norman. Each yogurt company also makes a kids yogurt, though I cannot taste the difference. Except for the one wher

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5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword A League Of Their Own BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Fred Wilpon 5. Debate with 9. Fragrant wood 14. New Israeli 15. American Idol judge DioGuardi 16. Holy Land bank

torah Fun VAYEIRA 5777 Three days after Avrahams circumcision, three angels visited him. Abraham and his family welcomed them with food and kindness. One of the angels said Sarah will have a son in a

Advice From YidParenting Driving Lessons BY RABBI YITZIE ROSS Q. I have a question that many parents probably have. My irresponsible 16yearold wants to take drivers ed. I dont think she should have dr

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Now What The very long and frustrating election season has finally come to an end. The thinskinned Donald Trump will be our president. And, in spite of his

We voted early in the morning on Election Day and it was a good thing that we knew our district number so we didnt have to stand on the long line outside the polling place. We went in quickly, found o

BYQ explorers Upcoming Events This can be accomplished by how one speaks, dresses, and spends his time. One eleventhgrader aptly said, Now that I understand why speech is so important, I cannot imagi

NEWS FROM THE HILLS Continued from Page 55 Chofetz Chaim Open House. Sunday, November 20, 215 p.m. For more information, call 7182631445 or email mesivta Rav Oelbaum shiur. Monday, Nov

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 56 RZA Conference The Religious Zionists of AmericaMizrachi held its National Conference on Sunday, November 6, at Congregation Beth Sholom in Lawrence. Nota

Preparing for Election Day at Shulamith lary Clinton, and Mrs. Rivky Markowitz, who portrayed Mr. Donald Trump, masterfully presented the candidates platforms, including their opinions on Israel, the

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 59 who lacks basic necessities is lifealtering. She walks out of a Yad Leah thrift shop with confidence and a smile. throughout Israel. By collecting clothin

Veteran Eddie Rosenblum addresses Rambam students The Story Of An Amazing Veteran Mr. Eddie Rosenblum is not your typical veteran. He is an Orthodox Jew, and he is 96 years young To the amazement of

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 61 rebbeim and friends, while at the same time infusing themselves with a deep love of Yiddishkeit and Torah. The yeshiva has tremendous appreciation to the

More Than A Door Tikvot supporters mental recovery. Ofir Anidgar shared his story, and explained how Tikvot helped him along his road to recovery. Yaakov Morgenstern organized the event and credits

Fulfilling A Need CyberSem A New Online Womens Seminary For many young Jewish women who have already finished high school and are well past college, beginning their families and careers, studying in

Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim A Year Of Learning, A Lifetime Of Inspiration BY DOVID SUSSMAN On a quiet, serene mountaintop, 20 minutes from Jerusalem, surrounded by the breathtaking panorama of the Judea

Yeshivat Continued from Page 65 the same group of students with an increasingly large number of competing yeshivot. In addition to that, the advent of modern technologies presents many new challenges

Swish For Sderot 8th Grade Yeshiva Day School Boys Basketball Tournament The first annual American Friends of Sderot Eighth Grade Yeshiva Day School Boys Basketball Tournament continues as we reach th

SPORTS CENTER Continued from Page 67 at halftime. In the second half, HAFTR proved to be too much and pulled away to a 5426 victory. Leading scorer for HAFTR was Jamie Berger with 20 points, and for H

Rabbi Uriel Lubetsky, principal of HALB, presented with a Sderot mezuzah cover from Judah Rhine, AFS director JEC 75 MDS 70 HANC 57 02 ASHAR 48 Hillel 39 RPRY 32 HALB 31 02 YHT 23 02 WDS 13 YOF DNP D

SPORTS CENTER Continued from Page 69 pointer, followed by a couple more free throws from Flatbush. The Heat pulled ahead as the first quarter closed, by a score of 157. The Heat started to pour it on

worse for the Chargers, they turned over the ball with 15 seconds. Bland sealed the game for the Jaguars with excellent freethrow shooting. The game ended 5445, with Jaguars winning and finishing 7th

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To Save A Life Halachic Musings BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN Youre on the phone with the doctor, describing your symptoms. I see, he says. You should get to the hospital within the next three or four hours.

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Halachic Musings Continued from Page 73 custom to follow the stringent view and that, hayisrael yaasenah bzerizus tfeiit will be done with more alacrity when following the first view that a Jew do it.

What I Am Latest Maccabeats Hit With Camp HASC The Maccabeats and the special children and staff of Camp HASC have teamed up and produced a new, awesome music video filmed on a typical funfilled Sunda

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HELP WANTED Boro Park Ladies Hat Gemach accepting your gently used weekday and Shabbos hats. Woodmere and Kew Gardens Hills dropoffs. 7189723211 HELP WANTED Large, Nassau County Orthodox Shul seeks p

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Hewlett Studio, HiCeilings, HW Floors, Elev Bldg, Separate Kitchen, Updated Bath . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79,900 Call Mark Lipner Direct 5162988457 Pugatch Realty Corp. Email

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 79 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Hewlett Open House By Appointment, Young CH Colonial, LR, Formal DR, Large Granite EIK, Den, Office, 5BR on one level, Finished basement, o

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Woodmere 5,016SF Mixed Use Building on Two Floors Plus 2,508SF Basement, Retail Stores with Apartments Above, Street Municipal Parking, Close to LIRR Station, For Sal

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 81 LEGAL NOTICES Notice of Formation of One M Enterprises, LLC. Arts of Org. filed with SSNY on 9916. Office Location Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as age

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Community News Continued from Page 76 Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman Elected President Of Yeshiva University The Yeshiva University board of trustees has announced the appointment of Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman as th

Common Language Continued from Page 6 There are nine primary channels offered though Israel has many more radio stations. Among them I highly recommend Moreshet, which has an intelligent mix of progra


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Minyanim in the 5 TownsFar Rockaway Area Mincha 135 Yeshiva Shor Yashov Kollel Avreichem Rabbi Katzs Shul Congregation Shomer Shabbos Maariv is 15 min. after shkiah Maariv 745 Chabad of the 5 Towns

Chanuka Yom Iyun Mechaneches Menaheles Noted Lecturer and Teacher In Memory of Mrs. Rose Edelman Contact Information and Sponsorships 516.362.5000 90 No

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1913 Cornaga Avenue Far Rockaway T. 718.471.7555 F. 718.471.9102 E. NEWS OF THE WEEK Hundreds Of Customers Saved Big Last Week On Our Fridge Freezer Taamti Ungars Morningst

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