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See Page 32 See Page 28 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island See Pages 3, 4 5 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 13 NO. 10 16 KISLEV 5773 NOVEMBER 30, 2012 FROM T

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BAGEL STORE Does your Tax and Accounting professional provide investments, insurance, 401K, and IRA services Does your Financial Planner provide CPA accounting and tax services Continued from Front C

termath of the Sandy debacle. This is pretty much what it comes down to If it is about flooding, regardless of who your insurance carrier is, any money you are awarded from flooding or hurricanerelate

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 7 It is not so evident in Nassau County, but in the city and particularly in the part of Nassau that is attached to Queens, you can see police officers and trafficcontr

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And Rochel died, and was buried on the road to Efrat, which is Bethlehem Bereishis 3519 What was Yaakovs reason for burying Rochel at the roadside Yaakov foresaw that the exiles from Jerusalem would p

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 8 Rina Shkolnik of the JCC of the Five Towns has been working relentlessly and tirelessly over the last month helping with donations to clean up and prepare temporary d

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover shortly categorize it, ended practically on a dime. It was just in time for the Likud primary election that took place on Sunday and with ample time to campa

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 14 status quo, but that the changes he and his party are promoting will result in a more efficient and healthier State of Israel. As for Lipmans role in the new pol

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 17 Listen, Lipman says, we have almost 3 million Palestinians living within our midst something needs to be done. We have to do more to build trust with future Pale

POSTERS Continued from Front Cover walls in Bnei Brak with posters blaming the alleged desecration of graves in Ramle for the barrage of rockets from Gaza. While the posters were issued in the name of

POSTERS Continued from Page 19 spite the rising interest in chareidi Internet sites and glossy magazines, an important source of information within the community, it is hard for outsiders to parse whi

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Apply Your YeshivaSeminary Credits or Your Rabbinic Secular Degree Toward An Accredited An Accredited BACHELORS MASTERS DEGREE DEGREE Major in Business or Human Services Behavioral Science MA in Educa

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And when he saw that he did not prevail against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh Bereishis 3226 Yaakovs struggle with Eisavs angel represents the physical suffering of galus. When the angel of

SPOILED GENERATION Continued from Page 22 ents who tiptoed around their children. If something goes wrong in the classroom, teachers are held liable until proven innocent. The inmates began running th

The Golden Years From The Other Side Of The Bench BY DAVID J. SEIDEMANN, ESQ . I used to think that I could never retire. My days are filled with such chaos that if my life ever quieted down, I would

insights on THE TORAH Recognizing Our Supporters BY FIVE TOWNS MARRIAGE INITIATIVE In this weeks parashah, Yaakov fought with the angel of Eisav. The pasuk says vayivaser Yaakov levado, vyeiaveik ish

person is given is a tool in hisher avodah. When a person can live their life with a focus on the fact that they are here with from a mere recognition of the good within our spouses, that we are also

insights on THE TORAH From The Chassidic Masters Outgoing Woman And Dinah, the daughter of Leah, whom she bore to Yaakov, went out to see the daughters of the land. And Shechem the son of Chamor HaChi

This is the deeper significance of the adage, like mother, like daughter, quoted by Rashi. Our children inherit not only our actual traits but also our unrealized potentials. Physically, a browneyed m

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Serving The Troops BY AYALA MAGDER Three weeks later, its all anyone can talk about. How did you do in the storm Did you stay Lose any cars Sandy swept in Monday night, surged through our streets, and

TROOPS Continued from Page 33 reporting an overturned army Jeep containing a trapped soldier at their current location. We assured them that there was no such vehicle present. Shaking their heads, the

Under the romantic aura of several tea lights, we all sat down. The commander made sure his boys ate before he did. About 15 minutes into the meal, my mother asked him why he wasnt eating. Politely, h

News From The Hills BY CHANITA TEITZ As I mentioned last week, five members of Queens Hatzalah went on a mission to Israel to help during Operation Amud Anan. After hearing that they returned to New Y

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Inside Chanukah Fascinating And Intriguing Insights On Chanukah, Its Miracles, And Its History BY ARYEH PINCHAS STRICKOFF Part 1 Was the Menorah with which the miracle of the oil occurred actually ma

en one built to specification in every detail see Menachos 28b Rosh HaShanah 24b Avodah Zarah 43a. Chiddushei HaReeim Menachos 28ab Rosh HaShanah 24b Avodah Zarah 43a How does the name Greece epitomi

THE DISH By Elke Probkevitz Repurpose Your Leftovers Sometimes I manage to make that perfect meal just the right balance of flavors and variety, and just enough for everyone to get their full with a

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real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen plates, or set up temporary offices from which they can move quickly once authorities start looking for them. Before Determine how long the compan

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Life After Storm Sandy Never having lived in a cave, I am no expert, but I suspect that after several weeks of my home being plunged into cold and damp dark

THATS THE WAY IT IS Continued from Page 45 word, we glanced knowingly at one another and chill or no chill took a detour to the local yogurt shopnot only because I was famished but because it was Tues

Question Four years ago, I dated a guy very seriously. We were talking about getting married and even windowshopped for a ring. One night, as we took a long walk after a lovely dinner, completely out

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 47 Ultimately this is your decision. If you feel so strongly about him and you honestly feel, after looking into everything, that this is the right way to go, then I s

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Gaza 101 Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER When Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to the ceasefire with Hamas rather than moving ahead with a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, sticking to the modest goa

Susie Fishbein Shares Her Cooking Secrets BOOK REVIEW BY MICHELE JUSTIC The latest addition to Susie Fishbeins cooking library, Kosher by DesignCooking Coach Recipes, tips and techniques to make anyon

Rambam Music Video Going Viral A video about achdus, brotherhood, and a love of Eretz Yisrael featuring the Rambam Mesivta choir, The Harmonidies, has received over 10,000 views on YouTube in less tha

JUMPing With Studio Inna The Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls NCSY Jewish Unity Mentoring Program team presented JUMP with Studio Inna on motzaei Shabbos, November 17. Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky

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Cooking Secrets Continued from Page 51 that my supermarket had all of the ingredients. I must admit to making a few mistakes. My family still enjoyed the food, but I know that if I had listened to mor

BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian Gas Gouge Hurricane Sandy, in addition to causing water damage and power outages, also severely disrupted fuel distribut

Unusually Strong Submitted by E. T. Q. After the hurricane, we received many questions involving objects that caused damage as they were blown into a neighbors yard, as well as trees falling onto a ne

Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin Time For TakeOut Why do they keep saying ball Arent they always playing with a ball Lea inquired of my eldest daughter while watching one of the last baseb

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THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES Continued from Front Cover I was presented with a different opportunity to take a look back at the yom tov season, and it wasnt pretty. I felt like I was in the story of The E

still murmuring the tefillos of the Yamim Noraim. I also shared with my candid young friend something I shared with my beloved baalei batim in shul on Shemini Atzeres this past year. One of the few Sh

5TJT Puzzle Thinking Of Summer BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Chatzos, ideally 5. Clothesline alternative 10. Romeos two blushing pilgrims 14. Earthen pot 15. Slender 16. Condo, e.g. 17. Clears 18. Problem 1

Solution To Previous 5TJT Puzzle Frydom 1 M E T A L A R O M A I 23 2 3 4 5 6 W A D S A S E A I A L I 33 22 24 31 35 32 7 8 9 10 16 19 G E E K A N T I 11 12 13 14 17 20 15 18 21 M E R

Finding The Elusive WorkHome Balance BOOK REVIEW BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER Juggling motherhood and employment is about as simple and spontaneous as walking a tightrope. With uncommon common sense and

MOTHERS MUSINGS Continued from Page 58 As the summer came to an end, we knew that our grilling season could continue on. According to the appliance store, people in this new era of grilling actually h

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, I grew up in a home where there was a lot of yelling. My mother and father yelled constantly at each other and at their four children. I cant begin to tell yo

cide to take a stand with Pearl and demand different behavior from her She is not your mother or father who had the last word. Your desires as a parent are every bit as worthy as hers and deserve to b

Trying to have a baby We can help At GENESIS, our mission is to help patients realize the dream of parenthood. We diagnose and treat all forms of infertility so couples can begin, or grow, their famil

YDT Holds Levayah For Ruined Sefarim, Casualties Of Hurricane BY MOSHE BENOLIEL One of the tragic consequences of the hurricane that ripped through New York and New Jersey was the loss of thousands of

Briefcases And Baby Bottles Continued from Page 70 the list and ask him what he would like to take on. I let him choose whatever he wants. I do the same thing with my childrens appointments. I give my

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News From The Hills Continued from Page 36 creased and the HEART teams treated many civilians and soldiers. Bomb blasts from Gaza can be heard constantly and Tzeva Adom sirens continue to cause our te

an. The banter, following the reading, was filled with excited little voices expressing big ideas. Kidstokids heartfelt connection. Bais Yaakov students continue to think of ways to connect to other c

News From The Hills Continued from Page 75 Upcoming Events Chabad of Little Neck invites you to a fascinating lecture entitled Confessions of a Jewish Cultbuster featuring Rabbi Shea Hecht, on Thursd

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS HAFTR HS Shows Support For Soldiers In Israel During the most recent activation of large numbers of Israeli troops, HAFTR High School committed to providing direct financial supp

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 78 multiple occasions over the past few yearsincluding a Shabbos a few years agoand is well known to the Jews of Lawrence. This time around, the Rebbe is here

that you are a HAS cardholder. The signup period to be eligible for this program has been extended through December 15. Zev Dobuler Many of our HAS employees reside in the New York area most affecte

Manhattan Beach Jewish Center Terrace on The Park Westmount Country Club Inwood Country Club Congregation Ohr Torah Congregation Bnai Shalom Double Tree Hilton Tarrytown Rye Town Hilton Grand Prospect

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 81 ple back into their homes as soon as possible must be developed. Rebuilding is overwhelming and extremely costly, and it could take months. With winter app

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YO U R A D COULD BE HERE. CALL 5165690502 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES November 30, 2012 85

SERVICES PROVIDED Social Security Disability My name is Dale Masur and I am an accredited disability representative. Call for a Free evaluation at 9175026215 Experienced Rebbe available to learn any l

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence CoOp Call Irene For Appt 284 Central Ave. Unusually Large 23 Bedroom Apt With Formal DR AND Formal LR, Terrace, WD, CAC. Priced To Sell. Reduced . . . . . . . . . . . .

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 87 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE LawrenceFar Rockaway Coop Freshly painted large 2BR, 2bth, kosher kitchen, LR, FDR, terrace, 24hour doorman, Shabbos elevator. Walk all. .

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Rockville Centre 3,500 sq. ft., fully wired for Web, partitioned, will divide. Call 5163223555 Lynbrook Newly renovated stateoftheart pediatric office. 5,000 sq. ft.

He built for himself a house, and made sheds for his cattle Bereishis 3317 For himselffor his true self and his true prioritiesYaakov constructed a home for his cattlehis material possessions and othe

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 83 There are many holes and missing pieces in your care. More and more people are left to be cared for at home, taking care of themselves, or having others ca

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 91 Prototip Trio Playing At Molloy College, December 8 Internationally renowned Israeli mandolinist Avi Avitals Prototip Trio will be playing at The Madison


AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 92 Madraigos Hosts Priority1 H.S. After Storm Priority1s Torah Academy high school had a beautiful facility, located right on the beach in Far Rockaway. As y

mercial clients. NCCs quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and timely completion has earned them the acclaim of architects and clients. Free demolition, free estimates, and proposals within 24 ho

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 95 help in coping with the posttraumatic effects of the hurricane. In many cases, these are young people who were already in a state of crisis, which has been

The Ossie Schonfeld Toy Fund Making Sick Kids Smile Again Some of us think about doing great things while others actually get up and do them. Having started the incredible organization known as the Os



AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 97 landed and have offered our support and prayers. For many people that came to the Sunday morning meeting, it was a time to show solidarity as Jews as well

Damage caused by sewagesystem failure last year Nassau County. It is a failed system that chooses to ignore the need to rise to the obligation of a governing body whose first priority should be to pr

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Continued from Page 101 You quote Rachel Hess as saying she finally got hold of someone at FEMA I got through to a live person at FEMA within five minutes the very first time I c

Community News From Around The World NCYIs An Evening Together Hurricane Relief Concert, December 6 By Chaim Leibtag Despite internal challenges, including offices that have been closed since the hurr

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Community News Continued from Page 103 Everybody knows somebody who has been affected by the storm. Because of this the scope of the devastationand understanding of whats neededescapes us. We called o

Community News Continued from Page 105 industrial base. Today, IO encompasses the scientific study of employees, workplaces, and organizations, and IO psychologists contribute to the success of organi

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