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See Pages 35 See Page 16 See Page 93 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 16 NO. 40 25 SIVAN 5776 JULY 1, 2016 FROM THE EDITOR Ho

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ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Page 1 Chutz LaAretz, you, who observe Yom Tov Sheni, observed the eighth day of Pesach on that day and only leined Acharei Mot the following week. Weve been off a week

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FEATURES Business Halacha R Meir Orlian 29 78 55 74 84 90 60 61 67 43 26 57 11 48 72 68 56 70 42 40 37 Classified Ads A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter Community News Around The Five Tow

ALIYAH CHRONICLE Continued from Page 6 3. The Torah. There are many incredible centers of Torah in the Diaspora. I am not denying that. Yet the Torah communities here, throughout the land, are a treme

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MESSIANIC JEWS Continued from Front Cover she was spiritually curious, and a missionary supplied her with answers that appeared to make sense. She believed she could have the best of both worldsto be

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MESSIANIC JEWS Continued from Page 12 file contains pp. 57, 58 a rather bold admission on the part of the Messianics. They have a serious intermarriage problem. While roughly 50 of Jews in the general

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 16 equation is that most of the time it is, on some level, a new experience for me. A few weeks ago, prior to Shavuos, we were in Brooklyn early one morning for a bris.

ing to family onto my cars back seat, and the few bags we were taking home for ourselves I placed in the trunk. No, we didnt inspect each bag, and the next part of the story is that when we arrived ho

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover It seems rather clear that on this count, Israel would prefer Mr. Trump over Mrs. Clinton, primarily because Trump would signal a break with the failed and u

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 21 ing areas ever be shifted in any significant way Or, if he is elected, will Donald Trump have the fortitude to push back against the longheld establishment posit

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HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover In this particular case, the young tycoon lived locally and soon took a job with a local Five Towns realestate firm. Soon, an uncle took the young man under

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Page 25 cites a responsum of the Rif, who rules that it is biblical, as does Rav Shimon ben Tzemach Duran 13611444 in his Tashbatz Vol. II 290. The Midrash Tanchuma in

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FROM WHERE I STAND Continued from Page 26 the losers. And the result was an extended vacation in the Wilderness for them and a tragedy for all of us to this day. So although we may be staunch democrat

BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian For Heavens Sake Mr. Braun received legal notice Mr. Rubin was demanding 50,000 payment due. I owe no more than 10,000,

BUSINESS HALACHA Continued from Page 29 which he considers primary, still applies, so that beis din should decline the case, regardless. What about my question asked Mr. Braun. Nesivos and Aruch HaShu

A Month of Dirshu Siyumim Worldwide Massive Gatherings in Eretz Yisrael and Argentina Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Skulener Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Hillel, Rav Yitzchak Ezrachi among Gedolei Yisrael at Siyumim BY C

Reb Avrohom Dovid Weisz participating at the Dirshu siyum in Monsey HEROES OF DIRSHU Continued from Page 31 LifeGiving Reb Avrohom Dovid Weisz of Monsey, New York, is a courageous individual who has

SIYUMIM Continued from Page 31 and yedias haTorah at the highest levels. Rav Chaim told Dirshus hanhalah that the ultimate purpose of learning is the knowledge of Torah, and the way to achieve that is

SIYUMIM Continued from Page 33 considerable yetzer haras is through true yegiah in Torah. Becoming Drunk from Torah The main address of the evening was given by HaGaon HaRav Michel Zilber, shlita, Ro

forth in enthusiastic dancing. Ink on paper cannot express the beauty, the enthusiasm and simcha that permeated the hall during the dancing. It touched a chord deep in the neshamos of all who were pre

HEROES OF DIRSHU Continued from Page 32 the test is not only on the 30 blatt they learned that month, but three times a year there is an additional test to review the past four months 120 blatt. Then,

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Spectator Speculation Sometimes human nature is slightly peculiar. Other times it seems downright bizarre. We have all occasionally exhibited quirky behavio

The 20th World Maccabiah Games BY DR. ALEX STERNBERG The 20th World Maccabiah Games, or the quadrennial Jewish Olympics, is set to begin on July 6, 2017, with the spectacular opening ceremonies in the

tee and are sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and World Federation of Sports. The Maccabiah Games, ranking among the five largest sports gatherings in the world in number of participan

Maccabiah Games Continued from Page 39 by Jack Pressman, Ricky Spritz, Adam Brozer, Adam Older, William Chadrow, and Avi Azoulay. More recently Dov Sternberg multiple national Gold medalist and PanAm

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Full Circle Usually when I treat a patient for a particular health concern, the individual comes for a series of treatments. We may begin with twiceaweek treatments initially, and as the signs and sym


Traveling With A Senior BY ANITA KAMIEL , RN, MPS For many, summer means vacation and fun in the sun. Your elderly loved one need not be left home alone to wait for those checkin phone calls from the

a service that repatriates member patients anywhere in the world from any hospital to the hospital of their choice. Make accommodations for the flight. Order a costfree wheelchair when you make your r

ENDOFLIFE ISSUES Continued from Page 45 have become increasingly difficult to navigate. This course provides the training to inform and guide rabbanim through the critical issues, at a moment of signi

Course highlights include an explanation of the equipment unique to cancer and terminalillness patients and terminology used in the hospital, ER, and ICU, with Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, chairman of medic

Dear Esther, When I married my husband, Sol, about a dozen years ago, he was a little chubby. I never was attracted to thin men I always thought a few extra pounds on a man was more attractive. During

my eating habits and how I look. Ive never been a closet eater but Im now starting to become one. I feel like his dieting is changing who Sol is, and also how we relate to each other at this point. He

MINDBIZ Continued from Page 49 Youve mentioned that this new Sol only appeared on the scene about a month ago. Thats not a very long time. My first hope is that the newness of it all is overshadowing

Touros Dr. Perry Brickman L and Hon. Michael Mukasey R were presented with awards by Dr. Jay P. Goldsmith, the schools founding dean. the real reason for his dismissal was his Jewish heritage, a susp

gram them, and transplant them back to a patients diseased heart to regenerate its function, he says. The heart cannot regenerate itself. Any dead areas following a heart attack are replaced by scar t

says Gepstein. If you have a promising drug with possible adverse side effects on the heart, you can test it in a lab dish instead of in humans before spending billions on development. Right now we ar

Grandell Rehab A 5Star SkilledNursing Facility With Heart BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has become the premier choice of residents and their families throughout

Whats My Name, Again BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER One of the biggest perks of being a new parent is that you get to name your kid. Its a lot of pressure, though. But luckily, some of the pressure is taken o

5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword July 4th BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Sacred song 6. Feeling of apprehension 11. Recent grads 14. Singer Goulding 15. adumah 16. Like Jerusalem in July 17. Some co

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Name Continued from Page 55 psychologists nice way of saying, Kids dont listen the first time. The truth is that whatever name either you or your spouse picks doesnt matter. Your name can always chang

Rav Shlomo However, the Gemara says that one is responsible for damage caused by a pit he dug in the street. In that case, the digger did not directly cause the damage, yet the digger of the pit is re

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 61 and the whole relationship will fall apart. You know how these guys can get How do you suggest we go about handling it Response I will first address your statement

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430 am Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Mishnah Berurah Rabbi Shmuel Grossman 500 am Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Magid Shiur Rabbi Shmuel Grossman 515 am Y.I. of Woodmere Magid Shiur Rabbi Rafael Fink 530 am Chofet

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Understanding The Risk Of Disability Why It Pays To Be Prepared B Y M I C H A E L P. R A P P S How would you and your family live if you were unable to work Sixtytwo percent of Americans have life ins

The Sun Is Out, The Whites Are In BY GABRIEL GELLER KEDEM FOODS The summer is easily the best time of the year for a welldeserved vacation and diverse outdoor activities. The heat, humidity, and type

WHITE WINE Continued from Page 67 world. But their Reserve Fum is simply one of the most interesting wines out there. Aged for a few months in barrels to give it more structure and a slightly smoky pr

Enjoying the childrens Jewish cultural carnival Upcoming Events New Video Series of Lectures by Mrs. Tammy Karmel on Relationships. Mondays July 11, July 19, July 25, and August 1. 7223 139th Street,

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Brexit Or Flexit Yup, the vote is in, and by a margin of more than a million votes the residents of the United Kingdom favored exiting the European

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Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin 100 fiveday iCan Bike programs in 32 statesand four provinces in Canadaserving nearly 3,000 people with disabilities each year. The iCan Bike group, the Do

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Polish Consul Meets With Rambam Activists Last month, on Yom HaShoah, Rambam Mesivta held a rally outside the Polish consulate in Manhattan expressing support for Professor Jan T

Mall offers more than 120 retailers and restaurants. Last fall, Green Acres Mall introduced Century 21 Department Store, the iconic retailer known for its exceptional offerings of pure designer mercha

Brexit Vote Leaves Israel Pondering Implications BY ALEX TRAIMAN Last Thursdays historic referendum in which the United Kingdom voted to leave the 28nation European Union has sent shockwaves throughou

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SERVICES PROVIDED Gemach for Bilirubin Lights Availableif needed for your newborn. Call or text 5162348865 Experienced Rebbe available to learn any limudei kodesh subject with you or your son. Referen

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence Exclusive The Regency Please Call Irene For Your Private Viewing. Magnificent, Newly Built Condominium Building With Full Concierge Service, Doorman, Personal Parking

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 79 FOR RENT Cedarhurst Courtyard New Apts for Rent. No Fee Gut Renovated 2 3Brs Very Large, Bright, Marble Baths, SS Appliances, Private WD, Private Central, Priv

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Hewlett 1,100SF Space Available, Modern Professional Bldg, Great parking, Ideal for Medical ProfessionalGeneral Office Use, Close to All, For Lease Call Lori for More

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 81 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Lawrence Office Max Shopping Center, 1000 Or 4,000 SF Available, Join Office Max, Sherwin Williams, AutoZone More, Great Parkin

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Touro And NCSY Announce Lander Scholars Nine outstanding highschool students from around the country were selected to receive the prestigious Sarah Rivkah and Dr. Bernard Lander, ztl, Scholarship, pre

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Community News Continued from Page 84 nuclear capability, it only placed further restrictions on it. Palestinians must recognize the right of the Jewish people to a state before negotiations. The disc

ing short film that follows up on various foster children whose lives were transformed by the assistance of Ohels legendary Milton Molly Schulman Foster Care Program and its accomplishments. Everyone

Helen Mirren Hosts Jerusalem Prize, Receives Jerusalem Of Gold Award Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat bestowed the Jerusalem of Gold Award for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities upon acclaimed British

charge a nice sum for my professional services. After the court case, I called one of my lawyer friends to thank him for directing this case to me. The lawyer responded with a claim for a big percenta

Community Leaders Denounce Swastika Rehabilitation Day Senator Todd Kaminsky, Legislator Denise Ford, and a bipartisan group of community leaders stood up against hate by denouncing the aerial display

Biale Rebbe Continued from Page 89 and New Jersey, because all Jews are his children. Hundreds of emails arrive at the Rebbes secretariat, and the Rebbe devotes time every day to answer the questions

Jewish Administrator In Queens Seemingly Targeted For Retaliation David Possner, an awardwinning educator who is an assistant principal at MS 226 in Queens District 27, is currently suing the NYC Depa

sures to get our voices heard. BDS does not start on college campuses. Grosz added she is finding another trend People simply dont know facts. Teachers tell me they are not antiSemitic because they vi

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