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See Page 3 See Page 26 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island See Page 87 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 18 NO. 16 25 TEVES 5778 JANUARY 12, 2018 FROM THE EDITO

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover ment in the effort over the last year or more to seek justice for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, who was released from prison on the last day of Chanukah. The p

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5162953000 950 Broadway Woodmere, NY CALL US NOW SUSAN PUGATCH FEATURES Business Halacha R Meir Orlian 48 84 42 72 96 28 44 38 58, 93 52, 94 43 45 30 15 34 20 32 50 51 64 57 74 92

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 6 date for the presidency in 2020 And one more thing on this issue. They are saying that Donald Trump is unfit and unstable for office What about Barack Obama Now t

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover young men and women looking for a suitable match, marriage, and the ability to move on with life. Ive said and written this for many years, and an abundance of p

their children but that they rarely receive a timely return call. But what do you want the shadchan to do Call and say that he or she really does not have any ideas at the present time No, I am not an


TIDBITS FROM ISRAEL Continued from Front Cover emerge stronger and more beloved to the American public than ever before. This unethical and biased use of mental health and psychiatry has been used in

TIDBITS FROM ISRAEL Continued from Page 13 truth, by not blaming the victims, by holding the Palestinian Arabs accountable for the lack of a peace agreement, by defending Israeli interests first and f

LUACH January 12January 20 July 1July 9 ZIP Code 11516 25 Teves Erev Shabbos CALENDAR Friday, January 12 Daf yomi Shevuos 45 Zmanim Earliest tallistefillin Sunrise Latest Shema M. Av. Gra Plag hami

QUANTITY VERSUS QUALITY Continued from Front Cover responsibility is to produce advertising sales. So while I try to balance both ends as best I can, my main focus is in sales. Although I must admit t

ditchiver would never have commented about the physical smallness of the book because quantity is not noteworthy from the Jewish perspective. Having recently celebrated Chanukah, it did not matter how

Keep Breathing BY ARI FULD I am having a hard time breathing. Last night, a Jewish father was on his way home when he was brutally murdered by a terrorist. Twentytwo bullets were fired at the car of a

slapped in the face by a terrorist whose entire family supports the murder of Jews and not reacting, and there is no honor in arresting an IDF soldier who took out a terrorist who attempted to murder

We recently were off for two legal holidays, which I wrote about and enjoyed. This past week we scored a bonus holidaya snow day Actually, there were two days off from school. Fun in the snow except f

The children learned about the beautiful berachah that Yaakov gave to his grandsons, Hamalach hagoel. They enjoyed turning out the lights in the classroom and pretending to go to sleep as they sang th

NEWS FROM THE HILLS Continued from Page 21 physically and spiritually. This power is especially potent in the place where Gd rests his Shechinah. The shul is a sacred place and we must show the proper

tee has selected an outstanding slate of people and families who have excelled in their dedication to YCQ and other Jewish communal endeavors. Guests of Honor David and Toby Reich. An attorney by prof

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DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Piecing It Together There is a question that is frequently heard in yeshivos Why are we learning this topic in Gemara Why is it relevant All topics of Torah

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letters to THE EDITOR The Rubashkin Case In Perspective Dear Editor, Having written previously about the plights of Sholom Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard, and in light of the comments by the editor, h

the Gemara goes on and on about the travails of arrogance, will be able to glean a satisfactory level of understanding as to why things like this may occur. While it may be a bit unfortunate that muss

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Continued from Page 31 For Yeshiva University not to see fit to take a strong stance against Olsons action in order to undo his shameful offense to the Jewish people and its valu

On second thought, had she called, it would have been quite awkward. And that was all Chaiky needed nowfor her to warmly thank Goldie for food put in her freezer, and then have to hear Goldies stammer

Alone In The Nest Dear Esther, The last of our children got married last year and moved out of the house. At this point, its just my husband, Hershel, and me left at home together. During the week, we

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MINDBIZ Continued from Page 34 not sure I took the time to wonder whether he was someone I could have a lot in common with in general. But all that is now water under the bridge. How I do I get throug

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Question I never have a problem getting a date. But it never progresses to a second date. Sometimes I think that I must be doing something wrong. Its not my imaginationthe guys I like say no to going

does not sound like overkill to me certainly not enough for the guy to be embarrassed to be seen with you. I have heard of similar stories more than once. I know of an incident where the guys mother w

YidParenting Continued from Page 39 and should never have happened. What really got me was the smiley face. Haha What could possibly be humorous about destroying a rebbes career This could have been d

thats the WAY IT IS On a regular basis, I take myself into one of the local nail salons to get a manicure. Every salon that I visit has one thing in common. I dont mean the fee that they charge or the

Speak Of Nothing BY MORDECHAI SCHMUTTER Its almost January 16, and do you know what day that is Thats rightits National Nothing Day. Dont pretend. You did not know that. Youre probably saying, I thoug

otherwise be doing This is unclear. Maybe its a day to go about your life and take care of all the stuff you couldnt do on all the other days, because they were all holidays. Its like every single one

FROM WHERE I STAND Continued from Page 43 attempt an affair. He has no ambition. He never gets angry no matter what I do. I can scream and shout, abuse him, send him to the doghouse, and he never says

hand. If the borrower tries to claim he already paid without testimony to that effect, the lender undoubtedly wins the case and collects. This is because any claim from the borrower that he paid is re

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Judaism Continued from Page 45 being part of a people with a purpose that will last through the eons of time, creating a relationship both with the world and Gd in a balanced way that joins Heaven and

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5 T J T P u z z l e P a g e Crossword A Peace Plan Across 1. Fire starter 6. Former Knicks guard John 12. Jewish prophetess, for short 15. Esa 16. Hair color thats also the name of a university 17

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Yair Lapid And The Desecration Of The Jewish Flag, Part II Halachic Musings BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN In Part I January 5, 2018, Rabbi Hoffman discussed the sanctity of Shabbos as the soul of the Jewish p

he had the ability he would forbid it entirely Beitzah 134. The Maharshal is quoted by the TaZ O.C. 5182 and he labels it an evil custom. BUSINESS HALACHA Continued from Page 48 But what if he knew t

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Two Wines To Cozy Up To This Winter Sometimes, a quick trip to the wine shop turns into a long journey through miles of aisles as you ponder the endless options. And if were being honest, it often boi

Photo Prose Ten Years For An Album BY GARY RABENKO I am writing this while waiting for a client to visit my Woodmere studio to discuss her recent wedding photos so I can evaluate her views and make su

Photo Prose Continued from Page 59 sitions are not applicable. The more images that one has to play with for each segment of the book, the more creative options can be implemented. If you are having o

My Experience At Yarchei Kallah BY DANIELLA ABEKASSIS HEWLETT HIGH SCHOOL, 12TH GRADE I experienced the unbelievable power we all have to find meaning and create connection in our lives. Instead of s

My Experience Continued from Page 61 Would you like to have a chevrusah where you can be learning cutting edge issues in Torah and Shas Would you like to learn through Shas in depth but quickly Woul

Ari Zucker, TJJ assistant director and followup coordinator Jeffrey Steinberg Gavi Katzenberg Yoel Fogel Edan Ozer all TJJ alumni from East Brunswick Adviser Sarah Steinhardt from TJJ back to camera

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Give Yourself Credit When was the last time you checked to see what kind of credit scores you rated with the three credit bureaus TRW, Equifax, and

Autistic IDF Recruits Beckon Age Of Inclusive Vision In The Military BY AYALA YOUNG For decades, service in the Israel Defense Forces has been an important rite of passage for Israeli youth and a laun

Five Towns Residents Brave Blizzard For Chassan and Kallah Ahseph Weisz met Miriam Hershkop in Jerusalem. Both had made aliyah. Once the couple decided to marry, they planned a wedding at Beth Sholom

brother of the kallah, who learns in Lakewood, contacted other rebbeim in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway, who continued to spread the word. Once it was time for the chuppah that evening, despite the

Standing Room Only For Agudath Israel Of West Lawrences Melaveh Malkah Picture by Yaakov Katz Studios Picture by Yaakov Katz Studios Agudath Israel of West Lawrence held its 25th Anniversary Melave


Israeli StartUp Eases The Great ParkingSpace Hunt BY MAX SCHINDLER You cant find parking. You circle the block, twisting your head as you look for an open spot, but nothing emerges. One Israeli startu

More Tourists Visit Israel In 2017 Than Ever Before BY MAX SCHINDLER More tourists than ever visited Israel in 2017, with an estimated 3.6 million tourists visiting the countrys sandy beaches and holy

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Cahal At YOSS Chumash Presentation With great simcha and enjoyment, the boys of Rabbi Binyomin Jacobss firstgrade Cahal class at Yeshiva of South Shore had the opportunity to cel


5TJT Simcha Mazal tov to the Tuchman family on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Tiferet. Tiferet is a sixthgrader at Shulamith School for Girls. She celebrated her bat mitzvah on Sunday, January 7,

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 72 practical halachos and give his eighthgrade talmidim the As the women entered the beautiful store, they were tantalized by the incredible aroma. Chef Yitzy


AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 75 program to enhance tefillah. Upon entering the school building, a huge sign reading Welcome to the MET Museum Enriching Tefillah introduced incredible stud

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 77 DRS Nedivei Lev Induction Ceremony Last week, DRS held its seventh annual Nedivei Lev Service Society Induction Ceremony. This special ceremony recognizes

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS tistry, law, finance, accounting, rabbanus, computers, politics, real estate, Jewish communal work, psychology, and catering. SNOw School By Sarah Austin, 18 The grind never st

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 79 to learning lishma, even when not required to do so. The Rambam administration chose to honor these boys and their parents with a special presentation at t

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 80 of a national revelation and explained why the claim of such an event could never be duplicated. It is impossible to lie to someone about their ing such a

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SERVICES PROVIDED Pidyan Haben Coin Gemach Please Call Yachov Friedman 6464190782 SBG Moving LLC Local Long Distance. Insured, Full service moving company. We pack and move full houses. Call Shalom a

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence Exclusive The Regency Please Call Irene For Your Private Viewing. Magnificent, Newly Built Condominium Building With Full Concierge Service, Doorman, Personal Parking

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 85 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Hewlett New Listing Renovated 5BR, 3 Full Bath Colonial On Oversized Property, SD14, EIK, Formal DR, Handicap Accessible . . . . . . . . .

FOR RENT Far Rockaway New to market. Renovated Studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4BR rentals, great location. Call Joan for details, 5163194482 FiveTowns Homes Realty 5165695710 Far Rockaway New to Market Totall

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 87 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Hewlett 450SF Office Space in Professional Building, OnSite Municipal Parking, Heat Included, Electric AC Metered Separately,

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Rockville Centre 800 SF Retail Space Available, 1 Bathroom, Rear Door, Street Municipal Parking, Close to All, For Lease Call Alan for More Details.,

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 89 LEGAL NOTICES SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF KINGS CMG MORTGAGE, INC., Plaintiff against MARIE JOSEPH AKA MARIE B. JOSEPH, et al Defendants. Pursuant to a Judgment of

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 82 grade was divided up into groups and had the opportunity to interdirected by the Names, Not Numbers production crew. Thanks to Jay, Pavin, and Matt for all

Five Towns Girls Basketball Leagues First Season A Success The 5 Towns Girls Basketball League just finished an amazing inaugural season The girls in each division are learning the fundamentals of the

Basil A Kosher Revolution In Trendy Crown Heights Despite the cold and rising snow on Thursday, January 4, Basil Pizza and Wine Bar hosted a multicultural celebration of food and wine at a grand debut

LateNight Weddings Halachic Musings BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN KolSave Market Comes To The Five Towns In a development much anticipated by residents of the Five Towns and surrounding neighborhoods, KolSav

actually covering the bride. They should be aware that this is a kinyan, as mentioned earlier. There is no need to have the groom acquire the veil. All of this can be done earlier, before the guests a

Touro College Dean Chosen As Top SocialWork Leader Dr. Steven Huberman, the current and founding dean of the Touro College Graduate School of Social Work, was recently presented with the Top Leadershi

Mossad Chief We Have Eyes, Ears, And More In Iran BY TAMAR BEN OZER Mossad chief Yossi Cohen spoke out at a Ministry of Finance conference Tuesday morning regarding the recent protests in Iran, accord

YOSS EighthGraders Fare Well At Farher Seinfelds Visit To Training Camp Is No Laughing Matter BY AMY SPIRO, ANNA AHRONHEIM Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has drawn the ire of some fans after news broke that

Israel Thwarts Terror Attacks In Europe BY HERB KEINON Israeli intelligence has thwarted mass terrorist attacks in Europe that involve civil aviation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in a poss

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