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2 January 3, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 3

4 January 3, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 5

A LESSON FROM LIMMUD Continued from Front Cover The popular Jewish event, which attracts people from all segments of the Jewish universe and somelike the Reverend Patrick Morrow, who led a Limmud sess

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 7

FEATURES Auto Section Business Halacha R Meir Orlian 31 46 72 33 54 63 62 35 43 30 42 37 20 10 49 76 38 48 26 57 31 40 51 28 59 Classified Ads A Clever Title Goes Here Mordechai Schmutter Community

BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover introducing the teaching of English and math in their yeshivos, thereby educating the population, which will allow them to become employable. And then there is t

January 2January 11 1 Shevat Thursday, January 2 Rosh Chodesh Shevat 2 Shevat Erev Shabbos Friday, January 3 Daf yomi Yoma 56 Zmanim Earliest tallistefillin Sunrise Latest Shema M. Av. Gra Plag hamin

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 11

BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 9 voters just do not know any better. Its been 20plus years since David Dinkins wreaked havoc in the city. Thats two decades since the last time that over 2,200 people

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 13

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover loss of loved ones. That Israel had her arm twisted, and that she takes her commitments seriously and now has to follow through with them, is one thing. That

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 15

TEKHELET CONFERENCE Continued from Front Cover of Jews throughout the ages. The secret was believed to have been lost after the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash by the Romans. So it is no surprise th

Dr. Meir Soloveichik of ancient shellfish dyeing solved. Tyrian purple came from Murex brandaris and fais haemastoma a reddish purple, and tekhelet came from the Murex trunculus a blue purple. In 198

18 January 3, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover Most of us have heard this conversation countless times in shuls across the country. The conversation deals with the Shabbos morning reading of the Torah an

letters to THE EDITOR Finding A Place In The Community Dear Editor, Last Sunday, Achiezer hosted a phenomenal chesed awareness event. As a postseminary attendee, it was so nice to hear from local orga

man in the street would far rather see Pollard kicked out in disgrace than awarded a pardon. I agree wholeheartedly that Jonathan Pollard has the finest lawyers, who have done their utmost to have him

U.S. Officials No Chance Pollard Will Be Freed In Exchange For Arabs U.S. administration officials clarified to their Israeli counterparts that there is no chance that U.S. President Barack Obama woul

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 23

A Joyous And Inspiriational YDT Dinner BY BENZION KAPLAN Some people attend organizational dinners out of a sense of obligation they dont necessarily enjoy it. Judging from the crowd that attended Yes

sentations about the honorees and the theme of the dinner, Preparing a Child for Life were screened throughout the program. In one of the choir videos, the boys sang a beautiful rendition of pesukim t

News From The Hills BY CHANITA TEITZ We just got home from a lovely family sheva berachos in honor of our greatnephew and his kallah, Eli and Esther Press Swerdlik. Mazal tov to the entire Press, Teit

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 27

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman A Daughters Payback Some things dont work out quite the way we expect that they will. I have recently discovered that payback is one of them. When my childr

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 29

insights on THE TORAH A Fresh Start BY FIVE TOWNS MARRIAGE INITIATIVE Hachodesh hazeh lachem rosh chadashim This month shall be for you the beginning of the months . . . Shmos 122. Sanctifying the ne

Fears Or Friends Photo Prose BY GARY RABENKO Mans best friend My parents taught me compassion. If someone was ill or needed help, I was not to just stand by apathetically, but I was to try to help, ge

Touro News And Events Alumna Shuli Lowy Named Mobile Marketing Woman to Watch. Shuli Lowy, a 2010 graduate of Touro College Los Angeles TCLA, was named a Mobile Marketing Woman to Watch for 2014 by Mo

and addressing the social determinants of health. Participants, including deans, directors, and social work faculty from across the country, learned about federal campaigns to reduce stigma in mental

Its Unlocked Continued from Page 33 over, they dont even leave anything in the car. They leave it all in our front entranceway, which is now the part of the house thats unlocked. Though technically, I

Question How can I get a guy to come and see me for dates after Ive been travelling back and forth to see him This is not the first time such a thing has happened to me. Living in Canada is making it

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 35 graphic desires of the single boy or girl by suggesting the shidduch anyway, the reaction will usually be hostile. To be fair, there are also some New York girls wh

Who Is A Salesman The Job Hunter BY RABBI MORDECHAI KRUGER Our intrepid job hunter, Beryl Klein, is using a tool called informational interviews to learn about the different kinds of jobs that are fou

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, I am an 83yearold fan of your column. I read it religiously, as I do many other columns, books, magazines, etc. Though I am no youngster, thank Gd my mind is

My son and daughter dont seem to understand this. They call me almost daily, telling me about things that are going on in the neighborhood that I should be taking advantage of. Whether its a program a

5TJT Puzzle Generic Jews BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Cayman kin 5. Box 10. Common Jewish last name 14. Medal recipient 15. Common Jewish last name 16. Fashion magazine 17. Hebrew for made 18. Beside 19. A

Solution To Previous 5TJT Puzzle High And Mighty Puzzle appeared on Page 50 of the December 27 issue. 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 41

insights on THE TORAH Bo Whos First BY RABBI YITZCHOK D. FRANKEL AGUDATH ISRAEL OF THE FIVE TOWNS This month will be for you the head of months. It is the first for you among the months of the year.

to call one. It determines such crucial issues as when Pesach will fall. We can even decide, for instance, that the first day of Pesach will never fall on a Wednesday This month will be for you. The m

Weight Loss Continued from Page 43 ner in crime you cant seem to make it to any gym class without your best friend Or maybe youre more of a student and less of a teacher given a set of instructions yo

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 45

BUSINESS WEEKLY By Rabbi Meir Orlian Firing Line Mrs. Simon had taught for seven years at Bnos Sarah elementary school. However, a competing school had opened two years ago, drawing away many student

give elsewhere, as long as the money did not yet reach the possession of the tzedakah administrator see Tosafos Arachin 6b, dh ad Maharit 139. Others contend that the Gemara is merely permitting an ex

Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin Sitting In Traffic Im sitting in traffic court again. The thing about traffic court is that you can never predict how long things will take. Its all based

Jewish Kidney Transplants Machberes Inside The Chassidish And Yeshivish World BY RABBI GERSHON TANNENBAUM Amongst the many chesed organizations serving the observant community, a singular place is occ

Dirshu Siyum In London Leaves Powerful Impact BY CHAIM GOLD A crowd of nearly a thousand celebrated at Dirshus European daf hayomi bhalacha siyum on Mishnah Berurah Chelek Hei at Londons Finchley Syna

Machberes Continued from Page 49 go ahead. Nor is it the simple insertion of ones hand deep into a pocket to extract 1, or 10,000, for tzedakah. If one is inclined to donate a kidney, he is presented

REAL ESTATE Continued from Page 51 to create a safer relationship with the waterfront in order to improve quality of life and reduce risk from extreme weather. This will set Five Towns on course to re

Excitement Mounts Ahead Of TAG Dinner Excitement is mounting as the date for the annual Torah Academy for Girls dinnerJanuary 21draws closer. The journal chairmen, Menachem Kagan and Yehudah Biber, ar

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Rabbi Friedmans Reunion In Israel As the snow covered the streets of Yerushalayim, there was a rush of excitement streaming from Caf Rimon, as the Shalhevet graduates in Israel w

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 55

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 54 done to a number of homes and other buildings, including the Agudah shul on Bayswater Avenue near Bay 25th Street. The synagoguewhose unusual belowstreetle

Speaking Softly From The Other Side Of The Bench BY DAVID J. SEIDEMANN, ESQ. If you happened to have been at the Minnesota State Fair on September 2, 1901, you would be at least 112 years old now. But

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 56 zaei Shabbos, December 21 at Lawrence High School. The concert featured one of the most outstanding Jewish performers in the world today, Avraham Fried a

HALB Kickoff Breakfast The Hebrew Academy of Long Beachincluding the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls and the Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High athon, running with Team Yachad. In order to rais

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 59 Tepfer family. This initiative, as well as future programs, will be carried out to perpetuate the memory of the very beloved Aaron Shalom ben Naftali Hertz

On Becoming A Chayal From Cedarhurst BY GAVI NELSON So here I am at 352 a.m., going through my Facebook news feed and looking at posts from September, when I took the jump and made aliyah, after spend

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Men In Back About 20 years ago, there was a shul outside of the New York Metropolitan area that was looking for a rabbi. There were many candidates for the o

Community News From Around The World Cuppa Js New DairyFree Hot Cocoa Mix Redefining Exotic Chocolate Hot chocolate has always seemed to fall into the category of if its not dairy, its not worth it. C


And Gd spoke to Moshe . . . Please, speak into the ears of the people, that every man ask of his neighbor, and every woman of her neighbor, articles of silver and articles of gold . . . Shmos 112 To w

Community News Continued from Page 63 At the conclusion of the informative program and lively discussion, Rabbi Tirschwell commented to Dr. Singer, Without a doubt, Shalom Task Force saved some lives

Our Place To Hold Ultimate VIP Reception, January 8 A unique event to benefit Our Place, which provides servicesincluding counseling, rehabilitation, and guidanceto troubled teens, will combine sophis

Community News Continued from Page 67 cert with special guests Abie Rotenberg and Baruch Levine. Hosted at the luxurious Stamford Plaza Hotel in Connecticut, the Fifth Annual Project Inspire Conventio

Chanukah. Katsoff is committed to returning to OneFamily for additional classes. I cant wait to do this again, she says. Tazpit News Agency The Diet Fantasy Healthy Meals Right At Your Front Door We

Community News Continued from Page 69 but men who for the most part are well beyond their yeshiva years. When you close your eyes, adds his chavrusa, you really feel as though you were sitting in the

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SERVICES PROVIDED Piano lessons Qualified piano teacher with 10years experience offering music lessons in your own home. For children of all ages. Beginners and advanced welcome. Contact Gila 3473620

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Woodmere 2BR, 2 Bath Coop, Elevator Bldg, 9ft Ceilings, Many Closets, Close To All . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .169K Call Mark Lipner Direct 5162988457 Pugatch Realty Corp. Email

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 73 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence Open House 15 1230. Key here. 92 Meadow Lane 3story Manor home. 9BR, Banquet LR, DR, den. Guesthouse, .5 acre. Key here . . . . .

FOR RENT Hewlett First show, split level LR, FDR, EIK, 3BR, 2bths, CAC, basement, , SD14, walk all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2850 Call Joan 5163194482, 5 Towns Homes Realty 5165695710 Hewlett Fir

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 75 VACATION REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Income Producing Shopping Center for Sale in Sullivan County 100 Leased with Long Term Leases In Place Additional Air Rights Avail

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Religious Freedom Continued from Page 76 any duties or obligations to the state, as any law with which they disagreethey seem to contendwould rightly fall under the heading of religious coercion. Reli

News From The Hills Continued from Page 26 Bais Yaakov of Queens, in a League of Its Own BYQs eighthgrade sports league got off to a great start this Tuesday Mrs. Sarah Bergman initiated the program t

News From The Hills Continued from Page 79 ended with a moving story connecting the Holocaust to our times. Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt, rosh hayeshiva of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim, and husband of Rebbitzen Ch

Perlstein Tzedakah full new 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES January 3, 2014 81

82 January 3, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

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84 January 3, 2014 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES