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Week of March 9 16, 2018 22 29 Adar, 5778 Vol. 11 Issue 12 PAGE 3 PAGE 19 A match made in Heaven 38 Pictured With Israels President Reuven Rivlin Am Echad Mission to Israel 38 Crown Princ

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3918 MAZEL CONT. FROM P1 area, and which borders Israel. It is unclear what has been achieved so far, though the jihadis are still putting up a fight. Nearly three weeks later, on Feb. 27, Egyptian m

3918 Dr. Joseph Mercola Stop Sleepless Nights When You Do These Things Ben Greenfield, one of the top biohackers in the U.S. and founder of BenGreenfieldFitness. com, has intriguing insights into hea

3918 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P6 Ill usually use that one or two times a week ... What else did I do I was breathing this air from the NanoVi device, which is basically humidified air that gets exposed to

3918 Roy Neuberger A Very Good Boy Eliyahu is a nineyear old boy who lives in Israel. He has a wonderful neshamah. I sometimes call him Eliyahu Hanovi. But right now he is still a nineyearold boy an

3918 THE SHMUZ Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier LAZINESS OR LACK OF MOTIVATION PARSHAS VAYAKHEL The princes brought the shoham stones and the filling stones for the Eiphod and for the Choshen. Shemos 3527 T

3918 MERCOLA Grand Opening K CONT. FROM P7 GLATT CONEY Glatt Kosher Chinese Delicious Kosher Chinese Restaurant Eat In Or Take Out K 1558 CONEY ISLAND AVENUE BROOKLYN, NY 7186767781 www.glattcon

3918 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P10 extract oxygen from blood, youll want your intervals to be about four to six minutes long, with four to six minutes of recovery in between. Explosive muscle fiber specific

3918 preordained long life can be interrupted by reckless behavior, but a short life cannot be extended by such behavior. As we noted The fear of Hashem prolongs ones days, but the years of the wicked

3918 BERGER CONT. FROM P11 ing billions of dollars in losses What is impostor fraud Impostor fraud involves a fraudster posing as a person or entity you know and trust to convince you to send them m

3918 BERGER CONT. FROM P13 with questions about the payment. The trouble is that the real CEO is not going to receive that communication the impostor will. If he or she can answer the questions witho

3918 KASNETT CONT. FROM P1 Near East Policy told JNS. He gets a warm welcome. Its a way for him to project to the Israeli public that he is not distracted by the investigations and that he is accepte

3918 ALT MILLER CONT. FROM P1 tred. The ADL tracked 457 instances of antiSemitic harassment and bullying in elementary and high schools in 2017, a 94 increase from the year before. Students as young

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3918 REVIEWS Daniel Keren school student, his natural genius was recognized. Rabbi Finkelman records in his new biography how when in the third grade Yisroel Belsky had done so well on standard I.Q

3918 FAIGIE HIRSCH Nutritionist,C.N.C. A Refreshing Refresher on Teen Dear Readers Now that Purim is behind us, we have my favorite season, SPRING or aviv, for you Hebrew speakers fast approaching u

3918 FAMILY MATTERS Dr. Ari Korenblit PARENTING MATTERS STEALING AND GREATER CRIMES With the beautiful Yom Tov holiday of PesachPassover still prominent in our memories, one lingering tradition al

3918 HIRSCH CONT. FROM P19 irritation. Garlic also thins the blood, so avoid taking it with other blood thinners. Garlic lowers glucose levels and increases the release of insulin, so it should not

3918 CHICKEN WITH HONEY ROASTED CIPOLLINI ONIONS Jamie Geller Ingredients 6 8ounce Grow Behold boneless chicken breast halves, skin on, wings intact 3 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoons vegan butter, r

3918 STRATEGIES Rifka Schonfeld to be. This way, you can create a stepbystep plan of how to get there. Breaking apart a longterm goal into multiple shorter steps can help the task seem more managea

3918 ALT MILLER CONT. FROM P16 For those of us in the United States, this surge in antiJewish rhetoric and action comes as a shock. For many, overt antiSemitism is something taboo, a prejudice we cou

3918 NIGHTINGALE CONT. FROM P1 emotionally and mentally. And finally we have the third statement of the Mishna that, at first blush, does not seem to fit in Dont ever give up on the notion of reward

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3918 Rabbi Eliyahu Safran Details... Every mans life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. Ernest Hemingway Imagine how Hol

3918 THE HOLY GAME OF HIDE SEEK Shaya Winiarz Purim may have passed, but it is still the month of Adar. What is the Avodah of Adar The Shulchan Aruch Code of Jewish Law states Mishenichnas Adar, mar

3918 JNS.ORG FULL NEWS COVERAGE First lawsuit filed under new Polish Holocaust law A Polish campaign group has filed the first legal action under the new Polish Holocaust Law that criminalizes any su

3918 JNS CONT. FROM P30 alone should rule the world. . . . The Prophet Muhammad said Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and the

3918 JNS CONT. FROM P31 Jewish states creation. In 1956, Guatemala became one of the first Latin American countries to open an embassy in Jerusalem, but later relocated the mission in 1978 to the Tel

3918 POLLACK CONT. FROM P16 pow wow in order to preserve the peace process. I can still see in my minds eye what I thought I never would behold. Even as the Jewish victims were still being buried, B

3918 Pure Commitment to Torah Mordechai Lewis You shall command the Children of Israel that they shall bring to you pure olive oil, that is pressed to... light a candle continuously. Why did the oliv

3918 Interview with the Antivaxxer Part V Shirley Hess If you dont vaccinate your kids, arent you relying on others whove received vaccines to protect your kids from contagious diseases Not at all. A

3918 TORAS DOVID COMMUNITY KOLLEL MELAVE MALKA Malka Millman This past Motzai Shabbos, we witnessed an extraordinary display of Kavod HaTorah as almost two hundred and fifty people packed into Ohr So

3918 SEFER TORAH DEDICATION FOR RABBANITH RUTH MENASHE AH Rabbanith Ruth Menashes son shares words of Torah and speaks fondly of his beloved mothers positive attributes FUNERAL OF RABBI SHMUEL AUERB

3918 AM ECHAD MISSION TO ISRAEL With PM Benjamin Netanyahu PURIM PICTURES In front of the Knesset With Israels President Reuven Rivlin With Harav Rabinowitz, the Kotels Rav PIRCHEI AGUDAS YISROE

3918 The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference Israel at 70 Peace, War and Turmoil NY, April 29th, 2018 Yuval Steinitz Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Avigdor Liberman