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32318 View of Dirshu testing site BORO PARK ecia ecenlze okl ay in ixy .p migqt Your Commitment is Put to the Test Every Day. Make Your Knowledge Stand the Test of Time. Finishing Shas is a goal th

32318 NEW SPRING ARRIVALS The nest selection of Italian designer mens boys suits, sport jackets, pants, shirts, shoes and accessories, at discounted prices. DOLCEPUNTA Made in Italy COLE HAAN Sca

32318 SIRYOTI CONT. FROM P1 crenc xtey AN L IDEAT GIF 4 Volume Slipcased Set List Price 49.95 44.95 humanitarian crisis there on Israel. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Channel

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32318 RUDEE CONT. FROM P1 very positive, but there are trends that are quite dangeroustrends among young Democrats turning away from Israel pose risks to the bipartisan consensus in support of Israel

32318 SAVAGE CONT. FROM P6 by their whole educational system honoring martyrs. And theres no good reason for doing that. Over the last two years, Stuart Force has gone from a retired father looking t

32318 Dr. Joseph Mercola Why Some Nitrates Are Healthy While Others Are Harmful Nitraterich plant foods are a valuable part of your diet as they help promote heart health. Meanwhile, the nitrates in

32318 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P8 compounds. The evidence against processed meats including bacon, ham, pastrami, salami, pepperoni, chorizo, hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers and more is fairly extensive.

32318 Roy Neuberger TAKE IT SERIOUSLY We stand before the Fateful Day, the Beginning of the Year, the First of the Yomim Tovim. The Mighty Pesach draws near I want to ask why do we refer so often to

32318 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P9 you exercise, it takes only about 90 seconds for your blood vessels to run out of stored nitric oxide and begin the process of making more. So working each major muscle gr

32318 If These Were The Only Good Kosher Wines Dayenu Gabriel Geller of Royal Wines Pesach is now around the corner I cannot even count how many times a day Im being asked these questions Which wine

32318 THE SHMUZ Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier Kindliness is Gdliness Pesach And Pharaoh sent for Moshe and Aharon and said to them, I have sinned this time. HASHEM is righteous, and I and my people are w

32318 man wealth, and Hashem could have granted it to him in any number of ways. Why did this person have to suffer the destruction of his house to receive what was destined for him anyway He did not.

32318 SHMUZ CONT. FROM P13 he becomes like HASHEM, and the holier he becomes. This why kindliness is so basic to being a Torah observant Jew. If it could be, HASHEM is allgiving, kindness, and mercy.

32318 FAMILY MATTERS Dr. Ari Korenblit words might fail them. A childs or adolescents handwriting will tell us how the writer feels about them self, do they possess selfconfidence, are they letharg

32318 KORENBLIT CONT. FROM P16 his emotional conflict is interfering with his mental stability. The altered print is another sign of anxiety and insecurity. He is highly nervous and unstable in his r

32318 Rabbi Naphtali Hoff WHEN WORK IS PLAY Recently, I delivered leadership trainings based on the True Colors Personality Assessment. In this system, people are identified as being one of four colo

32318 ROYAL WINES CONT. FROM P17 come exclusively from Israel, and I am also looking forward to drink Les Lauriers de Rothschild Ros which comes from Bordeaux, in France. For the second cup and Shul

32318 Web Print Design Social Media Marketing Virtual Tour Photography May this Pesach be filled with many Year be filled with May this New sweet moments for you and moments for many sweet your f

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32318 BRAVERMAN CONT. FROM P1 seem to stop myself. Can you help me Out of Control Dear Out of Control, Im glad you said cant seem to stop myself instead of cant stop myself because clearly you can. I

32318 Alan Magill All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat When we say very early on in the seder, All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat, to me it is a strong indication of the importance to include as many Jews as

32318 Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Walnut Veggie Burgers DEL MAR Textural balance and difference is important to every recipe, but especially with veggie burgers. Have you ever had one thats just plain mush

32318 Vegan Shepherds Pie JAMIE GELLER A blanket of creamy potatoes and chestnuts covering delicious vegetables, what could be bad about that For Jewish food history buffs There is a history of the I

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32318 LEWIS CONT. FROM P22 important than bringing the daily korbanos. One who learns Torah needs no korbanos and burnt offerings, for Torah study is better than everything. The korbanos have ceased,

32318 GAMLA Masada of the North SHALOM POLLACK Josephus Flavius or Yosef ben Matityahu his Hebrew name, the famous historian has made us familiar with the dramatic last stand of the Jewish rebels o

32318 ay of family Enjoy a d 8 handson fun with 2 tractions at Turn your coloring page into a reallife adventure Name your very own crayon Watch how crayons are made live Extended Passover Hours

32318 Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz The Observant Jew Making the Connection Usually, each Friday afternoon, I plug in my phone to charge, power it down, and bring in Shabbos with no worry that it will ring

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32318 Introducing An E.P.I.C. Solution to Understaffing 4 Action Items That Will Help Your Team Overdeliver, by Naphtali Hoff, PsyD A painfully familiar reality for todays nonprofit and business lead

32318 Rabbi Aharon Ziegler PARASHAT TZAV 20185778 It is customary for people to wish each other a Happy Purim Purim Sameiach for Purim, and a Kosher Pesach for Pesach. Someone observed that it ou ght

32318 JNS.ORG FULL NEWS COVERAGE Residents in Israels south fear relentless terrortunnel efforts undertaken by Hamas smuggling weapons from Gaza to Judea, Samaria formed the captain. The departure wa

32318 POLLACK CONT. FROM P29 Parthian borders would organize expeditionary armies in aid of their brothers in Eretz Yisroel For these reasons, it was deemed necessary to make a convincing example of

32318 Saul M. Berger CFE, CPA, CFF PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM FRAUD ing small spelling changes in an email address, relying on the fact that youll never notice the difference. On a personal level, fra

32318 Rabbi Eliyahu Safran THE SPEAKING VOICE Silence is a source of great strength Lao Tzu The speaking voice always betrays itself. By which I mean, the person talking always gives himself away.

32318 Whats in Your Lotion Ask Dr. P Hadassah Chaya Davies Pardo, Ph.D. A Pesach Primer for your Beautiful Birthday Suit Dear Readers Have you noticed the weather starting to get a little warmer Here

32318 JUST A THOUGHT Aharon E. Wexler JUST A THOUGHT ON THE PASSOVER SEDER Pesach is a week away. While Kol Nidrei has taken the media spotlight as the high point of the Jewish calendar, the reality

32318 SAFRAN CONT. FROM P40 cleaned. Except... ...we clean everywhere except the most important place, the makom kodesh. Such a thing to overlook Where is that makom Is it the ark in the shul The bim

32318 NOW IN STORES A Revolution in Business Halacha Endorsed by Gedolei Yisroel Includes Practical Application of the Halacha in real life scenarios PARNASSAH KHALACHA The parameters of the halacha

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Continued next issue IYH Continued from last issue 32318 chel Fischter R a Sch nasan o Y wartz ch S Stor y by Yay a story i love stories gimpel, you may sit down for a few minutes... By R Fis


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