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Week of January 12 19, 2018 25 Tevet 3 Shvat, 5778 Vol. 11 Issue 8 PAGE 19 P40 38 NEW CEDARHURST MIKVAH DEDICATED 38 Rabbi Raziel Shevach, zl, of Havat Gilad in Samaria was a victim of a de


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11218 Web Print Design Social Media Marketing Virtual Tour Photography Join hundreds of your friends and neighbors on NORPACs Mission to Washington Wednesday, April 25, 2018 Advocate with Senato

11218 SOLOMON CONT. FROM P1 in the U.S. Department of Defense and now a distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute think tank, told JNS. Ephraim Dardashti, who was born and raised in Iran

11218 Dr. Joseph Mercola Training Your Mind as Well as Your Body Whether youre a seasoned athlete or someone who regularly hits the gym to stay in shape, you know that summoning up the power to fini

11218 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P6 attention to the moment youre in right now. Rather than letting your mind wander, when youre mindful youre living in the moment and letting distracting thoughts pass throu

11218 Roy Neuberger TOO BIG A JOB FOR A MALACH In this weeks parsha, we are deep in Mitzraim, seeing firsthand how Hashem extricated us from this fearsome golus. From this we learn how He will extri

11218 THE SHMUZ Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier to give. These two total opposites are forged together to create the whole we know as the human. Touching the Soul This seems to be the answer to the Dos Zaka

11218 located in Willowbrook, is looking to rent its facilities during the week to a small beis medrash for the coming zman. Staten Island Congregation Or HaChaim Come to The Shmuz 3 Part Lecture

11218 Ackerman Inspires Youth with a Motivating Story and a Handful of Medals MATT HETHERINGTON Five medals to her name, four of them gold, Estee Ackerman walked away from the 2017 US Open Table Tenn

11218 cuts runs parallel to the issue of how a person can be harmed if no such decree exists, and clashes loudly with authorities who maintain that nothing happens by accident or happenstance. We will

11218 LIEBERMAN CONT. FROM P12 us say that Person A runs into person B, who wants to kill him. While an indeterminable number of factors come into play, not the least of which is mazal and Divine pro

11218 Saul M. Berger CFE, CPA, CFF PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM FRAUD Rabbi Aharon Ziegler PARASHAT VAERA 5778, 2018 DO WE REALLY APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE In Judaism, an inanimate object can

11218 TRUE HEALTH YAEL TUSK When Ignorance Isnt Bliss Avoiding Aluminum When it comes to preserving our health, we have to differentiate between things that are within our control and things that ar

11218 LAPPIN CONT. FROM P1 Yet Hamas, which rules Gaza and maintains the largest terroristguerrilla army there, is keen on preserving a truce with Israel at this time. Its reasons for sticking with t

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11218 REVIEWS Daniel Keren Rabbi Broyde Publishes Book On Jewish Law for Converts A Concise Code of JEWISH LAW for CONVERTS by Rabbi Michael J. Broyde, Urim Publications, 180 pages, 2017 In my last

11218 EINHORN ZIMMERMAN CONT. FROM P18 me to hurry up and find someone new. Talk about insensitivity What do you think, should I be dating now If so, how can I make it easier Rosie and Sherrys Answe

11218 BERGER CONT. FROM P14 most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM to date, which it says can reach any location in the United States and kill millions of Americans Last week, the annu

11218 FAIGIE HIRSCH Nutritionist,C.N.C. EAT, PRAY AND LOVE.. TO NOURISH YOUR SOUL AND SUSTAIN YOUR BODY When we hear or think of improving our health, we often think of changing our eating habits, w

11218 AMAZING VEGAN RUGELACH Dalya Rubin cookie sheet with parchment paper. In a bowl of an electric mixer or using a bowl and a hand held mixer, combine the margarine, sugar, and salt and mix on low

11218 99 Percent of Palestine Refugees Are Fake DANIEL PIPES In the words of a veteran Washington hand, the problem of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency UNRWA, the main UN agency dealing wit

11218 The Sentimental Side Elizabeth Weintraub, L.M.S.W. SPACE AGE Recently I came across an old photograph of myself as a child, holding a baby crocodile. Immediately it brought me back to a time I

11218 CROSSWORD ANSWER FROM PAGE 6 The LifeEnriching Dead Sea Dear Readers, Shabbat Shalom The weather has been weird and wild, both here in Eretz Yisrael, and in the Holy City of New York and most

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11218 SCHONFELD CONT. FROM P22 many people to do in a conversation is to listen, but here are some tips to help you improve Make eye contact. While the other person is speaking look at their face. Th

11218 Alan Magill THE CHOICE When I saw her after davening at that shul so many years ago, I could see that she did not look well. Ill call her Sara. The afterdavening Kiddush that had given me a Co

11218 JNS.ORG FULL NEWS COVERAGE Mossad chief confirms Israel has eyes and ears in Iran The head of Israels Mossad intelligence agency, Yossi Cohen, on Tuesday confirmed that Israel has active agents

11218 JNS CONT. FROM P30 General to the Southwest Gilad Katz and leaders of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston will sign an agreement for the funds to be distributed among a number of community

11218 SCHINDLER CONT. FROM P29 for restaurant and party scenarios. I remember one client telling me she enjoyed laughing and even crying after listening to some stories people told the group. She eve

11218 Growth Through Shabbos Shaya Winiarz Throughout the millennia of our Peoples existence, Shabbos has been a cornerstone of Yiddishkeit. So fundamental is it to our faith, that Shabbos observance

11218 BRAVERMAN CONT. FROM P1 quires greater attention that we have been giving it. Frequently we need to listen more attentively, give more thoughtfully, be more patient, more sensitive etc. you kn

11218 FAMILY MATTERS Dr. Ari Korenblit HANDWRITING MATTERS See if you have The Write Stuff This article explores the science of Graphology, interpreting handwriting to reveal the personality of th

11218 Rabbi Eliyahu Kirsh From Rashi Drashos of Elimelech From the Kli Yakar and theand NoamRav Moshe Feinstein, Ztl VaeraAnd I Appeared to the Patriarchs Parshas Vaera opens with Hashem Telling Mos

11218 Continued from last Issue chel Fischter R a Sch nasan o Y wartz h Sc Stor y by By Yonasan Schwartz Adapted for print Illustrated by Tzai R. Pensky By R Fischel Schachter Yonasan Schwar

11218 MOMENTOUS OPENING OF MIKVAH BEER ROCHEL Robert Vegh and his son Salom donated the lobby and name Greatness, Wisdom and Concern HaRav Shteinman ztls Legacy Crystalized at Agudath Israel Kinus H

11218 PIPES CONT. FROM P23 gress ignoring his wishes, as they never have until now. Even were U.S. funding to Carlos Slim C visiting Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in 2013 UNRWA ended, plenty of governments