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Week of June 29 July 6, 2018 16 23 Tammuz, 5778 Vol. 11 Issue 19 PAGE 3 PAGE 18 37 Dovie Frish saying goodbye to his brother GOING TO CAMP KAYLIE 38 PRINCE WILLIAM VISITING WITH ISRAELS PR

62918 Saul M. Berger CFE, CPA, CFF PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM FRAUD security. Today, businesses are flooded with suspicious emails targeting employees but are illprepared to process and respond to tho

62918 New Dorshei HaDaf Halacha Hotline To have your questions on the current limud answered, call 7185179235. Dirshu has built an empire of Torah that I am not sure existed in the history of Kla

62918 Web Print Design Social Media Marketing Virtual Tour Photography Enhance Your Companys Image and Increase Your Awareness On And Off The Web Make Your Mark With eb ark esign, Inc. Crea

62918 LEWIS CONT. FROM P4 is 99 percent right. There may be a machlokes that are tilted 9010 or 8020 in favor of one side. However, we will never have as clearcut a dispute as that of Korach. Sometim

62918 Dr. Joseph Mercola Heres How Alcohol Can Increase Your Risk for Alzheimers Drinking alcohol has been found to have both a protective and damaging effect on the brain, depending on which study y

62918 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P6 said, heavy drinking or engaging in binge drinking is also linked to an increased risk of Alzheimers and other forms of dementia, according to two reviews conducted by Alz

62918 Roy Neuberger FIRE Every day in davening we say Vhaofanim vchayos hakodesh ... Then the Ofanim and the holy Chayos... raise themselves toward the Seraphim facing them. They offer praise and pr

62918 THE SHMUZ Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier THROUGH THE EYES OF HISTORY Pinchas, the son of Elazar, the son of Aharon HaKohain, appeased My anger against the Bnai Yisroel by taking My revenge amidst them

62918 REVIEWS Daniel Keren A Photographic Inside Journey Into the Hassidic Community Of the Holy City of Jerusalem Do Not Photograph by Joshua Haruni, Jerusalem Fine Art Print, 303 pages, 2018 Recit

62918 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P7 instance, consumption of up to three servings of wine daily is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimers disease in elderly people without the apolipoprotein E4 APoE4 gen

62918 temporarily enhances our ability to see clearly and so it becomes easier, in that moment, to make a choice that would be otherwise beyond our grasp or madraigah. For example, after witnessing a

62918 Alan Magill NOT ALL THE SAME I was recently watching a Jewish video that combined music and visuals of interest to a religious audience. It transitioned from a song to seeing modestly dressed m

62918 SHMUZ CONT. FROM P9 understand how anyone could think otherwise. The reason we cant even see the temptation is that we are judging the generation according to our social climate. We are assumin

62918 BERKO CONT. FROM P1 intended to explain the American approach to the Palestinian public, directly through AlQuds, and over the heads of the terrorist leaders of both the Palestinian Authority a

62918 TOBIN CONT. FROM P1 down discussing the matter. Hence, the arrival of Britains Prince William is being seen as an earthshaking event of major historical importance. But as much as there is reas

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62918 Rabbi Eliyahu Kirsh From Rashi,THE AHAVAS SHOLOM OF KOSSOV FROM Sifsai Chachamim and Toras Chaim of Kossov BalakBilaam Spiritual Blindness From Rashi and Kedushas Levi Most of Parshas Balak re

62918 SENSITIVE EYES HERES INDEPENDENCE Dear Readers Happy Independence Day Of course, from Israel all I can do is wear some red, white, and blue and wave from a distance We celebrated Israeli Indepe

62918 KORENBLIT CONT. FROM P19 writer eliminates all boundaries between himself and others. He gets involved in everyones life in an intrusive manner. He will undertake tedious work, and though he ma

62918 FAIGIE HIRSCH Nutritional Advisor KEEPING YOUR EYES ON OMEGA 3S Improved intake of Omega Fats to protect your eyes and more When it comes to maintaining good health, people differ on what to f

62918 DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ENERGY BITES Lily Aronin Quick and easy and perfect for every kid and grown up lunch box. Ingredients 23 cups oats cup cacao powder cup natural peanut butter and a a cup of

62918 GENGER CONT. FROM P23 Ingredients 2 12 pounds Russet potatoes, grated 1 large white onion, grated 12 cup finely chopped green onion 12 cup chopped fresh cilantro 12 cup chickpea flour 1 12 tab

62918 Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz The Observant Jew Freewheeling Down the Road of Life Sometimes we say that a person took a turn so fast he did it on two wheels. Its an exaggeration but it means that he

62918 Rabbi Eliyahu Safran The Age of Bilaam Haters Gonna Hate... From the beginning of time, halftruths, lies and falsehoods have been used effectively to soften, weaken and, ultimately, bring down

62918 26 To advertise in THE JEWISH CONNECTION call 718.761.2626

62918 To advertise in THE JEWISH CONNECTION call 718.761.2626 27

62918 SAFRAN CONT. FROM P25 derous demonstrations that force Israels response. Even the Red Cross, an international organization dedicated to responding to emergencies across the country and the glob

62918 SAFRAN CONT. FROM P28 ing sides of the same coin. Either drives us to move mountains. We can be a Bilaam or an Abraham. Our intent can be hateful or holy. Why compare the two Why compare Bilaam

62918 JNS.ORG FULL NEWS COVERAGE Syria points finger at Israel for overnight explosions border from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 was 62,276,000. Cyprus inks deal with Israel to house Gaza seaport An

62918 JNS CONT. FROM P30 tion. Those demonstrations, which largely took place outside of Tehran in some 75 smaller cities and towns, were seen as the largest protests since 2009. New law in Israel wo

62918 Shaya Winiarz THE WEEPING STATUE With the PesachShavuos season in the past and the Yomim Noraim faroff in the future, we now find ourselves in the month of Tammuz. This time of year is the sad

62918 Honorary chairman of Yad Vashem My name is Shalom Pollack, veteran tour guide. I have visited Yad Vashem hundreds of times during my almost forty years of guiding tourists in Israel. In the old

62918 Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Its Whats in Between that Counts So, its been kind of a long road, but it was a good journey altogether. Sidney Poitier I have two clients that are a block away from each ot

62918 FLATOW CONT. FROM P1 their society is not the same as the democratic political culture of the United States or Israel. Betterpaying jobs are not their highest goal. You can blame their attitude

62918 Rabbi Aharon Ziegler PARSHAT BALAK 2018 5778 My message is from the words of Bilam, 245 Ma Tovu Ohalecha Yaakov, Mishkenotecha Yisrael How goodly are your tents, Yaakov, your dwelling places,

MINISTERS Continued next issue IYH 62918 l sche R Fi chter Scha nasan o Y ar tz chw S Stor y by ONE OF THEM STOLE A JEWEL FROM MY CROWNAND THEY DONT WANT TO ADMIT DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA what I CAN D

62918 Senator Vin Gopal with Rabbi Avi Schnall, Rabbi Jacobowitz and Rabbi Basalah of the Deal community Agudah Applauds NJ Senates Passage of Religious Holiday Accommodation Bill Companion Legislati

62918 BERGER CONT. FROM P2 time, how does a company sort through hundreds to thousands of emails to find the real threats from among just plain spam 100 of respondents have layers of security in pl