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Week of June 1 8, 2018 18 25 Sivan, 5778 Vol. 11 Issue 17 PAGE 3 PAGE 21 38 Yahrtzeit Seuda Of The Changer Rav 38 ISRAEL RETURNS MISSILE FIRE BY BOMBING GAZA THIS WEEK Strategic Affairs Mi

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6118 SLATKIN CONT. FROM P1 1. You can be right or you can be in relationship While it is tempting to always have it your way, especially if you feel passionate about your position, is it really alway

6118 Dr. Joseph Mercola All About Acupuncture and How It Works According to the most recent National Health Statistics Report, compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, an

6118 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P6 disease sets in. The body usually sends a sign when something is off or blocked. Pain or discomfort is the bodys way of letting us know something needs attention. Energy di

6118 Roy Neuberger EIGHT We have now passed through the Yom Tov of Shavuos and have entered what the nonJewish world calls the long, hot summer. When I was younger, that meant trouble. As a kid, I r

6118 THE SHMUZ Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier Why We Hate the Jews PARSHAS BAHALOSECHA When the Holy Ark would travel, Moshe would say, Arise HASHEM, and let Your foes be scattered. Let those that hate You

6118 REVIEWS Daniel Keren The Secret of Helping Troubled Students isShowing Trust and Love Not at Risk Education as a Work of Heart by Menachem Gottesman, PH.D with Leah Leslie Gottesman, M.A., Meno

6118 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P7 mitter adenosine in local tissues. Adenosine slows down your brains activity and induces sleepiness. Conditions for Which Acupuncture Has Been Shown Effective In 2003, the

6118 Twain opines, There are wealthy gentlemen in England who drive fourhorse passengercoaches twenty or thirty miles on a daily line, in the summer, because the privilege costs them considerable mone

6118 Alan Magill WHEN I KNEW I WANTED MORE In my generally slow and steady religious journey, there have been a few notable events that accelerated my pace in becoming shomer Shabbos. The first occur

6118 The Final Kaddish SHALOM POLLACK Names of border casualties hung at Bezalel Academy. Arab students at Jerusalems Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design hang black signs commemorating the 61 dead at

6118 BERGMAN CONT. FROM P14 None of that matters, however, to the U.N. Security Council, which appears to have launched a trend with its moment of silence. As is often the case, unfortunately, it was

6118 TOBIN CONT. FROM P1 dent of the Middle East Forum. Pipes disagrees with my May 22 column, in which I argue that the putative peace plan that will be presented in the name of U.S. President Donal

6118 Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Become a Leader of Influence In my previous post about understaffed leaders, we spoke of the importance of pulling understaffed teams together to ensure that they are cohesiv

6118 ZIEGLER CONT. FROM P5 lation to Aharon . For when the Mishkan was dedicated end of last weeks parasha, all twelve shevatim had an appointed leader who dedicated the Mishkan, but Aharons shevet L

6118 OILY SKIN BARBAT MITZVAH EDITION Dear Readers Mazal Tov As you read this weeks column, my dear son Gavriel Asher ben Eliyahu, is reading from the Torah as he becomes a Bar Mitzvah In his honor,

6118 FAMILY MATTERS Dr. Ari Korenblit HANDWRITING MATTERS See if you have The Write Stuff This article explores the science of Graphology, interpreting handwriting to reveal the personality of the

6118 CELEBRATE ISRAEL SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2018 Join UJA and thousands of New Yorkers as we march up Fifth Avenue to show our support and pride in Israel on its 70th birthday. Celebrate Tel Avivstyle an

6118 HONEY BAKED SALMON Jamie Geller The table presentation gets even prettier when you serve the whole side of salmon on a cedar plank, and garnish it with roasted lemons. Soak cedar plank in water

6118 CONT. FROM P22 KRITZER to a simmer, and let cook for 15 to 20 minutes until water is absorbed. Let sit, covered, for 5 minutes, then fluff with a fork and let cool. 2. Meanwhile, preheat oven t

6118 SCHONFELD CONT. FROM P23 should be allowed to join in when they feel ready. Children who are shy may become more anxious if pushed to join in before they are ready. How can you distinguish Asper

6118 Rabbi Eliyahu Safran Which Voice is Your True Voice Well, who are you Who are you Who, who, who, who I really wanna know Who are you Who, who, who, who Tell me, who are you Who are you Who, who,

6118 26 To advertise in THE JEWISH CONNECTION call 718.761.2626

6118 To advertise in THE JEWISH CONNECTION call 718.761.2626 27

6118 SAFRAN CONT. FROM P25 to what her patient says but hears another thing and, in hearing that other thing, helps solve what the patient understood to be the reason for coming to therapy in the fir

6118 Rabbi Eliyahu Kirsh From Rashi, Rabbeinu Bachaya, Ahavas Sholom From the Kli Yakar and the Drashos of Rav Moshe Feinstein, Ztl BEHAALOSHCHA, MENORAH ON EARTH MENORAH ON HIGH Parshas Behaaloscha

6118 JNS.ORG FULL NEWS COVERAGE IDF reenters refugee camp to search for soldiers killer A large IDF force entered the alAmari refugee camp in Samaria on Monday and began carrying out housetohouse sea

6118 JNS CONT. FROM P30 made. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is terrorist organization rooted in Iranian ideology, according to the IDF Spokesperson Unit. Today, they used Iranianmade weapons. Late Tu

6118 Shaya Winiarz TO BE A TWIN The Sefira countdown is complete, and the Jewish calendar now marks us as being in the month of Sivan. A wonderful month, to be sure, as Sivan is the time in which we

6118 TRUE HEALTH YAEL TUSK HAS YOUR DOCTOR EARNED YOUR TRUST Weve been taught to trust the experts with a nearly blind faith to defer to their judgment. After all, theyve spent so many years studyin

6118 SHMUZ CONT. FROM P9 children of the devil and the devil himself. . . Blamed for the Bubonic Plague and typhus, for poisoning wells and using sacrificial blood for baking matzahs. . . With such v

6118 PIPES CONT. FROM P34 rael and the Palestinians as entirely sincere and very ambitious. On the first point To be sure, the PA has missed innumerable opportunities but its dire circumstances today

6118 Ashley Blakers Strictly Unorthodox Hits Home Off Broadway PEARL MARKOVITZ Ashley Blaker balances many worlds with great aplomb. Professionally, he is an awardwinning comedy writer and producer f

if somebody admits, fine. If not...your punishments will be very severe Continued next issue 6118 IYH hel Fischter R ac Sch nasan o Y wartz ch S Stor y by By R Fischel Schachter Yonasan Schwart

6118 Chazaq KGH Parlor Meeting May 9 2018 Yahrtzeit Seuda Of The Changer Rav Harav Eluzer Araye Ben Harav Usher Anshil Beth Shalom of Lawrence Cantorial Concert LR Chazzan Noah Schall, Moti Edelko

6118 KOSHERICA CONT. FROM P36 embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies such as such as her use of a fullscale dieselelectric power plant for optimal energy efficiency and an Azipo