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Quarter 3 2016 In This Issue Sustainability In Celebration of Our Future Hot Topics A Vote for Security Safety Preparing for Disaster Is as Easy as 123 Industry News Take Note Boise Paper

WELCOME TO BOISE PAPERPULSE WELCOME TO BOISE PAPERPULSE And just like that, another summer is behind us. With fall comes another school year, another presidential election, another chance to work tog

SUSTAINABILITY IN CELEBRATION OF OUR FUTURE programs, playground equipment, extracurricular activities and more, all of which are important for the overall development of future generations. So what

SAFETY PREPARING FOR DISASTER IS AS EASY AS 123 By Kevin Kelley, senior director of Community Preparedness Programs at the American Red Cross The American Red Cross responds to nearly 66,000 disaste

HOT TOPICS A VOTE FOR SECURITY surprised. As Pamela Smith of the votingaccuracy group Verified Voting reminds, The Internet was not built for security it was built for open communication. That hasnt

MARKET WATCH Q2 2016 PAPER MARKET WATCH MARKET INDICATOR Estimated Uncoated Freesheet Market U.S. UFS Imports Total UFS Consumption UFS Office Repro Consumption UFS Printer Consumption UFS Envelope C

INDUSTRY NEWS TAKE NOTE shown that when we physically write something, taking pencil to paper, more things are happening in the brain, leading to better memory and better processing. Thats not seen w

OFFICE LIFE Accomplish More in Your Workday Simple steps can lead to big gains filesboth paper and electronic. Having a visual way to separate files cuts down the time you spend searching for papers a