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Quarter 2 2015 In This Issue Sustainability Project UPTM Canada Hot Topics The Business of Politics Safety Summer Safety Industry News Papers Power of Persuasion Boise Paper is a Division

WELCOME TO BOISE PAPERPULSETM UNDER THE SUMMER SKY Summer is here Sir John Lubbockbanker, scientist, philanthropistwrote, Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a

SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT UPTM CANADA As the sun rose behind the apartment towers at Torontos San Romanoway district recently, a revival was under way. San Romanoway is an admittedly tough neighborhood,

SAFETY SUMMER SAFETY Rumor has it 2015 is looking to be one for the record books in terms of high temperatures. Which means its all the more important for you to play it safe as you enjoy the dog day

HOT TOPICS THE BUSINESS OF POLITICS And, thanks to super PACs, some rather obvious candidates havent declared at all. Super PACs are designed to promote an agenda, rather than an individual, and can

MARKET WATCH Q1 2015 PAPER MARKET WATCH MARKET INDICATOR Estimated Uncoated Freesheet Market U.S. UFS Imports Total UFS Consumption UFS Office Repro Consumption UFS Printer Consumption UFS Envelope C

INDUSTRY NEWS PAPERS POWER OF PERSUASION consumer campaign, and Boise Paper will be an active participant. Mark Kowlzan of PCA, our parent company, is on the Paper and Packaging Board. Kowlzan and th

MY PURPOSE IS Mastering meetings. Purpose is what drives you. At Boise, its what inspires us to deliver highquality office papers that support your workplace goals. Visit to see our f