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Quarter 2 2016 In This Issue Sustainability Cultivating the Future of a Community Hot Topics The Measure of Millennial Marketing Safety Treading Safely on the Blue Planet Industry News Pa

WELCOME TO BOISE PAPERPULSE WELCOME TO BOISE PAPERPULSE The summer solstice brings longer days and shorter nights more daylight to enjoy pastimes without sacrificing productivity. This issue of Paper

SUSTAINABILITY CULTIVATING THE FUTURE OF A COMMUNITY unhealthy trees had been removed, the ground had been leveled, and a new fence stood guard around raised garden beds, ready for greening day. For

SAFETY TREADING SAFELY ON THE BLUE PLANET half of the people who drown never expect to get wetthey simply slip or fall. So watch out for those you love, and make sure you have someone watching out fo

HOT TOPICS THE MEASURE OF MILLENNIAL MARKETING Embrace your legacy You may be tempted to believe oldschool products and services will not appeal to younger generations. In reality, many young people

MARKET WATCH Q1 2016 PAPER MARKET WATCH MARKET INDICATOR Estimated Uncoated Freesheet Market U.S. UFS Imports Total UFS Consumption UFS Office Repro Consumption UFS Printer Consumption UFS Envelope C

INDUSTRY NEWS PAPERBASED DIAGNOSTICS AN ASSURED WAY TO DIAGNOSE THE ZIKA VIRUS Since the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency, researchers have not only

OFFICE LIFE Do You Have a Desk for Success Boost Your Performanceand Reputationwith an Organized, Efficient Workspace shredding or recycling anything you dont need. Once youre back in control, keep it