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Quarter 1 2015 In This Issue Sustainability Box Tops for Education Hot Topics The Lowdown on Downloads Safety There in Times of Need Industry News Raising the Red Flag for Mail Boise Pape

WELCOME TO BOISE PAPERPULSETM TO BRIGHTER DAYS A BRIGHTER FUTURE Ah, springtime Nothing like the season of growth to get you motivated to do something. As luck would have it, this issue of PaperPuls

SUSTAINABILITY BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION Heres an easy dogooder project Go to your kitchen pantry, and look around the cereal boxes, paper plates, and storage bags, until you find the brightly colored l

SAFETY THERE IN TIMES OF NEED The Red Cross flag flew on American soil for the first time in 1881an appeal for funds to help victims of a forest fire in Michigan. You see, Clara Barton believed the a

HOT TOPICS THE LOWDOWN ON DOWNLOADS The Benefits of an OldFashioned Book different cognitive and emotional experience, she states, adding that reading on paper helps with memory and deeper comprehens

MARKET WATCH Q4 2014 PAPER MARKET WATCH MARKET INDICATOR Estimated Uncoated Freesheet Market U.S. UFS Imports Total UFS Consumption UFS Office Repro Consumption UFS Printer Consumption UFS Envelope C

INDUSTRY NEWS RAISING THE RED FLAG FOR MAIL job with the USPS, there are 10 related jobs in the private sector. The industry also handles nearly a third of all communication papers produced in the Un

Project UPTM Boise believes in the power of community and the importance of green space in every city. Thats why we created Project UPto help turn abandoned urban spaces into community parks for all