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FlAtbush Jewish JournAl the voice of the flAtbush jewish community distributed to over 100,000 people in 18,000 homes, shuls stores Vol. 2 N0. 26 September 1, 2011 t g a, hra, wc A Citicom Publicat

w no nG i ve seR seaT e R d iTe lim sxc .pj ohhj r,uh oa vkce,b vkp,v ohehsmv ,jubn ouenc sxc Visit KiVrei an OppOrtunity tO daVen fOr HealtH, parnassa, sHidducHim a Halfday Of inspiratiOn in tHe

Rav Pam on the Parsha An exclusive weekly excerpt from the Pleasant Way by rAbbi sholom smith THIS SUNDAY See our ad on page FOR THE FLATBUSH AREA ZMAniM Latest Shema Shekiah Tzeis Parshas Shoftim

Message to Flatbush mordy mehlmAn, Publisher eMaiL to editoRtHeFJJ.CoM tehillim list Kindly email names of cholim to Forecast tHuRSdaY September 1 82 65 Mostly Sunny W


Rabbinic Message rabbi nosson scherman A Message for Elul stand how their greatgrandparents were terrified by the peril of polio, just as earlier generations were numbed by the dangers of smallpox an

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The Person in the Parsha rAbbi dr. tzvi hersh weinreb Parshat Shoftim humanity. Thus, Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah would say, He whose wisdom exceeds his deeds, to what can he be compared To a tree whose

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An Observant Eye r Ab b i Av i shA f rA n the oword manded and being commanded may not be mutually exclusive, but they are hardly one and the same. Rounding out the abuse of words are chimeras like C

718.692.1144 Thursday, September 1, 2011 Flatbush Jewish Journal 11

Since 1989 profEssionaL coMputEr traininG cEntEr under the directorship of Mrs. henny Frankel Monsey, New York Brooklyn, New York PCTC Continued FRoM Page 3 f rs o a 1 Ye sful 2 s cce g Su nin T

FJJ Homework Hassles Pam Abrams After a full day at school, the last thing your child probably wants to do is writing or math. Heres how to help him focus and finish. Homework was not going well at


MENS COHORT WOMENS COHORT The first cycle of classes begins NOVEMBER 20, 2011 Wow The entire program takes 20 months of Sundays with seven 10week cycles. DC DESIGN 732.901.4784 W SEMINARY has b

FJJ Menahalim Offer Tips to Flatbush Parents for Children to Succeed Due to the pertinence of this article, and its positive feedback it engendered in last years Back to School Issue, the FJJ editori

e the Date Reserv C Bais Yaakov Oz VeHodor Birkas Yisroel High School Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011 Addressed By Dean Bais Yaakov Oz VeHodor Birkas Yisroel High School Kinus Noshim FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS 7TH

FJJ Off The Derech RabbINIC mEssaGE Adapted from a shmuess given by Rabbi n.H. Rottenberg Shlita, Rav, Cong. Khal Ohev Tzedek, Flatbush Due to the pertinence of this article, and the extensive feedba

Now Available from Contending with Catastrophe Jewish Perspectives on September 11th Edited by Michael J. Broyde The tragic events of September 11th, 2001 shook the world, permanently changing the li

LEGAL PROBLEMS Let us help with Back Taxes IRS Audits Business or Tax IRS Levies IRS Liens Nonfiled Returns Negotiations Payroll Taxes Wage Garnishments Frum Brooklyn Attorney with experience dea

Simcha Flatbush I had the Zchus of going to my Rebbi, Rav Pams Kever this week, whos 10th Yartziet was this past Sunday. When Hagaon Harav Avrohom Pam, ztl, founded Shuvu Chazon Avrohom some 20 years

Simcha shadchan Mrs. Chana Rose EmaIl YOuR QuEsTIONs TO INFO THEFJJ.COm Section simchAs And celebrAtions in And Around our community ask the Flatbush Dear Mrs. Rose, Q. Recently there have been a

Simcha Camp Rayim celebrated historic Chanukas Habayis Hachnosas Sefer Torah It was a cold February day and children on the East Coast were enjoying the recent snow. While parents were struggling wit

Simcha Section EXCLUSIVE. MEMORABLE. FROM ERETZ YISROEL simchAs And celebrAtions in And Around our community cuy kzn Flatbush ENGAGEMENTS simchas Sruly Feigenbaum to gitty adler NEW WEDDING SHT

Reflections of the Maggid rAbbi pAysAch krohn, with permission from artscrollmesorah A Way to See Things The very first credo in the first Mishnah in Pirkei Avos is Be deliberate in judgment Avos 1 1

Rabbi Frand on the Parsha rAbbi yissocher frAnd, with permission from artscrollmesorah Parashas Shoftim Bribing the righteous And you shall not accept a bribe, for the bribe will blind the eyes of th

In Around C ou n c i l man David G. Greenfield announced that he secured an additional 3.1 million dollars to install brand new play and recreational equipment in Gravesend18th Avenue Park, located o

Pathways of the Prophets rAbbi yisroel reismAn, with permission from artscrollmesorah The Great Siddur Controversy Part 1 the Siddur Derech Siach HaSadeh had been hailed as the first fully corrected

Health Fitness heAlth And fitness Advice for the flAtbush community 718.692.1144 Thursday, September 1, 2011 Flatbush Jewish Journal 29

Health Fitness heAlth And fitness Advice for the flAtbush community Dr. Gary Saphire staff Dr. Asher Rudowsky to are pleased to welcome Parkway Podiatry Dr. Rudowsky practices the most modern

Health Students Feel Rushed At School Lunch Nanci Hellmich Fitness heAlth And fitness Advice for the flAtbush community School districts across the country are revamping their menus to serve healt

Modern Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. Not All Yogurts Experience the Difference Dedicated To Equal Are CreatedExcellence in the Field of Laboratory Testing Heidi McIndoo, M.S., R.D. Health Fitness MDL

Kashrus Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, StarK Rabbinic administrator There is a general rule in Halacha, Jewish Law, governing natural derivatives from Kosher and nonKosher animals. Kol hayotzei min hatahor ta

Continued FRoM Page 33 Today, most of the Kosher rennet used in cheese productions is known as microbial rennet. Microbial rennet is genetically engineered, which means that scientists were able to g

Travel Jewish Journeys were saving money by purchasing online, but, after sitting on hold for exasperating hours with the online socalled helpdesks and receiving little, if any, practical assistance,

PHOT Maran R elyashiv with Horav eliezer ginsburg Rav Yosef eisen Rav Moshe weinberger gAllEry at the Bris of Judah Hazan All photo submissions Are welcome to at the Camp Rayim Ch

PHOT wedding of Yitzy ahuva Mehlman gAllEry All photo submissions Are welcome to at the Pidyon Haben of Menachem Mendel tepper at the Pfeiffer Schorr Vort Photo Credit Yissocho

Womens Lets Get Real mrs. lebA schwebel World we, unfortunately, dont act kindly towards each other, we separate ourselves from each other. What does that mean, in actuality It means we separate ours

Womens The Clueless Cook World that so enchants tourists. In his quest to inhale as many of these fruits as he could, my husband would roll down his window and request lychees pronounced leechee from

Womens Shalom Task Force Answering the Call of Domestic Abuse Three out of four Americans know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic abuse, according to the Allstate Foundation National Pol

Womens 19 Bizarre Home Cures That Work Rochelle Rothman World cooking And housekeeping Advice from flAtbush experts WOW Can you hear the collective sigh of relief now that summer is over Before you

Salomon Says This is a story about insomnia, filmmaking, and Elul. If you dont think theyre related to each other, read on. Insomnia, in this country alone, is rampant. Check out these staggering numb

Education Nachas Notes rAbbi yitzchAk shmuel AckermAn, lmhc Parenting they know what different strategies might help them study more effectively and to make the materials available to them. And topi

Education Partners Parenting in excerpt from ArtscrollmesorAh book by dr. meir wikler Parenting or his mother many questions about this. Or, he may keep all of the bewilderment inside, appearing on

Education Thousands Gather to Learn Practical Halachos of Shechita and Treifos A captivating two hour shiur on key aspects of hilchos shechita and topics discussed in Mesechta Chulin featuring a live

In Around Hakhel Labor Day Yarchei Kallah Hakhel, a Flatbushbased organization dedicated to promoting a greater awareness of Torahtrue values in our community will once again organize a morninglong Y

In Around nYC Residents on Medicaid Hits Record High NY Post EVENTS NEWS MOSDOS Flatbush news And events in Around the flAtbush community New Volume Of Igros Moshe Released YWN The number of ci

Flatbush Welcome back, to one and all. The brief respite gave me a chance to charge my creative batteries and now we are ready to move on. At one of the Ohr Naava classes we conducted this summer, we

World documentary LastMinute doubts on Bin Laden Raid successfully located and killed the terrorist leader behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Obama was interviewed two weeks ago for the special, which

Israel islamist wordplay 101 Ari Lieberman News Deir Yassin is just one example of Islamist wordplay. More recent examples include the Battle of Jenin in April 2002, the threeweek winter Gaza offensi

Israel is a Red Sea Standoff unavoidable YWN News news And events in About isrAel its people Yigal amir May Have a Chavrusa twice weekly sxc Israel insists the deployment of battleships in the

U.S. Michele Bachmann Visits agudath israel YWN Bloomberg News Storm Katia May Become atlantic Hurricane Tropical Storm Katia strengthened in the Atlantic and may be declared a hurricane later today,

Yahrzeits Yahrzeits licensed to the FJJ by Manny Saltiel of the Week dedicAted to the eternAl memory of leiby kletzky Ah 2 Elul Rav Yitzchak bar sheshes, the Rivash 13261407. Born in Bar

Yahrzeits Continued FRoM Page 53 of the Week Rabbi Yitzchok Gottdiener dedicAted to the eternAl memory of leiby kletzky Ah Av Beis Din of Stropkov in 1832, which led to similar positions in Ujhely

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Childrens Corner fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush 56 Flatbush Jewish Journal Thursday, September 1, 2011 718.692.1144

Childrens Corner fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush bORuCH lEaRNs HIs bROCHOs by Rabbi Shmuel Kunda To be continued... sHm uE l KuNDa C lass IC s OvER 20 CDs avaI lablE 71 8 . 6 8

Childrens The Torah True Talking Zoo BY SOLOMON MEHLMAN vg Corner fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush Kibud av veim Honor Your Parents a TREasuRY OF JEWIsH JunioR CooKing bEDTImE sTOR


Halachically Reading another Persons Mail We are all familiar with the cherem of Rabbeinu Gershom not to read other peoples mail. It is very common in the workplace for faxes to be placed in public bi

Halachically Continued FRoM Page 60 Speaking The Gemorah in Berochos says when one wants to say an eitzah he should do so in the field. Rashi says because the walls have ears. This is learned from th

Flatbush Shul Directory AdAs Yeshurun BAis Moshe Rabbi avRohom Klein 3418 Avenue N 718.338.9414 w Shacharis 620 am w Maariv 815 Pm w Shacharis 630 am sxc A COMMUNITY SERVICE OF THE FLATBUSH JEWISH JO

Daf Yomi Directory Based on information provided by daf Yomi Commission of agudath israel of america daf Yomi Shiur info can be addedcorrected via email infofl 720 AM 730 AM

Flatbush Shiurim Directory ALTERNATING RABBANIM SUGYOS IN DAF YOMI Motzei Shabbos 730 PM Kehilas Bais Avrohom 1124 E. 21 St Avenue J CHASSIDUS Motzei Shabbos 745 AM Chabad of Marine Park 3040 Nostrand

Letters Continued FRoM Page 4 to the Editor bol in their flag, maybe we should remove the tablecloth from our shul. The Rebbe answered, If Ben Gurion would put on tefillin tomorrow, does that mean we

Letters Leiby KLetzKy vg I was shocked and dismayed to read two letters in your recent issue which accused the neighbors in one letter and, the neighborhood of Leiby Kletzkys alleged murderer as well

Letters Leiby KLetzKy vg Continued FRoM Page 66 to the Editor Continued FRoM Page 65 emAil letters to in Brooklyn to the mitzva of Vahavta Lreacha Kmocha It is simply shocking to h

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Classified HOUSE FOR SALE 1320 AVENUE N 2 Family House, detached, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, central air conditioning. Prime location, center of Flatbush. Call 7189982767 Ads clAssified Ads should be

FlAtbush ProFessionAl business Directory accOuntant Jack shama, cPa 718.252.2045 1040 EZ 50, regular return 75 irving gluck, cPa attorney at Law 5314 18th Avenue 212.233.4401 cOM

Flatbush Jewish Journal The voice of The flaTbush Jewish communiTy disTribuTed To over 100,000 people in 18,000 homes, shuls sTores sxc Advertising rAtes Full Page Full PrePAYMeNt ONlY. PrICeS Su

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