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The2 complete, inform ative and inspir ational cookbook published by the fund for Jewish education, a notforprofit organization. All proceeds will go to Tzedakah.

table of contents Dedication Recipe for Taam Gan Eden The History of Bais Yaakov Recipes Halachic Guidelines Brochos Guide Checking Fruits Vegetables Culinary Tips ALL ABOUT WINE GETTING TO KNOW YO

26 appetizers 46 soups 74 salads 106 meat 134 poultry 164 fish 194 dairy 220 side dishes 258 bread 266 desserts 294 cakes cookies

To my dear Bnos Yisroel, I was very happy to hear Bais Yaakov is putting out a cookbook for their beloved talmidos who are preparing to build their Bayis Neeman in klal yisroel. It is a great mitzvah

Dedication Rebbetzin Batsheva Esther Kanievsky vg As we were preparing to go to print, Klal Yisroel was stunned and terribly saddened by the sudden ptira of Rebbetzin Kanievsky. Only a few weeks befo

Historyo Bais Yaakov WRITTEN BY RABBI AvROhOM BIRnBAuM Rav Aharon Kotler, famed Rosh Yeshiva and founder of the Lakewood Yeshiva once said, If not for Bais Yaakov, the yeshivos would be forced to clos

Historyo Bais Yaakov with spiritual extinction because its daughters were leaving the fold. The most tragic thing was they didnt even know what they were leaving, what they were abandoning. And then t

PaReVe Crumb Coated Sea Bass Skewers Everything mini has more appeal. Appetizers, main dishes, side dishes... even fish looks pleasing when presented like this 1 cup plain bread crumbs cup chopped w

Pareve Roasted Garlic Zucchini Soup For garlic lovers everywhere Prepare an extra head of roasted garlic. Its soft caramelized cloves are simply irresistible spread on bread as an accompaniment to th

meat Pesto Chicken Salad The pesto marinade in this recipe infuses the chicken with a pretty green tint and a divine flavor. FOR POACHING CHICKEN To prepare chicken Place white wine in a medium skil

Pareve Strawberry Mango Ice Cream Roll A terrific dessert that looks sophisticated, presents beautifully and is actually quite simple to prepare. 1 1 16 ounce container nondairy whipping cream, not w

halachic guidelines Rabbi Daniel Neustadt Yoshev Rosh, va ad haRobbonim of detRoit the following section pResents impoRtant halachos of cooking in the kitchen and vaRious Related topics. it RepResent

Comp R eheNsive h a l aChiC GuiDeliNes preparing hot food on erev shabbos ............ 326 preparing kishke on erev shabbos ............... 327 Returning hot food on shabbos .................... 327 a

halachic guidelines how To use one oven for meat Dairy Using one oven for both meat and dairy demands vigilance lest one transgress any of the laws pertaining to basarbchalav. Ideally, separate oven

oven needs to be properly koshered. Although there are many opinions on how an oven is koshered, we follow the opinion of the majority of poskim who maintain that heating the oven at its highest setti

FRuiT aND veGeTable iNspeCTioN ChaRT reprinted with the permission of ou Kosher from the ou Manual for checking Fruits and vegetables This is only a brief summary to serve as a quick reference guide.

cookbook 355 halachic guidelines The2

culinary tips

Wine connoisseurs rightfully deserve their title. With the seemingly endless varieties of wine on the market, one might easily get confused by the tricky jargon. To assist those who enjoy, but are baf

all about wine all about wine Main White Varieties ChaRDoNNaY Try it with fish, poultry and creamy pasta dishes. This highly popular wine is dry, with a fruity aroma and a smooth taste. Main Red Va