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Grades K4 ELEMENTARY Teachers Manual

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Introduction iii A Note From the Author This curriculum is designed to provide an introduction to geology for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. The Focus On Elementary Geology Laborato

Materials at a Glance Experiment 1 pencil colored pencils Experiment 2 plastic hammer regular metal hammer 3 pieces of banana 3 hardboiled eggs in the shell 3 raw potato halves 3 rocks of the same ty

Materials at a Glance By type and quantity Equipment baseball or similar hardcentered ball box, small, flatbottomed, clear plastic big enough for 2 magnets to fit underneath with some space around the

vi Focus On Elementary Geology Teachers Manual

Contents Experiment 1 GEOLOGY EVERY DAY Experiment 2 SMASHING HAMMERS Experiment 3 MUD PIES Experiment 4 THE SHAPE OF EARTH Experiment 5 MUD VOLCANOES Experiment 6 WHATS THE WEATHER Experiment 7 HOW F

viii Focus On Elementary Geology Teachers Manual

Experiment 1 Geology Every Day Materials needed pencil colored pencils

10 Focus On Elementary Geology Teachers Manual Objectives In this experiment students will explore their surroundings and observe how geology affects their daily lives. The objectives of this lesson

Experiment 1 Geology Every Day 11 II. Observe It Help the students make a list of all the geological features they see. They are directed to make lists that include the various types of geological a