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Contents iii CHAPTER 1 LIFE 1. 1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Studying Life Sorting Living Things Domains and Kingdoms Sorting Within Kingdoms Naming Summary Creatures The Cell A Tiny City Parts of a Cell Summ

iv Contents CHAPTER 6 PROTISTS 6. 1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Tiny Creatures How Can We See Them Different Kinds of Tiny Creatures Summary Euglena Eat Paramecia Eat Amoebas Eat Other Protists Eat Summary 45 46 47

2 Focus On Elementary Biology 1.1 Studying Life What makes plants, dogs, and beetles different from rocks, dirt, and metal Maybe you have noticed that rocks dont move like dogs, and that dirt doesn

Chapter 1 Life Second, you can walk, run, jump, curl up into a ball, and roll on the carpet. But a rock cant move. So, another feature of being alive is the ability to move. Finally, a rock cant make

4 Focus On Elementary Biology 1.2 Sorting Living Things How do we keep track of all of the living things we find on the planet Is there a way to sort them Why would we want to sort them Sorting livi

Chapter 1 Life by size. By sorting, you can see how some blocks are different different color, but also how some are the same same size. 5 A very long time ago a man named Carolus Linnaeus thought a

6 Focus On Elementary Biology Taxonomy is a branch of biology that is concerned with how to sort living things. We sort living things by looking at their different features. A feature is anything li

Chapter 1 Life We might also sort very small creatures that we cant even see from larger creatures that we can see. Looking at the features of living things helps us sort them. 7 1.3 Domains and Kin

8 Focus On Elementary Biology Animalia groups all of the animals. Dogs are in the kingdom Animalia. So are cats, frogs, and butterflies. Bacteria and Archaea are kingdoms that group some of the ver

Chapter 1 Life 9 1.4 Sorting Within Kingdoms Scientists first sort living things into their domains and then sort them into their kingdoms. Then scientists organize the living things into smaller gr

10 Focus On Elementary Biology Even though birds and cats are both animals, they are different from each other. All of the birds are put into a group for birds, and all of the cats are put into a gr

Chapter 1 Life 11 1.5 Naming How do we name all of the creatures we find Because there are so many different languages, and because there are so many different living things, scientists use a scient

12 Focus On Elementary Biology 1.6 Summary Living things are different from nonliving things. All living things need food and can reproduce, and some living things can move. Scientists sort livi