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pERSONAlIzE yOUR EDUCATION. combining a solid business curriculum with the critical thinking and cultural understanding that come from studying the arts and sciences, Bentley produces graduates with

SMAll ClASSES. TEACHERS wHO CARE. during your time at Bentley, you will be engaged, challenged and pushed to be the best by teachers who care about your future. thanks to small classes, you will get t

THE CHOICE IS yOURS. Why study at a business university n youll benefit from our topnotch faculty, stateoftheart learning labs, cuttingedge technology, and a potent combination of business and arts an

TAkE IT TO THE NExT lEvEl. after youve selected a major, what else can you do to make your education work harder n Bentley offers several options to round out your degree, adding new perspectives to y

AT bENTlEy, yOUR EDUCATION IS AbOUT MORE THAN jUST wHAT yOU lEARN IN THE ClASSROOM. its about providing opportunities to apply your knowledge and develop skills. Whether you study abroad or work with