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HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. DEFINE AND ACHIEvE yOUR CAREER GOAlS. the center for career services ccs offers workshops and panels, selfassessment tools, advising sessions, career fairs, oncampus recruitin

mEEt lEadiNG EmPloyErs GET A HEAD START. CAREER DEvElOpMENT INTRODUCTION SEMINAR This innovative, sixweek program is offered to all students at Bentley. The course is designed and taught by Career Se

oF FrEshmEN morE thaN ParticiPatEd iN a CAREER SERvICESRElATED pROGRAM iN 20122013. 95 90 oF stUdENts comPlEtE AT lEAST ONE INTERNSHIp, aNd 60 comPlEtE MORE THAN ONE. Bentleys HIRE EDUCATION plAN

oNcamPUs NEarly jOb INTERvIEwS wErE coNdUctEd dUriNG thE 20122013 acadEmic yEar. 2,500 is thE AvERAGE STARTING SAlARy oF a BENtlEy GradUatE. 50,000 for your career during every phase of your time

MAkING CONNECTIONS AN ESSENTIAl pART OF yOUR bENTlEy ExpERIENCE. success in the city takes students to New york to meet with employers such as Bloomberg, loral, and deutsch advertising. n career Fai