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Volume I, Issue 3 June 2011 Foxhall Campus Groundbreaking Draws Hundreds of Supporters Construction already underway for new athletic field More than 600 people gathered at St. Patricks on Sunday, J

Facchina Begins Field Construction Vertical construction will begin later this month The contours of St. Patricks new athletic field take shape. Facchina is laying stormwater management pipes and ro

A Broader Vision Reaches 7.1 Million of 8million Goal Campaign Participation by Class Grade 8 100 Grade 7 43 Grade 6 41 Grade 5 42 Grade 4 57 Grade 3 57 Grade 2 69 Grade 1 49 Kindergarten 5

Our Mission St. Patricks Episcopal Day School strives to create a diverse learning community of students, teachers, and parents who recognize the infinite value of every participant as a child of God.