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A D VA N C E 2016 a r e p o r t f r o m The University of Vermont GraDUate CoLLeGe

ta b l e o f co n t e n t s From the Dean the University of vermont is one of the nations premier small research universities a major research enterprise on a human scale. Graduate students at Uvm p

uVM graduate college table of contents Facts Figures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 New Notable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

uVM graduate college facts figures 2 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l l e g e

uvM naMed th in green colleges 10 UVM REsEARch 132.3 million Total Funding Total Awards UVM received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity award 2014 and 2015 INTERNATIONAL Graduate Student

n e W n ota b l e uVM graduate college new notable a dva n c e 4 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l l e g e

NIH Launches LargeScale Study of the Adolescent Brain A lAndmArk longitUdinAl nAtionAl stUdy will explore the developing minds and brains of approximately 10,000 children in an effort to answer questi

n e W n ota b l e New Masters Programs several new Masters Programs launched this year, including The Master of Medical Science degree is a 30credit, oneyear, oncampus program, which includes a coh

Schwartz Earns NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in April 2016, aaron scHWartz, a firstyear ph.d. student in the rubenstein school of environment and natural resources and gund institute for ecological

n e W n ota b l e Ricketts Among 2015s Most Influential Scholars taylor ricketts, Ph.D., made Thomson reuters prestigious list of the worlds mostcited scholars for the second consecutive year. in it

UVM and Maastricht University Renew Research and Education Alliance BUilding on A track record oF sUccess, the University of Vermont and netherlandsbased maastricht University medical center reaffirme

a dva n c e n e W n ota b l e UVM Dedicates New Dairy Science Teaching and Research Center nEW DAIRy SCIEnCE TEACHInG AnD RESEARCH fACILITIES at the Paul R. Miller Agricultural Research farm wer

uVM graduate college interdisciplinary prograMs W W W. U V M . E D U G R A D U AT E 11

InterdIscIPlInary PrograMs Cellular, molecular and biomedical sciences program the Cellular, molecular and Biomedical sciences CmB program provides personalized training in a graduatestudent focused,

Joyce Thompson, Ph.D. Student unlocking the mysteries of mesothelioma c e l lu l a r , M o l e c u l a r a n d b I o M e d I c a l s c I e n c e s b orn and raised in the capital city of Ghana, Ac

InterdIscIPlInary PrograMs neuroscience Graduate program the goal of this training program is to provide rigorous training in neuroscience research through a combination of didactic course work, adva

Willie Curry, Ph.D. Student exploring new treatments for epilepsy neuroscIence T hirdyear doctoral student Willie curry grew up in the modest towns of West memphis and marion, Arkansas. He earned h

InterdIscIPlInary PrograMs food systems Graduate program food systems looks at the complex and interdependent relationships between humans and their food everything from microbes found in compost fa

Serge Wiltshire, Ph.D. Student Putting Policy into action V ermonter serge WiltsHire believes that how we as a species feed ourselves will be one of the defining issues of the next hundred years. A

InterdIscIPlInary PrograMs materials science Graduate program this interdisciplinary program is focused on the application of basic sciences and engineering to understanding the behavior of materials

M at e r I a l s s c I e n c e To see more deeply into organic materials, UVM graduate students from left Naveen Rawat and Lane Manning, and professors Randy Headrick, Ph.D., and Madalina Furis, Ph.D

InterdIscIPlInary PrograMs bioengineering Bioengineering research at the University of vermont focuses on the application of quantitative engineering analysis to the study of biological systems. the

uVM graduate college prograM highlights W W W. U V M . E D U G R A D U AT E 21

a dva n c e Samantha Alger, Ph.D. Student PrograM hIghlIghts Protecting Bee Health vermonts wild and managed bees are having problems, with annual losses in the range of 34 percent a development

Honey Bee survey, gathering baseline data on diseases and pathogens, and works closely with beekeepers, providing educational workshops on bee health and disease management practices. Alger was asked

PrograM hIghlIghts Erik Monsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Grossman Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship Examining Successful StartUps the number of college graduates willing to start new businesse

Vermont. colleges and universities can play an important role in convincing students that the noncorporate path is a viable option. overall, 55.1 percent of respondents said they planned to work for a

a dva n c e Severin Schneebeli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry PrograM hIghlIghts A Nano Wrench in the Works Uvm chemistry team invents new technique for controlling molecular shape H ol

one direction. Theyre like legos, schneebeli explains. These molecular strips form a rigid structure thats able to hold rings of other chemicals in a manner similar to how a fivesided bolt head fits i

program highlights Kieran Killeen, Ph.D., and Katharine Shepherd, Ed.D. Leadership Development for Special Educators a dva n c e 28 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l l e g

T he UVm doctoral program in educational leadership and policy studies in the college of education and social services received a 992,000 grant from the United states department of education to suppo

a dva n c e Peter Isles, Ph.D. Student PrograM hIghlIghts Studying the Algae Bloom Problem Choking Missisquoi Bay With support from the vermont experimental Program to stimulate Competitive resear

S everal factors combined to drive the worst bluegreen algae bloom in northeastern lake champlains missisquoi Bay in recent history. scientists attribute these unsightly and toxinproducing bluegreen

PrograM hIghlIghts James Montague, Ph.D. Student Environmental Engineering UVM Study Points to More Problems from Fracking a dva n c e 32 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l

our paper shows that fracking sites dont exist in isolation theyre part of a system that includes a network of abandoned wells that can effectively pipeline methane to the surface, papers lead autho

a dva n c e College of Nursing Health Sciences program highlights Nurse Practitioner Clinic Represents New Model of Care Burlingtons Appletree Bay Primary Care provides needed service to the comm

Nurse practitioners Jennifer Laurent, Ph.D., FNPBC left, Barbara A. Rouleau, M.S., A.P.R.N. center, and Margaret Aitken, M.S., APRN, work with graduate nurse practitioner students at Appletree Bay Pri

program highlights Weston Testo, Ph.D. Student, Plant Biology Focus on Ferns Brings Publishing Success a dva n c e 36 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l l e g e

from a young age, I have been interested in understanding why plant species grow where they do and how their habitat shapes their appearance and biology. It is that curiosity which keeps leading me

a dva n c e program highlights Andy Duback Kelly Rohan, Ph.D. Professor of Psychological Sciences Exploring Ways to Outshine Light when Treating Winter Blues more than 14 million people across t

Health, it is the first large scale study to examine light therapys effectiveness over time. over 14 million Americans suffer from sAd, a mood disorder associated with depression and related to season

student lIfe uVM graduate college student life a dva n c e 40 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l l e g e

Student Voice Meghan brooks Masters student food systems megHan Brooks, from somers, n.y., earned her B.s. in environmental studies from the sUny college of environmental science and Forestry. she say

student lIfe Student Voice Kimngan hua, Ph.d. student, Materials science originally from Vietnam, kimngan Hua earned her B.s. in chemistry from san Jose state University and her ms in chemistry from

Mentoring rose del vecchio, Masters student, higher education and student affairs administration rose Del veccHio is a BAsics coordinator and graduate Assistant at living well. she meets with students

a dva n c e uVM aluMnI success graduate college aluMni success 44 U n i v e r s i t y o f v e r m o n t g r a d u at e c o l l e g e

2015 Fulbright Scholar in Turkey in late 2014, linDsey ruHl was defending her thesis on the biogeochemistry of flooded soils of Burlingtons intervale. since then, she earned her m.s. in ecological Agr

aluMnI success National Impact William Baker m.s. electrical engineering and Vermont space grant consortium Fellow. An internship at nAsA led to a Bakers current position as a robotics engineer at nA

M.S. in Historic Preservation Jacquelyn leHmann 2016 Architectural Historian, weller Associates in columbus, ohio mattHeW goguen 2015 research Historian, History Associates, inc. in rockville, md. Fr

suPPortIng the MIssIon uVM graduate college supporting the Mission the Graduate College includes programs and degrees in the natural, physical and biological sciences, the social sciences, the huma

uVM graduate college partners in graduate education Graduate College Cynthia Forehand, Ph.D., Dean College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Thomas Vogelmann, Ph.D., Dean College of Arts and Scien

university of vermont graduate College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Animal science m.s. Animal nutrition and food sciences Ph.D. Community Development and Applied economics m.s. Dietetics m.s.D. f

college proGrams DeGrees College of Nursing and Health Sciences Communication sciences and Disorders speech Language Pathology m.s. nursing D.n.P. nursing Clinical nurse Leaders m.s. Physical ther

a dva n c e PrograM hIghlIghts