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medicine V E R M O N T 2014 YE AR IN RE VIE W UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT COLLEGE OF MEDICINE BEING PRESENT FOR YOUR PATIENT A formative course leads students to more e ective communication with themselves

The Ira Allen Society I ra Allen Society gifts to the UVM College of Medicine Fund support many of our important initiatives each year and make possible the fulfillment of our missions in education, r

V E R M O N T 2 0 1 4 Y E A R I N R E V I E W UVM COLLEGE OF MEDICINE MAGAZINE 2 3 From the Dean College News New appointments at the College and Medical Center an academy of extraordinar

2014 YEAR IN REVIEW PUBLISHED JANUARY 2015 FROM THE DEAN 2014 was truly a year of notable change and improvement across our medical campus and at our partner institutions. Closest to home literally

C O L L E G E N E W S Whalen Named President and COO of UVM Medical Center Eileen Whalen, M.H.A., R.N., was appointed President and Chief Operations O cer of e University of Vermont Medical Center o

Student Notes Shear and Cipri Develop Sexual Health Texting Service for LGBTQ Youth Schweitzer Fellows and University of Vermont medical students Leah Cipri and Matthew Shear are partnering with Outri

Research Notebook UVM VTC Receives Gates Grant for Dengue Work Researchers Sean Diehl, Ph.D., and Beth Kirkpatrick, M.D., of the UVM Vaccine Testing Center VTC, along with UVM colleagues Jon Boyson, P

Looking Back C O L L E G E N E W S THE COLLEGE ATAGLANCE IN 1885 The year 1885 was a turning point for the UVM College of Medicine. Thanks to the generosity of Burlington philanthropist John Purple

Notables New Vermont Oxford Network Agreement Based on a long history of collaboration and support, the University of Vermont College of Medicine and Vermont Oxford Network VON formalized their relati

From the Blog DIARY OF A FOURTH YEAR MED STUDENT ORTHOPEDIC TRAUMA SURGERY ON THE WEST COAST by Kathryn Schlosser 15 Katie, If you go into surgery, youre going to miss patients. It was three in the m

C O L L E G E N E W S FROM ASPIRANT TO PARTICIPANT C L A S S O F 2 018 W H I T E C O A T C E R E M O N Y Faculty, family, friends and, most important, rstyear medical students from the College of Me

FACTS FIGURES ACADEMIC YEAR Student Body Academic Year 201314 Total Medical Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 450 InState . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Endowments Market Value as of June 2014 2014 Faculty Department Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85,988,808 Scholarship Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

TYING IT TOGETHER AN INTERVIEW WITH JOHN R. BRUMSTED, M.D. O n November 12, 2014, the Universitys academic medical center partner changed the name it had carried since 1995 from Fletcher Allen Healt

wherever they seek the services that were providing, theyre going to get the same level of highquality compassionate care. Everywhere in our network we have to meet that expectation. ere are a lot of


Johanna Kelley 17 shadows nurses on their rounds and interacts with patients at The University of Vermont Medical Center as a part of her Professionalism, Communication, and Reflection course. ON REF

compartmentalizing, says UVM Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Lee Rosen, Ph.D., who directs the tenmonth long PCR course within the Vermont Integrated Curriculum. One of the goals of PCR is to create

PCR exposes students to alternative narratives of health and wellbeing, Rosen says, and it fosters in them an ability to listen deeply to peoples stories. MENTORSHIP FRIENDSHIP We de nitely disagree

When applicants to the College, like the group above meeting with Justin Genziano 17, come to Closer Look Day, they preview the type of learning that is involved in the rstyear Professionalism, Commun

competition and emotional distance to collaboration and empathy helps to keep physicians both in practice and at their best for patients. PCR is one way the College of Medicine puts the Hidden Curric

the Human behavior has as much e ect on the body as disorders of circulation or respiration, but is far less understood. The Vermont Center on Behavior Health seeks answers that can change patients l

Carrie Dyer and her daughter at Burlingtons Battery Park playground. Dyers participation in a Vermont Center on Behavior and Health study is helping her break a smoking habit begun in early childhood.

Now Dyer is trying to get unstuck. When I used to work tra c control I was up to four packs a day, she says. But on January 5, 2014, well into her second trimester of pregnancy, at age 38, she quit. H

shes used the vouchers for shoes shes wearing the only pair she owns or for gas cards so her partner, the father of two of her children, can get to work. Of course, an anecdote is not a signi cant d

to be higher risk than the other cardiac where these lifestyle diseases emerge, that achievable chunks. Putting the focus patients we see they have worse cardiac most quotidian foundation how we behav

Foraging for Meaning As the director of the new Vermont Center on Behavior and Health, Higgins has a lot of responsibilities, but he cheerfully agrees to meet me on campus to go for a run. Im waiting

U N I V E R S I T Y O F V E R M O N T C O L L E G E O F M E D I C I N E departments Brief reports on the activities of the basic science and clinical departments and major centers at the Colle

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Anesthesiology David Adams, M.D., Interim Chair 14 R E P O R T T he academic scope of Anesthesiology is wider than ever, as more of our faculty and residents

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Biochemistry Gary Stein, Ph.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T education and advocacy programs of the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. They pa

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Family Medicine Thomas C. Peterson, M.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T T here were many Family Medicine highlights for 2014. Among notable faculty events were retirem

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Medicine Polly Parsons, M.D., E.L. Amidon Chair 14 R E P O R T T he Department of Medicine had another excellent year in 2014, with signi cant contributions i

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Susan S. Wallace, Ph.D., Chair he Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics MMG and its 16 faculty members play import

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Molecular Physiology Biophysics David Warshaw, Ph.D.79, Chair 14 R E P O R T T he Department of Molecular Physiology Biophysics continues to garner internat

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Neurological Sciences Gregory Holmes, M.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS In 2014, Neurological Sciences faculty published 44 articles in a variety

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Ira Bernstein, M.D.82, John Van Sicklen Maeck Chair 14 R E P O R T Assistant Professor Julie Phillips, M.D., l

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Claude E. Nichols III, M.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T T he Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation has embarked on an evolut

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Debra G.B. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T T he Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has had a product

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Pediatrics Lewis R. First, M.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T Professor of Pediatrics Ann Guillot, M.D., directed the pediatric residency program for the last 25 years

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Pharmacology Mark T. Nelson, Ph.D., Chair he Department of Pharmacology, with its international reputation in neurovascular research continues to play important r

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Psychiatry Robert Pierattini, M.D., Chair 14 R E P O R T T he past academic year saw the establishment of the Vermont Center on Behavior and Health under the

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Radiology Kristen K. DeStigter, M.D., Interim Chair 14 R E P O R T T he Department of Radiology has focused on and implemented several quality improvement ini

D E PA R T M E N T O F A N N U A L Surgery Mitchell Norotsky, M.D., Chair he faculty of the Department of Surgery at the University of Vermont College of Medicine continues to excel as clinicians,

C E N T E R S A N N U A L University of Vermont Cancer Center Gary Stein, Ph.D., and Claire Verschraegen, M.D., CoDirectors n the last year, the University of Vermont Cancer Center made signi cant i

C E N T E R S A N N U A L Center for Clinical and Translational Science Richard Galbraith, M.D., Ph.D., Director he Center for Clinical and Translational Science CCTS is dedicated to the pursuit of

UVM Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Neuroscience Rodney Parsons, Ph.D., Director COBRE Vermont Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases Cob

A N N U A L 14 R E P O R T Clinical investigations of infectious diseases are conducted through the College of Medicines Division of Infectious Diseases, and for autoimmune and rheumatic diseases t

philanthropy I am very pleased to present the results of an extraordinary year in philanthropic support at the College of Medicine. Giving to the College in scal year 2014 reached a new record of near

BELIEF IN THE MISSION SPURS FACULTY GIFT A 4.5 million gift from the surgical faculty at the College of Medicine and The University of Vermont Medical Center funded 14 Green Gold Professorships in t

Ira Allen Society e Ira Allen Society recognizes UVMs most loyal donors by acknowledging individuals whose cumulative lifetime gifts and commitments to UVM reach or exceed 100,000, with special recogn

A N N U A L 1,000,000 M E M B E R S 10,00024,999 Virginia H. Donaldson, M.D.51 Stanley Samuel Fieber, M.D.48 Alice Kohn Robert Larner, M.D.42 Helen Larner Arthur Jason Perelman, M.D.52 Claudia Ha

P R O F I L E I N G I V I N G College of Medicine Wilbur Society Following in the steps of James B. Wilbur, whose 1929 bequest began a fund which still helps more than 800 UVM students each year, t

Faculty Sta Donors e College is grateful to the following faculty and sta who have made nancial contributions to support the College and its missions. J. Christian Abajian, M.D. 69 Thomas M. Achen

University of Vermont Cancer Center Donors e College of Medicine and the University of Vermont Cancer Center are grateful to the following donors of 100 or more who made contributions to support cance

Audrey O. Huntington Janet Lawson Hutchins Galen Otis Hutchison, Jr. Sally Sargent Hutchison Frances B. Hyde Donald C. Brenda S. Ingham Kim Scott Ireland Royce W. Irwin, Jr. Tracy Jacot Nicholas Ja

Memorial Gifts e College is honored to have received gifts in memory of the following individuals. John Abajian, Jr., M.D. Jerome S. Abrams, M.D. Gretchen Holt Allen, M.D.98 Ellsworth Lyman Amidon, M.

P R O F I L E I N G I V I N G Honorary Gifts During scal year 2014, the College of Medicine received gifts in honor of the following individuals or groups. Sue Smith Aiken Jane M. Akin Gary Allen L

College of Medicine Alumni Donors Ph.D. Alumni Annual Ira Allen Society 2,500 William Anthony DeBassio, Ph.D.71, M.D.77 Donald H. Lambert, Ph.D.70, M.D.78 Amy Brandt MacDermott, Ph.D.79 Leadership Co

Annual Ira Allen Society 2,500 Paul B. Stanilonis 65 Leadership Contributors 1,0002,499 Marlene Ann AldoBenson Merrill D. Benson James F. Butler, III Woolson W. Doane Allan L. Gardner John A. M. Hin

4 0 Y E A R R E U NION Annual Ira Allen Society 2,500 David W. Edsall Richard Louis Gamelli Albert Joseph Hebert, Jr. John Arthur Persing 74 John Hornblower Meyer, Jr. David Richard Miller Brian Jos

35 Y E A R R E U NION Annual Ira Allen Society 2,500 Dave E. Lounsbury 79 James Anthony Russell Patricia Ann St. John Sean OBrien Stitham Participation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Tot

FISCAL YEAR 2014 PHILANTHROPIC ALUMNI SUPPORT Gregory Gerard Decandia Mark H. Gregory Martin Theodore Grune Brad Holden Vijaya Madhukar Joshi Dayle Klitzner Kellner Thomas M. Kinkead Mario Gabriel Lo

Participation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10,435 Agent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Dewey Contributors 1999 Lorraine Eliz

Leadership Contributors 1,0002,499 Steven R. Partil 00 Contributors 1999 Jay Edmond Allard Maria Azizian Anne Nieder Clegg Erica Jannes Gibson Allison K. Harbour Gregory Scott Hunt Christine Waasdor

Named Lectureships John Abajian, Jr. John E. Mazuzan, Jr. Endowed Lectureship in Anesthesiology Arnold H. Colodny, M.D. Visiting Professorship in Pediatric Surgery John H. Davis, M.D. Endowed Lecture

Class Awards 2014 Foundations Teacher of the Year William Raszka, M.D. Foundations Course Director of the Year William E. Hopkins, M.D. Outstanding Foundations Course Cardiovascular, Respiratory and

Class of 2014 Academic Awards and Honors continued The Laura Weed, M.D. Award for qualities of excellence, service, and commitment in Internal Medicine Benjamin Ware The Wellness Award, from the Comm

At right, Christian Crannell 15, the current MidgleyCoon Scholarship recipient, with Jane Wilson Coon, R.N., D.N.Sc. and Rees Midgley, M.D.58. Student Assistance We are grateful to the supporters of

hall In 1905, when the College of Medicine completed its third home at the corner of Prospect and Pearl Streets in Burlington, the main lecture room was named Hall A. For the next 63 years, students

The University of Vermont Foundation PRESIDENT S CORNER Its been an eventful rst few months since I assumed the role of president of the Medical Alumni Executive Committee, with a new group of studen

HALL A M.D. CL A SS NOTES If you have news to share, please contact your class agent or the Development Alumni Relations o ce at or 802 6564014. If your email address has

HALL A M.D. CL A SS NOTES Michle GrinLajoie writes that he is getting ready for a sixweek trek in the Khumbu region in Nepal. Grateful that my work situation, a very exible family medicine, obstetric

HALL A FL ASHBACK Rapt Attention We may never know what object engaged these College of Medicine viewers so deeply, three or four decades ago. But its likely the four most prominent students may b

Class Agent Directory Class agents are dedicated alumni who volunteer their time to serve as the voice of their classmates at the College of Medicine, and who work to encourage support of the College

HALL A 81 Bruce Leavitt, 312 Four Sisters Road, South 98 Halleh Akbarnia, 2011 Prairie Street, Glenview, IL 60025, 847 9980507, Burlington, VT 05403, Betsy Sus

Obituaries John M. Wood, M.D. Dr. Wood died May 11, 2014, in Lancaster, Penn. He was 92. Dr. Wood was born in Waterbury, Conn., and was an alumnus of Colby College and the University of Vermont Colleg

HALL A also successfully diagnosed and treated Reyes Syndrome in a sixyearold boy believed to be the rst successful diagnosis and treatment of this deadly disease. Dr. Burns was a physician rst and a

November 14, 2014 1050 a.m. Just a few days after the official opening of the Larner Classroom, Professor of Pediatrics Robert Macauley, M.D., leads the first instructional event in the room, a teamba

NonPro t Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Burlington VT Permit No. 143 VERMONT MEDICINE 89 Beaumont Ave. Burlington VT 05405 Reconnect with faculty. Revisit Recall the good times. Renew old friendships. the