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ART SCIENCE Medical Student Education Annual Report University of Vermont College of Medicine

The past academic year presented an interesting dichotomy. We witnessed and celebrated the continuing successes of our faculty, students and staff, many of which are detailed in the pages that follow.

Class of 2019 White Coat Ceremony, October 2015. ART SCIENCE Medical Student Education at the University of Vermont Annual Highlights ...................................................... 2 Teachi

2016 ANNUAL Highlights Adapting to Our Changing Environment A New Model for Medical Education The power and promise of active learning is well established Over 200 studies have shown that students en

2016 HIGHLIGHTS UVM College of Medicine Is a National Leader for Student Satisfaction UVM Applies for Branch Campus at Western Connecticut Health Network The College has notified the Liaison Committ

Class of 2019 Snapshot 6,054 579 114 3.67 3.63 10 11 10 37 77 100 31 Applicants Interviews Enrolled Median GPA Median BCPM Median MCAT Verbal Median MCAT Biological Science Median MCAT Physical Scien

2016 HIGHLIGHTS Medical Education UVM has launched its largest and most ambitious fundraising campaign ever, a 500 million initiative set to transform the university. Move Mountains The Campaign for

THE TEACHING Academy The mission of the Teaching Academy is to create and sustain an interdisciplinary community of educators, and promote an academic environment that values the scholarship of teach

TEACHING ACADEMY Teaching Academy Retreats The Teaching Academy hosts two annual retreats for its members The Mud Season Retreat in the spring, and the Stick Season Retreat in the fall. The events fe

Promoting LGBTQ Health A PROGRESSIVE APPROACH TO EDUCATION AND ADVOCACY THROUGH BOTH EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES built into the curriculum and studentled initiatives, the UVM College of Medicine stands

Frymoyer Scholar Grant to Fund Creation of LGBT Curriculum Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Michael Upton, M.D.94, has received a 2016 Frymoyer Scholars grant to develop a curriculum focused on cultu

Making a Difference STUDENTS ARE FANNING OUT ACROSS THE GLOBE to learn about the practice of medicine in a variety of countries, including Vietnam, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, and Russia, vi

A Connecticut Doctor in Africa Hearst Multimedia Series In November of 2015, the Hearst Connecticut Media Group profiled Sohi Ashraf, M.D., a thirdyear resident at Norwalk Hospital, for a fivepart ser

Transforming Admissions MOST ASPIRING PHYSICIANS are wellaware that characteristics such as a capacity for improvement, an ability to empathize, and a sense of ethical responsibility, are key to succe

The fast interviews posed a challenge, she admits, but she approached them as a sort of mental game of spontaneous problemsolving. Gregory Gause 19 also touted the benefits of connecting with multiple

THE VERMONT INTEGRATED CURRICULUM Foundations Level In the Foundations Level of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum, students develop fundamental science knowledge and clinical skills. From their first

L E V E L AUG Orientation Foundations of Medicine 6 weeks 1 NOV F O U N D A T I O N S DEC JAN FEB Attacks Defenses 6 weeks Y E A R APR 1 M AY JUN SEP OCT MAR Human Structure Function 12 wee

THE VERMONT INTEGRATED CURRICULUM Clerkship Level During clerkships, students learn the basic principles of clinical medicine, including primary and preventive care while building clinical skills thr

L E V E L MAR 2 C L I N I C A L APR C L E R K S H I P M AY JUN Bridge Y E A R JUL 2 Surgery Inpatient Internal Medicine NeurologyOutpatient Internal Medicine Vacation L E V E L AUG Psychiat

THE VERMONT INTEGRATED CURRICULUM Advanced Integration Level As students enter the third level of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum, the focus turns towards preparing for residency and enhancing clin

L E V E L MAR Selective 3 A D V A N C E D APR Acting Internship in Internal Medicine I N T E G R A T I O N M AY Surgical Subspecialties Y E A R JUN Selective 3 L E V E L JUL USMLE Step 2 Exams

Medical Student Life Medical students rely on a system of mentors and advisors to succeed, and results from the 2015 AAMC Graduate Questionnaire show the strength of those mentoring relationships at U

Making an Impact Christina Cahill 18 was among a select group of 18 students nationwide to receive a 2015 Honors Award from The American Society of Hematology, which supports hematology research proje

Teaching CichoskiKelly Garners Grant Focused on Mentorship SCHOLARSHIP OF Faculty Garner UVM Medical Group Teaching Awards The UVM Medical Group honored Rebecca Wilcox, M.D., as 2015 Graduate Medica

Raszka Receives Distinguished Service Award Professor of Pediatrics William Raszka, M.D., received the Distinguished Service Award from the Vermont Medical Society. Raszka was recognized for his merit

Faculty Publications Presentations Selected Publications Benson N, Stickle T, Raszka W. Going Fourth from Medical School Student Perspectives on Their Final Year of Undergraduate Medical Education.

Office of Medical Student Education Courtyard at Given N100 University of Vermont College of Medicine 89 Beaumont Avenue Burlington, VT 05405 Phone 802.656.0722 Fax 802.656.9377 www.uvm.edumedicinemed

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