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OUR VISION International League Against Epilepsys vision is a world in which no persons life is limited by epilepsy. OUR MISSION International League Against Epilepsys mission is to ensure that hea

TABLE OF CONTENTS GOVERNANCE Executive Committee List President Treasurer SecretaryGeneral Staff First Vice President Third Vice President Epilepsia Interactive Media Global Outreach Task Force Intern

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 20092013 PRESIDENT Solomon L Mosh, MD New York, USA SECRETARYGENERAL Samuel Wiebe, MD Calgary, AB, Canada TREASURER Emilio Perucca, MD, PhD Pavia, Italy PAST PRESIDENT Prof Peter W

PRESIDENTS REPORT In July 2009, the International League Against Epilepsy ILAE developed its fouryear Strategic Plan. This is the second year progress report, prepared by the Management Committee and

PRESIDENTS REPORT continued the ILAE website. We expect the first edition to be available in the first quarter of 2012. We plan translations of the textbook into Spanish, and Chinese. Congresses are

PRESIDENTS REPORT continued specific goals and anticipated deliverables that would positively impact epilepsy care in the region, with a 10year focus on epilepsy. In Europe, efforts are ongoing to a

PRESIDENTS REPORT continued Financial Advisory Subcommittee, which include members of the financial and corporate world, have worked effectively to this end. The most important product of these acti

TREASURERS REPORT According to the Strategic Plan created in Budapest at the beginning of this Executives term, my mandate as the Leagues Treasurer was to secure and diversify our main sources of inc

TREASURERS REPORT continued With respect to ensuring longterm financial viability of the League, the Investment Policy revision and the selection of a new investment firm are the result of an extens

SECRETARYGENERALS REPORT It is a pleasure to report on the activities of the ILAE during the second year of this Executive Committee. A brief glance at the report leaves no doubt that the many accomp

SECRETARYGENERALS REPORT continued enable a stronger evidence base to identify the optimal candidates to take forward to clinical development. 5 The Task Force on ILAE Reports E. Bertram, chair, wil

STAFF REPORT Staff is pleased to continue to pay a role in the development and implementation of new League programs and services. The following stand out as major accomplishments over the past twelv

FIRST VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT My activities during the last twelve months can be summarized as follows 1. Chair of the Constitution Task Force Through frequent meetings of the Constitution Task Force

THIRD VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT Pan American Health Organization PAHO Strategy and Plan of Action on Epilepsy CoChairs Marco T Medina, ILAE and School of Medical Sciences, National Autonomous University

EPILEPSIA REPORT This was a good year for Epilepsia. During the Volume 51 year, twelve regular monthly issues were published totaling 2501 pages, with all issues published within the scheduled month

INTERACTIVE MEDIA REPORT The plan to redo the ILAE website started in 2010. The purpose was to improve the quality of the website, its ease of use, the accessibility of the information, and to make t

GLOBAL OUTREACH TASK FORCE REPORT Mission The ILAEIBEWHO Global Campaign Against EpilepsyGCAE has as a mission statement To improve the acceptability, treatment, services and prevention of epilepsy wo

GLOBAL OUTREACH TASK FORCE REPORT continued the responses to questions. Interpretation of the data collected is being completed and the next steps of this project involve preparation of a country repo

GLOBAL OUTREACH TASK FORCE REPORT continued mhGAP Forum In all countries throughout the world, there is a wide gap between the high prevalence of mental, neurological and substance use disorders and t

INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR OF MEETINGS REPORT Annual Congress Planning Update The IDM Office has been assiduously managing and operating the Congresses which took place during the year July 2010 to June 2

INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR OF MEETINGS REPORT continued Scientific Advisory Organizing Committee SAOC comprised Mike Glynn Ireland, CoChair Solomon L Mosh USA CoChair Emilio Perucca Italy, Congress Direc

INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR OF MEETINGS REPORT continued borderland of epilepsy. Registration and abstract submission will be available online at in December 2011. The full scien

EUROPEAN DECLARATION The endorsement on 15 September 2011 of the Written Declaration on Epilepsy by the European Union EU Parliament was a major milestone in a concerted effort to have epilepsy recog

EUROPEAN DECLARATION continued What Happens Next, and what Impact will the Declaration Have The Declaration was forwarded to the EU Commission, the EU Council and the governments of all EU Member St

Task Force Reports 2011 ANNUAL REPORT 24

CONSTITUTION TASK FORCE Chair Members Tatsuya Tanaka Michel Baulac Marco Medina Simon Shorvon Samuel Wiebe Recommendation for Future Work During the last 18 months of the term, the Constitution Tas

INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE IOM The League is engaged in regional activities aimed at highlighting the need for support of the epilepsies and raising political and public awareness to prioritize allocation

INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE IOM continued The final IOM report is expected to be released in early 2012, and it is hoped that many of these questions will be addressed. For more information and to contrib

Regional Commissions 2011 ANNUAL REPORT 28

COMMISSION ON AFRICAN AFFAIRS Members Chair Pr Amadou Gallo Diop Senegal SecretaryGeneral Dr Callixte T Kuate Cameroon Treasurer Pr Angelina Kakooza Uganda Education Officer Pr Bryan Kies South Afri

COMMISSION ON ASIAN AND OCEANIAN AFFAIRS CAOA 1. List of Members and Officers As of November 2011, CAOA takes charge of 19 Chapters in the Asian and Oceanian Region, which includes Australia, Banglade

COMMISSION ON ASIAN AND OCEANIAN AFFAIRS CAOA 2. Aims and Missions of CAOA a. Aims Aims of CAOA, the Regional Commission of ILAE, is to develop, stimulate, and coordinate the epileptology agenda in th

COMMISSION ON ASIAN AND OCEANIAN AFFAIRS CAOA 11 General discussions on i Global Campaign and Outreach ii Support for the 5th AESC in Hong Kong, Mongolian Project raised by Dr Tovudorjii of MES iii In

COMMISSION ON ASIAN AND OCEANIAN AFFAIRS CAOA c. CAOA RTF Scope of Actions of RTF i. Improve research infrastructure continued iv. Provide service for the diagnosis and education of epilepsy in sel

COMMISSION ON ASIAN AND OCEANIAN AFFAIRS CAOA ii. ASEPA EEG Certification Examinations Part 1 Exam A total of 145 candidates took the part 1 exam with pass rate of 62 percent 1 Karachi, Pakistan, 29 J

COMMISSION ON ASIAN AND OCEANIAN AFFAIRS CAOA iv. Scientific Programs 5. Summary of Action Plans of CAOA and ASEPA for 2012 a. 9th AOEC in Manila, Philippines i. Chapter convention d. Information Comm

COMMISSION ON EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN AFFAIRS CEMA The Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs CEMA consists of members from different countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region who have expertis

COMMISSION ON EUROPEAN AFFAIRS CEA List of Members Chair Secretaty CEA Treasurer Past Chair Communication Liaison Global Campaign Liaison EAC European Advisory Council Secretary EAC European Adviso

COMMISSION ON EUROPEAN AFFAIRS CEA continued Commission Activities from July 2009 through October 2011 a. 3rd Eilat Educational Course on Pharmacology 8 to 15 September 2009 b. 2nd Caucasian Summer Sc

COMMISSION ON LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS List of Members Chair Secretary Treasurer LASSE Manuel Campos Chile Eduardo Barragn Mxico Patricia Braga Uruguay Esper Abrao Cavalheiro Brasil Franz Chaves Sell Co

COMMISSION ON LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS continued 2. V Latin American Summer School on Epilepsy LASSE Escuela de Verano de Epilepsia. February 2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil LASSE is organized by Prof Esper Ab

COMMISSION ON LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS continued fellowships in the remaining positions if they could obtain support from other sources. Dr Alberto Castao Colombia started his training this way at the U

COMMISSION ON LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS continued 9. Work together with IBE International Bureau for Epilepsy Our Commission has an excellent relationship with the Latin American IBE Commission Lilia Nue

COMMISSION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REGION NAC List of Members Chair Secretary, President Canadian League Against Epilepsy Treasurer Past Chair Sheryl Haut USA US formerly from Antigua Lionel Carmant Can

COMMISSION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REGION NAC epilepsy surgery program in Dominican Republic has continued to be successful. 4. The Caribbean Task Force has focused on formation of an ILAE Caribbean Cha

COMMISSION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REGION NAC Epilepsy in the Caribbean 1. The proposed constitution for the ILAE Caribbean Chapter is well developed and moving towards completion, having undergone revi

COMMISSION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REGION NAC ensuing year, we will try to establish partnerships in each Region to make the project sustainable. Jacmel and Logane with the Canadian Red Cross, Mirabelai

TopicOriented Commissions 2011 ANNUAL REPORT 47

COMMISSION ON CLASSIFICATION AND TERMINOLOGY List of Members Chair Secretary, Past Chair Information Officer Finances Education Officer Ingrid Scheffer Australia Anne Berg USA Pippo Capovilla Italy Ma

COMMISSION ON DIAGNOSTIC METHODS Commission Members Chair Past Chair Secretary Translational Research Educational Officer Information Officer Treasurer Members Fernando Cendes Brazil William Davis Gai

COMMISSION ON DIAGNOSTIC METHODS FCD Task Force proposal for a new neuropathological classification system for FCD Neuropathology Task Force proposal for a semiquantitative ILAE scoring system for H

COMMISSION ON EDUCATION List of Members Chair Chong Tin Tan Tallie Z Baram Walter van Emde Boas Maria Canevini Hassan Hosny Angelina Kakooza Ruediger Koehling David Labiner Shih Hui Lim Karupath Radha

COMMISSION ON EDUCATION continued DistanceLearning Courses The League solidified the organizational and financial stability of the longdistance education program by acquiring direct control and inves

COMMISSION ON EPIDEMIOLOGY List of Members CoChair CoChair Dale Hersdorffer Ettore Beghi Giancarlo Logroscino Ding Ding Josemir Sander Torbjorn Tomson Allen Hauser Charles Newton David Thurman Marco

COMMISSION ON GENETICS OF EPILEPSY Members Chair Past Chair Sam Berkovic Australia Ruth Ottman USA Shinichi Hirose Japan Thomas Sander Germany Peter DeJonghe Belgium Nigel Tan Singapore Sanjay Sisodyi

COMMISSION ON NEUROBIOLOGY List of Members Chair Astrid Nehlig France CoChair Jeff Noebels USA Past Chair Annamaria Vezzani Italy Treasurer Christophe Bernard France Chair of the WONOEP Commission Ma

COMMISSION ON NEUROBIOLOGY continued structured panel sessions on the following subthemes receptorsion channels and synaptic transmission antiinflammatory strategies metabolic homeostasis dr

COMMISSION ON NEUROPSYCHOBIOLOGY List of Members CoChair CoChair Treasurer Past Chair Secretary Educational Officer Andres Kanner USA Marco Mula USA Mike Kerr UK ES Krishnamoorthy India Frank Besag Un

COMMISSION ON NEUROPSYCHOBIOLOGY produced and in some cases the validation process has been also terminated Spanish, Portuguese. The validation of the Italian, German and French versions is terminated

COMMISSION ON PEDIATRICS List of Members CoChair CoChair Doug Nordli USA Perrine Plouin France Jaime Carrizosa Colombia Donna Craiu Romania Helen Cross UK Heung Dong Kim Korea Hirokazu Oguni Japan Ke

COMMISSION ON PEDIATRICS continued Clinical Resources Survey A goal for 2011 was to determine what services were available for children with epilepsy and autism. Surveys were sent to Task Force mem

COMMISSION ON PEDIATRICS continued Normal EEG patterns in premature and neonates Ronit Pressler UK Normal EEG patterns in infants and children Magda Lahorgue Nunes Brasil EEG in Neonatal pathology H

COMMISSION ON THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES List of Members CoChair Steve Schachter USA CoChair Bernhard Steinhoff Germany Information Officer Guenter Kramer Switzerland Secretary Carlos Acevedo Chile Treasu

COMMISSION ON THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES continued probably be finalized at the next meeting of the Task Force that is scheduled on 3 December 2011. The other project, to develop guidelines regarding mini

Other Activities 2011 ANNUAL REPORT 64

AWARDS MorrisCoole Epilepsia Prize The MorrisCoole Epilepsia Prize is given in recognition of an outstanding research paper published in Epilepsia the previous year on any field of epilepsy research,

AWARDS Ambassador Awards Ambassador Awards are presented in recognition of outstanding international contributions to the cause of epilepsy. These activities have either been performed at an internati

AWARDS The International Bureau for Epilepsy and the International League Against Epilepsy gives the Social Accomplishment Award every two years to one person who has accomplished outstanding activiti

CONSTITUTION Article I Name The name of this international organization, founded on 29 August 1909, in Budapest, is the International League Against Epilepsy hereinafter called the ILAE. office. Chap

c. The EditorinChief of Epilepsia as a nonvoting member, appointed by the voting members of the Executive Committee. 3. The Management Committee a. Shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secr

4. Proper books of account shall be overseen by the Treasurer and they shall be certified by a qualified auditor at the end of each fiscal year. Article XV Dissolution or Merger 1. The ILAE may be d

BYLAWS The Executive Committee is empowered by the Constitution Article VIII8 to establish Bylaws as necessary to achieve the objectives of the League, subject to their not being in conflict with the

and outline their purposes and duties consistent with the ILAE Strategic Plan f Serve as an ExOfficio member of all Commissions and Task Forces, except for the Election Commission g Promote active par

The editorial content of Epilepsia is the responsibility of the EditorsinChief. Specifically, the EditorsinChief of Epilepsia shall a Make the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of submitte

General Assembly revoked. Twothirds of votes cast with at least twothirds of all available votes having been cast have to confirm disaffiliation. VII. Fiscal Year The fiscal year of ILAE shall be 1 J

13. A Joint Committee, consisting of the voting members of the ILAE Executive Committees and the Management Committee of IBE, is authorized to take actions in the name of a JEC between JEC meetings. S