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AMERICAN EPILEPSY SOCIETY w w w. A E S N E T. o r g Volume 21, No. 3 Fall 2012 Whats New at the 2012 Annual Meeting Badges Mailed Ahead of Time If you register before November 7, you will receive

AESNEWS FALL 2012 AES News is published three times a year by the American Epilepsy Society, American Branch, International League Against Epilepsy. Editor Deepak K. Lachhwani, M.B.B.S., M.D. Execut

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Report from the Nominating Committee We are delighted to announce an outstanding group of nominees for the AES Officer and Board of Director positions for the coming year. These no

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Partnering Epilepsy Centers in the Americas PECA The application should address program goals. This program supports travel between North and Latin America to perform one or more o

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy Conference By Jeffrey Buchhalter M.D., Ph.D., FAAN On June 2224, 2012, the Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy PAME Conference took place

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Accessing Epilepsy Currents from your mobile device The URL for mobile is epilepsycurrents.orgthe same as our full site. When a user with a supported device directs their browser t

AESNEWS FALL 2012 MEMBERS IN THE NEWS Member Wins Prestigious Grant Helen Scharfman, Ph.D., of The Nathan Kline Institute in Orangeburg, NY, has received a grant from the Alzheimers Association for

AESNEWS FALL 2012 NINDS UPDATE Discovering Genes for The Epilepsies By Brandy Fureman, Ph.D. It is well know that many forms of epilepsy are strongly influenced by genetics. Nevertheless, there has

AESNEWS Whats New At the 2012 Annual Meeting Continued from page 1 All Attendee Reception Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 1 at 430 p.m. for an all attendee reception in the Exhibit Hall. Ou

AESNEWS FALL 2012 SIGnals SIGnals For more on whats happening with your favorite SIG, log on to Professional Connections and join the discussion. You will find SIGs under the Directory Tab. NOTE Sch

AESNEWS FALL 2012 SIGnals Continued from page 10 Neurostimulation Christopher M. DeGiorgio, M.D. and Erika Fanselow, Ph.D. Neuromodulation for epilepsy continues to expand at an exponential rate, an

AESNEWS FALL 2012 CALENDAR OF EVENTS October 31 November 3, 2012 Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting Huntington Beach, CA USA httpwww.childneurologysociety.organnualmeeting November 14 17, 2012