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Migrating to Avaya System Manager page 10 Insights The Official Magazine of the International Avaya Users Group I A U G Issue 4, 2014 Three Ways to Simplify Your Current network Arch

Insights I A U G 8 Three Ways to Simplify Your Current network Architecture and Get Ready for SDn By Lorraine Cleary COnTEnTS Issue 4, 2014 In recent years, weve made great strides in how we commun

FROM ThE pRESIDEnT Taking IAuG on the Road s I reflect on my final months as president of IAUG, it is clear that our global organization has come a long way in just a few short years. Even more impor

Your Avaya Instructor Is In Introducing Avaya Instructor O ce Hours. At Global Knowledge, learning doesnt stop when you leave the classroom. With our Avaya Instructor O ce Hours, you can access Avaya

FROM ThE EDITOR Whats the plan, and Who Is Going with You By Jayne Hogle s the old saying goes, You gotta have a plan, man After all, if you want to get to a certain place, you need to know how to g

RESOLVING COMPLEXITY IS WHAT WE DO BEST Our technicians, software specialists and dedicated sales teams live by it. And our customers can attest to it. As a leader in voice, video and unified communi

FEATuRE STORY Three Ways to Simplify Your Current network Architecture and Get Ready for SDn By Lorraine Cleary I n recent years, weve made great strides in how we communicate, collaborate and mana

simplifies how multipath networks are created and configured. Importantly, it delivers SDNlike capabilities and resolves critical performance barriers Shortest Path Bridging replaces oldschool spanni

FEATuRE STORY Migrating to Avaya System Manager By David Lover enjoy teaching S3 Universitys Advanced Converged Administration class with solution engineers, technicians and end users. Along with th

Avaya introduced a feature called CM Notify. If configured correctly, any change that is made directly in Communication Manager gets pushed via rsyslog, which is an open source protocol for forwarding

FEATuRE STORY Are Contact Centers Doing the Wrong Thing by Trying to Delight Customers By Bob Kent and Dustin Donaldson We thought we would share a recent experience that made us think a little diff

PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2013 Contact Center and UC Real Time Alerts and Unmatched MultiVendor Correlation Prevent Outages and Gain Immediate Visibility Optimize Lync Conferencing in Your Avaya Environm

So lets take a look at the two transactions we would all like to be delighted, but maybe what we really need is our problem taken care of quickly and painlessly so we can go back to our daily lives.

Big Time. Everything happens in real time. Why should your contact center be any different TASKE Realtime provides invaluable uptothesecond views of your contact center giving you insight into unfore

COvER STORY FEATuRE STORY Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment Driving a Breakthrough in CommunicationsEnabled Applications By Michael Killeen he Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment is an applicati

Automate and Streamline Your Telecom Operation Is your business looking for ways to make laborintensive, manual telecom tasks faster and more efficient For many enterprises, automation is the answer.

journey and eventually feed that information into database for persistence and analytics. Context Store can also be used as an inmemory low latency data cache. It provides RESTful interfaces and Java

Managed Services Putting our IQ to Work for You Including Proactive Monitoring, Software Release Management, and Remediation In your business, what is more important than uptime At CTI, we believe

FEATuRE STORY Managing Emotions in the Workplace By Claudia St. John, SPHR The first step to developing EQ is to become more selfaware. This selfawareness is the essential building block for EQ deve

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience Answer his call in 10 seconds Greet Will Jackson by name See hes a VIP customer Check his call history Answer his question Offer him a VIP discount Makes him hap