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Issue 4 2015 Focus on Change How IT Departments Can Regain Power and Influence MeetMe Conferencing Evolving As We Speak Introducing Avaya 7.0 The Official Magazine of the International Av

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Timely Topics from IAUG CONVERGE2015 IAUG CONVERGE2015 featured nearly 200 presentations on timely topics for communication professionals. Click for details Contents Issue 4 2015 Intro

FROM THE EDITOR Changing of the Seasons IAUG Mission IAUG is the primary resource for education, networking and advocacy for Avayas global customer community. C hange We all know our industry keep

FROM THE PRESIDENT B Reflecting on a Year of Accomplishments Our relationship with Avaya continues to grow, as we reach out together to explain the benefits of IAUG to their new customers. Of cours

AVAYA CERTIFIED SIP TRUNKS RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE, HIGH DEFINITION We bring reliable Avaya certified and many other PBXes SIP trunks to you Exceptional 24x7x365 LIVE tech support Domestic, Continental

FEATURE ARTICLE How IT Departments Can Regain Power and Influence Change your perception, get a plan, perform a pilot and selfpromote otherwise, your IT department will remain on the sidelines. By

needs to change its perception by shifting its focus from keeping the lights on to strategic investments. It is important that IT continues to keep the lights on, but more time needs to be made to thi

FEATURE ARTICLE Timely Topics from IAUG CONVERGE2015 IAUG CONVERGE2015 featured nearly 200 presentations on timely topics for communication professionals, including the following sessions. By Richa

One example of a combination strategy would be for the CS 1000 to handle analog sets on the floor of a distribution or manufacturing facility, while putting the sales and executive team on Avaya Aura,

FEATURE ARTICLE resolving the current problem, she said. It also helps providers on their journey to delivering a superior customer experience. A Practical Guide to WebRTC WebRTC is one of the most

FEATURE ARTICLE MeetMe Conferencing Evolving As We Speak Realtime communications solution providers are embracing persistent communications as one of the next big things to make meetings more effi

Persistent meeting rooms let you create topicbased discussion rooms that persist over time. These persistent rooms allow you to communicate and collaborate with a group of people who have a common are

FEATURE ARTICLE Introducing Avaya Aura 7.0 Avayas innovative new platform is easier to deploy, manage, upgrade and scale with a significantly lower total cost of ownership. By Mark Monday vaya re

Introducing Two New Monitoring Solutions from Starfish Starfish CM Dashboard is a realtime executive summary display that provides visibility into the vital signs of communication systems, including C

FEATURE ARTICLE grate, upgrade and update your entire suite of Avaya Aura applications from a single point in your network. Upgrades for Communication Manager, Session Manager and Branch Session Man

Communicate Smarter EVM3 with giSTT Speech to Text Mutare has transformed voicemail into a powerful, businessenhancing communication tool that Dramatically cuts costs Improves employee productivity

FEATURE ARTICLE Top 10 Items to Monitor in Avaya Environments If theres one key lesson that UC teams can learn from IT, its that you cant manage what you cant measure. By Ross Williams Heres our t

across a network. Do you have sufficient media resources, trunks and announcement capacity at each location Are you unknowingly playing music or announcement files across WAN connections 9. Software

FEATURE ARTICLE Network Assessments to Ensure VoIP Readiness What you dont know about your network can hurt you when it comes to deploying VoIP Thats where network assessments come in. . By Tim Tit

how the pieces are connected. Remember that older equipment will not have the capabilities you need to deliver high quality of service QOS. Understand your network resource limitations both designed a

Much more than VoiP Quality Monitoring. At Virsae were REVOLUTIONIZING Unified Communications Service Management. Virsae Service Management goes beyond VoiP Quality Monitoring. As a true cloud based