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Click for details UC What Could You Live Without Highly mobile companies rely heavily on UC to get things done. What UC functionality would impact us the most if we lost it Contents Issue 1 2015

FROM THE EDITOR What Sticks in Your Organization IAUG Mission IAUG is the primary resource for education, networking and advocacy for Avayas global customer community. W e are constantly hearing a

Communicate Smarter Vital Link Vital Link is an integrated system of applications that can handle all of your critical messaging and alerts from a single platform, offering Collaborative Mobile Messa

FROM THE PRESIDENT The Value of Our Users Group s your new IAUG president, I am excited to work with our leadership team to continue our long tradition of advocacy and education, representing your in

Automate and Streamline Your Telecom Operation Is your business looking for ways to make laborintensive, manual telecom tasks faster and more efficient For many enterprises, automation is the answer.

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT Communications Services Trends for 2015 Transformation Takes Hold Avaya asked leading thinkers from across the organization to offer ideas about what IT departments, contact ce

3. As omnichannel support matures, Web chat plays a pivotal role. Even as video gains momentum as a hightouch channel see Trend No. 2, companies will continue to use Web chat as the relatively lowexpe

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ARTICLE 10 Answers About SIP Trunk Licenses There are restrictions on the use of SIP trunk licenses that enterprises should become aware of for their own protection. By

If you need to calculate the number of trunk licenses but do not know how many to purchase, go to the TechNote How Much SIP Bandwidth Should You Buy Ensure that you have enough SIP trunk licenses to s

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ARTICLE Why Your Organization Should Consider SIP Trunking Now and Avoid Issues Later On SIP trunking is transformational for any organization, and we are in the earlyad

Centralizing DID numbers nationally to a SIP trunk group SIP trunking carries a Direct Inward Dial DID centralization feature set. For most DID numbers outside mom and pop telcos you can port all DID

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ARTICLE Avayas Sticky Call Center Applications IAUGs Video and Collaboration Council discusses Scopia XT Video Conferencing, Avaya oneX Agent and Avaya Proactive Contact

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience Answer his call in 10 seconds Greet Will Jackson by name See hes a VIP customer Check his call history Answer his question Offer him a VIP discount Makes him hap

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ARTICLE The High Accountability Support Model Emerges Its time to enhance the traditional, fourtier help desk model and apply it to the types of customers cared for by t

To create an even better experience that engages customers, contact center reps and engineers alike, managers should consider transforming to a highaccountability, conciergestyle service. In a concier

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ARTICLE UC What Could You Live Without Highly mobile companies rely heavily on UC to get things done. What UC functionality would impact us the most if we lost it By Bob

Because it has a positive effect on our lives, and it makes us more productive, voice mobility should be in the UC Hall of Fame. If you took this away, I could easily say I would be 40 percent less pr

INSIGHTS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ARTICLE spreads and functionality improves, I believe this will soon be in the you would have to yank this out of my dead hands category. instant messaging, you can recre

The proactive problem solver. When it comes to responding to issues, every second counts. Prognosis helps you diagnose symptoms before they become problems. Intelligent alerts help you understand the