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Volume 27 Number 3 Fall 2016 THE JOURNAL OF egal Nurse Consulting INFECTION

PROTECT YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET Your ability to earn a paycheck. Income Protection is available to you on a discounted basis for being an association member. Your income protection program will prov


PURPOSE American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants 330 North Wabash Ave. Suite 2000 Chicago, IL 60611 8774022562 3123215177 Fax 3126736655 Email Web site The purpose

ARTICLE SUBMISSION The Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting JLNC, a refereed publication, is the official journal of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants AALNC. We invite interested nurses

FROM THE PRESIDENT A Message from the President Susan Carleo RN, CAPA, LNCC President, AALNC I Dear AALNC Members, t was a busy summer for AALNC. We presented informative webinars on Critical Conce

FROM THE EDITOR Editors Note elcome to the September 2016 Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting, Infection. We have works on familiar and unfamiliar topics, including emerging infectious diseases, a firs

FROM THE EDITOR Editors Note continued from page 5 Pinker cites Thomas and Turner, who in their book Clear and Simple as the Truth notes that every writing style is an authors effort to produce the

Kelynco offers the only course that incorporates the nursing process into Life Care Planning Learn how to assess, diagnose, and prescribe a strategy of care. Learn from the founder who is putting it a

BOOK REVIEW Whats in a Picture Dawn Gray, MSN, RN, CEN, CCRN A picture is worth a thousand words. I n radiology, a picture is priceless images support clinical decisionmaking and direct care. For

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR MORE ON THE EHR NORTH BAY BUSINESS JOURNAL STAFF REPORT July 4, 2016, 545AM Santa Rosa, CA Editor in Chief and Publisher Brad Bollinger Reprinted with pe

LEGAL EAGLE A Battle of the Nursing Experts E. Kenneth Snyder, JD, BSN EditorPublisher Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession battle of the nursing experts determined the outcome of a

patient was in the nurses station across from the patients room. The nursing student offered the patient a sponge bath in bed. She agreed. He washed her upper body and then offered to wash her perinea

FEATURE Emerging Infectious Diseases Global to Local Implications Mary Lou Manning, PhD, CRNP, CIC, FAAN Keywords infectious disease, travel history, public health law Infectious disease remains amo

So begins the 1992 Institute of Medicine landmark report, Emerging Infections Microbial Threats to Health in the United States. Today, more than two decades later, despite significant advances in bett

days later he returned to the same ED and within 48 hours was tested positive for the Ebola virus. On October 8 he died from complications of the disease. Two nurses providing care for the Mr. Duncan

IMPLICATION FOR LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANTS Legal nurse consultants are wellpositioned to provide guidance in deciphering public health law and reviewing EID cases as related to travel history standard of

places visited types of transportation layovers and intermediate stops specific activities undertaken during travel Alp, Erdem, Rello, 2016. Clinicians should practice standard precautions, with c

FEATURE Ebola, Quarantine, and Bike Rides A Nurses Reflection on the U.S. Response to Ebola Fighters Kaci Hickox MSNMPH, RN woman and her daughter were transferred from an Ebola holding facility, a h

These were some realities that played in my head as I flew home after treating Ebola patients in West Africa. I was soon blindsided by what would become a new reality in my own country. I am a registe

decided to ignore public health experts and the law. The Fourteenth Amendment ensures that no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law U.S. Const. amend

Studies have shown that quarantine imposes serious financial and psychological hardships. In one study, about 30 percent of individuals quarantined for SARS suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder

There must be due process in quarantine orders no more voluntary orders. We must advocate for due process for all quarantines, whether voluntary or mandatory. Due process for those facing quarantine

FEATURE Sepsis The Medicine, Claims and Defenses By Susan Carleo and Bernard S. Vallejos Reprinted with the kind permission of For The Defense The Voice of the Defense Bar. Sepsis has reached epidem

Ctr. for Health Statistics June 2011. While it occurs in just 10 percent of all hospital patients in the United States, it contributes to 3350 percent of all hospital deaths. Liu et al., Hospital Dea

The guidelines identify a number of risk factors for sepsis children younger than one year of age and adults over 65 patients with bacteremia bacteria in the blood ICU patients patients who are immuno

Sepsis is defined by the CDC as the bodys overwhelming and lifethreatening response to infection, which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. Ctrs. for Disease Control and Prevention, Se

It is critical for defense litigators to understand and emphasize that while these recommendations are intended to be best practice... they were not created to represent standard of care. nj.us2014Bi

inferring a duty of care across multiple providers. Plaintiffs and their experts also will argue that a sepsis protocol reflects the accepted standard of care with respect to treatment and that any de

loids for hypotension or a lactate level of greater than or equal to 4 mmolL. Cultures of other sites e.g., urine, cerebrospinal fluid, wound, respiratory secretion, body fluid that may be the source

tions that are considered harmless to a patient in comparison with the possible outcomes for a septic patient left untreated. Other claims in sepsis cases can include the alleged failure to communica

facility. Additionally, patients baseline lab values also are not uniform. Thus, for example, a patient with a WBC value of 11,000 does not automatically indicate an abnormality or leukocytosis. It is

FEATURE Dental Infection Issues that Contribute to Dental Malpractice Sunie Keller RN, RDH, BS, CLNC Keywords dental infection, dental malpractice, dental unit waterlines, periodontal, implantitis, r

COMMON FORMS OF DENTAL MALPRACTICE There are four common forms of dental malpractice 1 Infections caused by improperly sterilized instruments and dental unit water lines 2 Failure to diagnose and trea

of Periodontology, 2012. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. Research has shown that periodontal infections are associated with other chronic inflammatory diseases such as d

LNC Tips The LNC working in a related case should four were fatal and four resulted in irreversible brain damage. LNC Tips The LNC working in a related case should Determine whether the implants we

increases the longer the drugs are taken. Patients should be educated not to take bisphosphonates for longer than four years. SUMMARY Most dental infection cases are filed against general dentists. I

FEATURE Aspiration Pneumonia in the Elderly Tube Fed Patient Avoidable or Unavoidable Considerations for the LNC Ann M. Peterson, RN, EdD, MSN, FNPBC, LNCC Keywords aspiration, avoidable, microaspira

spiration, a major contributor to death among the frail elderly, is defined as the inhalation of oropharyngeal secretions or gastric contents into the airways beyond the vocal cords. The elderly, espe

FEATURE CASE STUDY Mrs. C, 87, had multiple admissions to the hospital for urinary tract infections UTI, diabetic ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia, gastritis, and altered mental status with progressive memo

DEATH CERTIFICATE According to Sterns, Swaminathan, Varkey, and Varkey, n.d. the prognosis of aspiration pneumonia is dependent on underlying diseases, complications, and the patients health status wi

FEATURE Aspiration, a major contributor to death among the frail elderly, is defined as the inhalation of oropharyngeal secretions or gastric contents into the airways beyond the vocal cords. from ht

FEATURE Il iuntiberum aborem sequae nisi officit iatiant et rerati doluptate consequid ma ad mosa voluptat est ped ut qui blamus evelese optur aut arum simpostion porit laborrum eos exped que quiatqu

hen we think of a superhero, we often envision superhuman strength, extraordinary talents, and overwhelming dedication to protecting the public from harm. However, now think about the emergence of a s

HOW ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE HAPPENS Figure 1 How antibiotic resistance occurs. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015. httpwww.cdc.govdrugresistancepdf22013508.pdf 1. Lots of germs. A few are

FEATURE polymyxins such as colistin, tigecycline, fosfomycin, and temocillin. This does not come without risk. Many have toxic side effects leading to further complications Davis Cunha 2014 Deen De

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FEATURE after which he was paralyzed for several months due to a Cspine injury, and had been rehabilitated to the point that he was left with minimal left upper arm atrophy. He maintained a rigorous p

breakdown in infection control measures at Superb Surgical. Multiple defense experts infectious diseases and orthopedics agreed on two points the contamination of the surgical wound probably did occur

FEATURE deprive the plaintiff of redress because the nature of the negligence of defendants did not allow for apportionment of liability. In Lancaster we were faced with two defendants, either of whom

FEATURE Il iuntiberum aborem sequae nisi officit iatiant et rerati doluptate consequid ma ad mosa voluptat est ped ut qui blamus evelese optur aut arum simpostion porit laborrum eos exped que quiatqu

FEATURE ntibiotics are one of the most commonly prescribed classes of drugs in the United States U.S. and are unique in their ability to save lives. Prescribing is most common in the outpatient settin

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE LNC Maintaining a standard of care promotes best practice and helps prevent legal issues. Medical malpractice claims are based on state law Lang, 2015. Common plaintiff allegation

FEATURE REFERENCES Dolan, C. M., Farmer, L. J. 2016. Let the record speak... The power of the medical record. The Journal for Nurse Pract 12 2 8894. httpdx.doi.org10.1016j.nurpra.2015.09.018 nosis o

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