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Dayton Montgomery CVB

Cassidy Turley

focus FOCUS is a quarterly publication of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. It is distributed to Chamber members and regional businesses. Copies are available online at The C

taB L E o f co ntE nts table of contents fEaturEs 06 New Leadership at Mound Advanced Technology Center Vince McKelvey EconoMIc InDIcators 14 Economic Development 2013 cHaMBEr acaDEMy 22 Social Med

f E atu r E sto ry Eric Cluxton, President of Mound Development Corp. Mound Advanced Technology Center Welcomes nEW LEaDErsHIp By Vince McKelvey Photo by Gregory Opt a 6 changing of the guard at

1990, the community went to work on plans to convert it into a privatesector research and development park. Cluxton spent nine years on the board of the nonprofit Mound Development Corp., the organiza

4 I f E atu r E sto ry Target Industries that are DrIvIng tHE rEgIon By Vince McKelvey n this edition, Focus is taking a closer look at four industries helping to drive the regions economy Aerosp

were pretty much number four or number five, said Steve Staub, president of Staub Manufacturing Solutions and a former board chairman of the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association DRMA. We have conti

Since then, at least a halfdozen different companies have located warehouse, distribution or trucking facilities in that region, including Caterpillars 69 million Logistics Services Center in Clayton.

no more generalists in the IT services area, Spencer said. Companies today, they dont just want a pure technologist unless its at a very junior level, he added. They want the kind of people that know

cH aM B E r vo IcE s Daytons future Depends on By Thomas J. Lasley II Workforce talent c ities across the United States are finally hearing what businesses have long been telling them. They get that

Economic Development supporters in the Dayton region The Citizens National Bank of Southwestern Ohio W W W. D AY T O N R E G I O N . C O M Summer 2013 DAYTON FOCUS 13

EconoMIc InDIcators the chambers monthly publication, Economic Indicators, provides useful information in the areas of employment trends, new construction, home sales, sales tax collection and much m

sales tax collections County Rate April 2013 April 2012 12 Mo. Change YTD 2013 YTD 2012 .............YTD Change Butler......................... 0.75 .................... 2,900,606 ................2,8

saf E ty u p DatE steve Buehrer catching up with BWc administrator Q A The Chamber the DaytonMiami Valley Safety Council were excited to learn that many of our member businesses will receive a po

as the upcoming period of coverage however, BWCs strong financial position will allow BWC to issue a six month credit to employers to ease the transition. This change, at the time of implementation, w

MIno r Ity B u sInE ss the Minority Business partnership a review 2012 MBp accomplishments f 18 advancing Economic Inclusion In the Dayton region ive years ago, the Minority Economic Development

contact MBp at the Dayton chamber Belinda Matthews Stenson, Director 9372268233 or Adrian Taylor, Retention Expansion 9372268224 or our program as we add new portfol

cH aM B E r aDvo cacy t oHIo HousE BILL 7 holes in Ohio law that allows their operations to occur. These cafes are mostly found in low income areas and are similar to pulltab bingo parlors that were

Insight. Integrity. Innovation. The firms E xecutive Commit tee LR r ng Partne Todd Pleiman, Charles Foley Managi , Beth . Grubb Audit Accounting Services Business Valuation Services

cH aM B E r acaD E M y Why every business needs a social Media presence By Richard J. Kaiser s ocial Media. Digital Advertising. Web 2.0. These are words commonly used to define the shift in digit

cH aM B E r acaD E My Do the math and grow your sales By Roger Wentworth E veryone is looking for the magic formula for sales. Well, there is no magic formula, but there are some things that can b

cH aM B E r acaD E M y Health Insurance Exchange FAQs A message from Anthem What is the Exchange A The exchange is an online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can shop for insur

Homewood Suites Summer 2013 DAYTON FOCUS 25

G raceworks Lutheran Services is a nonprofit Grace Works organization, serving people of all faiths, through human services and support in a tristate area Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. We employ more than

Grace Works

cHaMBEr partnErsHIps the Dayton area chamber of commerce partners with sinclair community college to leverage Internship opportunities with ohio Means Internships and coops t he Dayton Region Coll

caLEnDar of EvEnts Dont Miss these upcoming chamber Events More details are available at or call us at 937.2261444 chamber challenge auction Breakfast Briefing Tues., Sept. 10, 201

ME M B E r sH Ip chamber chatter 1 2 3 4 1. 2012 Volunteer of the Year. LR Tim Hull, Roy Chew, Bob Taft, Phil Parker 2. John Patterson Public Partner Award Winner Five Rivers Metro Parks 3. Lt. Go

Looking for a professional for Economic Development or Financial Services check out these chamber Members Banks continued... U.S. Bank 9376407601 Wells Fargo Commercial Banking 937433

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