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Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art Permanent Collection Johnson County Community College Overland Park, Kansas Image Ebony G. Patterson, Untitled Lightz II detail, 2013, Mixed me

Public Opening Reception Sunday, August 30, 14 p.m. Artist Meet and Greet starting at 200 p.m. TRANSITION, EXPERIENCE, ADVENTURE A PATRON PARTY CELEBRATING URBANSUBURBAN XI Wednesday, September 30

EPSTEN GALLERY The mission of the EPSTEN GALLERY is to provide innovative art exhibitions and partnerships that engage, inspire and enlighten a diverse community through all stages of life, celebratin


Presidents Letter It is hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since the dedication of Village Shalom. In the plenary stage of our communitys premier continuum care facility it was thought tha

CONGRATULATIONS Come play with us Providing creative fun for almost 20 years EPSTEN GALLERY ON A SUCCESSFUL URBAN SUBURBAN 2015 Corinth Square 4004 W. 83rd St. Prairie Village Park Place 11536 Ash

FRIENDS OF EPSTEN GALLERY MEMBERSHIP GENERAL FUND DONORS 20142015 FRIEND PROGRAM SPONSORS Dreiseszun Family Foundation Herb Bonnie Buchbinder Jacqueline Robert Epsten Foundation Irene Goodman Trudy


Adam Finkelston Giving and Receiving Knowledge, 2015 Archival pigment print with watercolor and colored pencil 300 Gloria Baker Feinstein Leaf, New Orleans, 2015 Archival ink jet print 750 Aaron Sch

Dan Frueh Haw Gallery Floor, 2014 Archival ink jet print 1,000 Rachelle GardnerRoe Amp Vessel, 2015 Lace fabric resin, acrylic 800 Sarah Krawcheck Iron, 2008 Photography, BW film 450 Linda FilbyFis

Craig Norton Arts and Crafts, Unbalanced, 2013 Archival ballpoint pen, wallpaper, glue, glitter, cardboard 1,600 Jane Pronko Start, 2009 altered, 2015 Oil on canvas 2,000 Slater Sously Fascination N

Pilar Law and Shea Gordon The Space Between Sheas Seed Tapes Beet I, 2014 Archival Pigment Print 650 Olivia Tedford Eventide, 2014 Acrylic and watercolor on Toddy filter 400 Leah Carol Reichman Hot,

We are pleased to support the Epsten Gallery Our gratitude to those who are dedicated to enriching the lives of the Residents of Village Shalom and our entire community. Investment Management for a s

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