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FOCUs FOCUS is a quarterly publication of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. It is distributed to Chamber members and regional businesses. Copies are available online at The C

taB L e O F CO nte nts table of Contents FeatUre 06 Growing Talent in the Region Vince McKelvey WOrKFOrCe DeVeLOPment 16 Closing the Skills Gap ChamBer aCaDemY David Bowman 22 Questioning Social M

F e atU r e stO rY in the reGiOn By Vince McKelvey Photos by Gregory Opt, the Graphic Image Growing talent e very Tuesday this fall, some 20 freshman at Daytons Thurgood Marshall High School stay

long day, the students are interested and engaged, and ask intelligent, thoughtful questions, he said. Were excited because theyre excited. They love it, said Shaorn Goins, principal at Thurgood Marsh

inDUstrY sPOtLiGht shaLe Spurs Dayton Economy CESO Corporate Headquarters Kelchner, Inc. a n economic impact study conducted by the Ohio Shale Coalition, predicted that there will be 64,000 jobs in

to adjust its business model to be applicable to the oil and gas industry. This focus adjustment and strategic engagement in the oil and gas industry allowed CESO to become a direct contractor to oil

eCOnOmiC inDiCatOrs the Chambers monthly publication, economic indicators, provides useful information in the areas of employment trends, new construction, home sales, sales tax collection and much m

sales tax Collections County Rate July 2013 July 2012 12 Mo. Change YTD 2013 YTD 2012 YTD Change Butler......................... 0.75 .................... 3,014,285 ................3,078,027 ........

L e aD e r sh iP DaY tO n Leadership Dayton Class of 2013 addressing the sUmmer sLiDe By Ritika Kurup, Leadership Dayton Class of 2013 CLASS PROJECT m oved by the research on how children who do

2014 Leadership Dayton Class t he Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce has accepted the 2014 Leadership Dayton Class. Class members of Leadership Dayton are chosen from a crosssection of the community an

L e aD e r sh iP DaY tO n 2013 Leadership Dayton annual meeting 1 2 3 4 5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6 Keybank Table Kenya Taylor Guest Speaker Congressman Mike Turner Leadership Dayton Alums Kevin Robi

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WO r K F O r Ce D e Ve L O P m e nt Closing the skills Gap i sinCLair trains regions workforce to meet employer demands member Profile can depreciate quickly. With more than 2,500 manufacturers doing

investment they receive from partnering with us. Their workforce returns better equipped to handle new challenges and meet the needs of their customers. By monitoring trends in emerging technologies,

Ch am B e r aDVO CaCY Chancellor Carey Getting Down to Business with 1. Since your appointment as Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents earlier this year, you have been committed to aligning Ohi

3. During Governor Kasichs administration, educational reforms have been advanced that place a greater emphasis on accountability, collaboration and a resultsbased funding formula for public educatio

me m B e r P r O F iL e Learning environment boosts staff engagement, customer loyalty Caresource University C areSource offers 543 different courses for employees to take through its CareSource U

To assist in the development of employees careers at CareSource, To provide skills and knowledge to support the companys strategic direction. At one time, intensive internal staff development programs

Ch am B e r aCaD e m Y m By David Bowman, Chief Marketing Strategist The Ohlmann Group Questioning social media your plans. Focusing on specific problems will help you tie measurements for success

Do the math and audience is highly active on Pinterest, you may want to explore the platform. If you are seeking out personal and professional networking opportunities, you may want to explore LinkedI

Ch am B e r aCaD e m Y Why is like Fine Wine By also become an extremely environmentally friendly process. Consumers have all the power these days and most of us do not enjoy when a vendor pushes a

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Ch am B e r aCaD e m Y 7smaLL BUsiness By William Hallmark, tax shareholder, and Robin Dennis, tax manager Clark Schaefer Hackett tax strategy should be a fluid planning process that adapts to chang

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Ch am B e r Ch atte r DaYtOn ChamBer annOUnCes tOUr tO tUrKeY in 2014 Discover Modern Classical Turkey t 28 he Dayton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it will be leading a trip to T

WilmerHale Building ChamBer Chatter 2013 Greater Dayton Workplace Diversity award e the aWarD ach year The Dayton Chamber, along with our partner the National Conference for Community and Justice

Ch am B e r P r O G r am s Partners with infintech t new Credit Card Processing Program Offers savings for Chamber members data proves consistent, chamber members should expect to reduce their proces

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