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Craig Olson MKT8275BAAD Financial Advisor Rob Nelson Jr Financial Advisor 5900 Pan American Blvd Ste 101 North Port 9414292247 Financial Advisor Linda L Coules, AAMS www

Achieve Anything Membership Fitness Centers Studio Cardio, Free Weights, Plate Loaded Equipment Facility Rental Discounts Open Gym Individual Family Senior Student Monthly Quarterly Annual M

Contents NORTH PORT Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 Community Guide and Partner Directory 15141 Tamiami Trail North Port, FL 34287 Phone 941 5643040 Fax 941 4235042 Email ww

North Port Port Hillsborough Blvd. Hillsborough Blvd. 7 41 t Rain Ta m B ree lvd. iam 11 4 776 Edgewater Dr. Dr. 6 Port Charlott Port Charlotte harlotte o Harb d. iew R r Vie Kin g s Hw

to North Port W el c om e the first city in the State of Florida to be proclaimed a Kindness Community A lthough moving to Florida eleven years ago, my husb and and I ul mately se led in the City o

9414218767 , , 401 Taylor St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950 2018 Community Guide 5

North Port Area Chamber of Commerce 15141 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 Phone 941 5643040 M i ssi on S ta tem ent T H E M IS S IO N O F T H O F C O M M E RC E I S B U S I N E S S PRO E N G E N

Ch a m b er Ch a m p i ons PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZE Allstate Insurance Steve Matthews Agent Always Air Heating Cooling ClikWiz Cruisers Travel and Tours, LLC Deborah Snowden Coldwell Bank

K i nd ness Com m u ni ty Kindness Community is a message whose time has come and a North Port, Florida resident, businesswoman, and former city commissioner is on a mission to spread it everywhere I

he o us or vision has een lari ed e ause o the in reasin en a ement indness Community reates so ial han e that ma es indness a ay o li e ith that end in mind oore pursues and responds to opportuni es

G ov er nm ent City of North Port Government o ated in the southern por on o Sarasota County the City o orth ort is the lar est ity in the orth ort radenton Sarasota etropolitan Sta s al Area he City

Key City of North Port Contacts Main City of North Port City Clerks Office City Commissioners City Managers Office CM CM Economic Development Division Finance Department FI FI Purchasing Division Fire

A c c ol a d es Best Place to Raise a Family in Florida SmartAsset 1 City for Young Entrepreneurs 2017 Moneyrates Best in Manufacturing in Tampa Bay Southern Business Development 6th Fastest Growing

4381 AIDAN LANE NORTH PORT, FL 34287 WWW.SEEPORTOPTOMETRY.COM 9418764400 NORTHSIDE N P S Psychiatric Services FUR TO FEATHERS PET SITTING Complete Pet Sitting Services certified inclured bonded

L oc a l W ea th er M a k i ng a p l a n , nderstandin that natural disasters are al ays a possi ility is part o the lorida li estyle roper plannin and prepara on in the event that somethin does happe


E c onom i c D ev el op m ent Citys Economic Development Division works to foster a strong local economy he City o orth ort s onomi evelopment ivision onsists o a t o mem er team that o uses e orts on

Entrepreneurial Academy he orth ort ntrepreneurial A ademy is a series o ei ht or shops desi ned to assist entrepreneurs in evalua n their ideas and to tea h them the asi usiness te hni ues ne essary

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Ci ty Job Resources Several lo al and re ional resour es are availa le hen loo in or employment he ood ill store in orth ort also o ers a o Conne on enter hi h in ludes o pla ement and o re erral serv

Volunteer Opportunities he people are hat really ma e orth ort spe ial e are a ommunity o hard or in amilies that ta e are o ea h other I you are loo in or a ay you an ma e a di eren e then here are a

N or th P or t N ew c om er D a y earn more a out this up and omin ity at orth ort e omer ay O ered three mes a year this e po li e event eatures in orma on ta les at the eor e ullen A vity Center run


S p or ts Youth Sports North Port Area Little League A es Sprin all Seasons h p npall om North Port Youth Soccer A es Sprin all Seasons h p northportso er om North Port Mustangs Football and Cheer A e

Professional Sports ust over the orth ort order in Charlo e County is the Charlo e Sports ar his sports par is a per e t lo a on or spe ial events orporate un ons sports tournaments and other re rea o

Improving Homes Since 2002 Doors Windows Interiors Exteriors Replacement or Repair The Experts for all Your DOOR WINDOW NEEDS 18480 Paulson Drive Port Charlotte F

BeanMarch Travel Group A FULL SERVICE TRAVEL AGENCY Cruises, Land ToursExcursions, Resorts, Destination Weddings South America, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Caribbean and many more. What de ina

P l a c es of W or sh i p orth ort has over pla es o orship ithin the ity limits servin all ma or denomina ons as ell as non denomina onal e are also home to mul ple ethni denomina ons in ludin Slavi

517 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 CPC1456447 941 743 7171 SUPERIOR POOLS RANKS 1 IN CUSTOMER SERVICE No cookie cutter pools, your pool is unique. We strive to make your

H ea l th a nd W el l ness A ess to health and ellness servi es is ey to suppor n a vi rant uality o li e orth ort is ortunate to have ve hospitals totalin over eds ithin a mile radius plus the orth o

N or th P or t is P la y f u l Come play in orth ort he City o orth ort has een named a lay ul City SA or ei ht onse u ve years he City is amon ommuni es na on ide named lay ul City SA a na onal re o

e are on nuously ma in enhan ements to our par system to provide opportuni es or amilies to spend uality me to ether and en oy oth passive and a ve re rea on opportuni es said Sandy undheller ire tor

NORTH PORT SOCIAL SERVICES DIVISION 6919 Outreach Way, North Port, FL 34287 socialservices Dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of others and meeting the basic needs of families a

Tell us about yourselves and business CFC1428101 LP30768 propane license number PH 941 8938423 We are locally owned and operated at our o ce in North Port, Florida. Accurate Gas Plumbing has a tea

Parks and Natural Lands within the City of North Port Myakka State Forest .........................2000 S River Rd., 34223 Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.................6968 Reisterstown Rd.,

2018 City of North Port Festivals and Events January 13, 2018 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bike Swap Social January 20, 2018 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

T r a nsp or ta ti on asily a essi le et een ampa and ort yers orth ort has an e tensive road net or that onsists o S Interstate and more than miles o lo al arterial and olle tor roads Airports orth

Your Policy Comes With An Agent A ttending Urologists at Venice Regional B ayfront Health, Sarasota Memorial Health C are System, Doctors Hospital and E nglewood C ommunity Hospital LIFE HOME CAR B

S c h ool s a nd E d u c a ti on ith a median a e o and more than hildren the City o orth ort is home to many amilies he s hools lo ated in this up and omin vi rant ommunity are a ey part o the City

Suncoast Technical CollegeNorth Port Sun oast e hni al Colle e orth ort hi h opened to students O to er is the latest areer and te hni al edu a on a ility o Sarasota County S hools he Shannon Stau i r

42 North Port Area Chamber of Commerce

2018 Community Guide 43

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Can Benefit from WORKSITE CFO Services A CFO plays a critical role in the development of a business. Unfortunately, not every small business has the resources to maintain

A r ts Cu l tu r e North Port Performing Arts he orth ort er ormin Arts Center AC is one o the lar est per ormin arts hall et een Sarasota and ort yers he eau ul seat auditorium a ra ts o road ay pla

Ecotourism and O u td oor A d v entu r e isitors and residents ali e an en oy outdoors adventures every month o the year in orth ort A vi es li e anoein aya in shin horse a ridin hi in mountain i in

R esta u r a nts ith over restaurants in orth ort you ill nd somethin or ust a out every palate Ameri an Italian apanese Chinese e i an i a ree rea ast and ast ood e have it all or those ith a s eet

P oi nts of I nter est Pensacola Panama City Tallahassee Jacksonville Walt Disney World Orlando Lego Land Busch Gardens Tampa North Port Busch Gardens Fort Myers Jacksonville Key West Lego Land Mi

S h op p i ng he City o orth ort has some in redi le and uni ue shoppin opportuni es rom i o stores to small ou ues hether you re loo in or lothin spor n e uipment urniture or vinta e d or e have it r

Membership Directory 4 Seasons Air Conditioning, Inc. Shirley ur ord ar et Cir le ort Charlo e in o seasonsa om seasonsa om Air ConditioningHeating Abbott Air, Inc. a rannan Ave o the Ameri as n le oo

Back Pack Angels ianne a erson O o orth ort o lsnest hotmail om a pa an els or Non Profit Organizations Ball Law Firm an e all aulson rive ort Charlo e an e all a Center om allla enter om LegalNotary

Charlotte Stone Crabs J ared Forma l o ean d ort Charlo e in o stone ra s ase all om stone ra s ase all om Baseball Teams Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Inc. Crista eeslin S o Street unta orda so harlo

DOEVocational Rehabilitation aura us e eni e Ave m eni e laura us e vr doe or reha or s or Health Rehabilitation Don Gasgarths Charlotte County Ford ut h asten amiami rail ort Charlo e harlo e ounty

Frohlich, Gordon Beason Law Firm alerie Co rell urdo Cir le nd loor ort Charlo e dunson la rm om la rm om LegalNotary Services FSBDC at USF at ordon orth ort p ordon us edu s d tampa ay om Business C

Imagine School at North Port Steve la Innova on Ave orth ort steve la ima ines hools om sarasotaprep or Education Integrity Employee Leasing om atoli amiami rail ort Charlo e hille inte rityel om inte

M Maine Safety and Security T erry Maine alomar St orth ort terry maine yahoo om SelfDefense Marcos Pizza renda S y h amiami rail orth ort rendas la do Restaurants veri on net McKee Funeral Crematio

North Port Art Center athy arrity Sam Shapos ay orth ort npa npart enter or northportart enter om Organizations North Port Business Club ie o e amiami rail orth ort mi e mi elo e pa om np usiness lu o

PostNet FL169 oy e lin le ri e lvd orth ort postnet om postnet om PrintingGraphics ShippingPackagingPrinting Precise Painting avid i s us et Ave orth ort pre isepain n pre isepain n PaintPainters mail

SeePort Optometry Annie i s Aidan ane orth ort seeportoptometry mail om seeportoptometry om Health Eye Care Sherry Wizieck, Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty Sherry i ie amiami rail ort Charlo e sherry

The Power and Light Co., LLC a ueline oore S arle Ave orth ort Tom Dawn Jones T om J ones ropi aire lvd orth ort USF SarasotaManatee ai e eles amiami rail S C C Sarasota SA C sar us edu us sm edu E

Members By Category Accounting Services Bookkeeping Barcos Accounting Tax Service C Andre ar o la ida d n le ood andre ar os ar os or or See our ad on page 19 Acupuncture, Massage, Alternative Medic

Business Consulting Business Solution Experts LLC Adam a y a nit orth oledo lade lvd orth ort adam usinesssolu one perts om usinesssolu one perts om Cowork Hive, LLC ave Carron an Ameri an lvd Ste ort

BankUnited enise Courtney S amiami rail eni e Courtney an an united om nited om Full Spectrum Retirement Plans, LLC ermaine ovey amiami rail Ste ort Charlo e ermaine ullspe trumrp om ullspe trumre re

Handicapped Services Loveland Center enni er ushin er S avana d eni e ushin er loveland enter or loveland enter or EricJohn Claessens, DDS, PA ri ohn Claessens A S amiami rail orth ort morein o north

Hector N. Hernandez, MD, PA e tor ernande Olean lvd Ste A ort Charlo e mynosedo om Health Urology RTR Urology Ale is la ley Sunset a e lvd Ste eni e prostatedo torveni e om See our ad on page 39 Sl

Mellor Grissinger Backo, LLP Cord ellor S amiami rl Ste orth ort ord northportla northportla om om Maps PublishingRetailing House of Maps Crai homas alme o maps houseo maps om houseo maps om Movi

Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Inc. ee anmeyer Alli ator r eni e ddanmeyer ha itatsouthsarasota or ha itatsouthsarasota or HVV Lifeline athy S hu he ialto eni e athy s hu ay ronthealth om

Places of Worship Edgewater United Methodist Church an rine Co hran lvd ort Charlo e o e ed e ater hur h om ed e ater hur h om Fellowship Church South Biscayne ohn Cross amiami rail orth ort o e south

Rhonda Gustitus Team Keller Williams Realty Peace River Partners honda us tus amiami rail Ste ort Charlo e rhonda us tusteam mail om rhonda us tusteam om See our ad on page 26 Rob Kathy Fetterolf ReM

Security Alarm Corporation Mik e J uaire oledo lade lvd ort Charlo e paul se urityalarm orp om se urityalarm orp om Small Business Consulting Port Charlotte SCORE ils ei ull amiami rail Ste ort Charl

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Less waiting where it matters most our emergency room. In a medical emergency, every minute matters. So, at Venice Regional Bayfront Health, youll find faster care in the emergency room. We work dilig